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4 thoughts on “noemi1999live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Save all receipts you have of her weird behavior because she may accuse you of shit when cornered.

    Some people think they can ignore reality by sheer force of will.

  2. Whenever I see anything porn-related affecting a relationship, I always get so sad that a person can’t have enough self control and consider their partners feelings. No one should ever have such a strong attachment to porn that they can’t limit their consumption for their partners sake. And porn should never negatively impact a couples sex life.

    The biggest thing is, you told him how you felt about OF and he said he’d stop. And he didn’t. So he lied. Who’s to say if you tell him again this is unacceptable he won’t start doing it again just a short while later? That’s the hard part.

    You’re allowed to set a boundary that you won’t date/marry someone who buys porn/uses OF and if he can’t be that person, then you’re within you’re right to find someone who can.

    I would start by telling him what you saw and ask if he’s actually willing to take your feelings seriously and if not, you may need to consider ending things for your own sanity.

  3. So leave.

    By staying you a re proving to him that so long as he has money you will let him treat you how he wants to.

    So don’t move his stuff into the new place.

    Move your stuff back into your moms, and send him a text telling him it’s over, that he needs to move all his stuff from the old place before the landlord sell it or throws it out.

    And on the lightbulb – learn how to fix them yourself. If he had 8 days to fix it, so did you.

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