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Olivia, 18 y.o.


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Date: September 25, 2022

4 thoughts on “Olivia the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. And I do know with certainty that he was the one to end it with her.

    You read their text messages? Or you talked to the other woman? Were there other emotional affairs before?

  2. I feel for you, it sounds like a terrible position to be in. I suggest therapy for yourself, and not because you did anything wrong or anything like that, but to help you sort your feelings so you can decide for yourself how to move forward. I hope your results come back clear. ?

  3. Big assumptions there. Op has already commented that her bf cut contact entirely after being told about this.

    The boyfriend slept with this girl 2 weeks after op and him broke up. I see no reason to think this was an ongoing issue rather than a one time thing.

  4. Of course I’m going to remark on the ideas of opening the relationship and a non monogamous break because that’s what your post was about‽ Your very title did not imply anything other than that you want to have sex with other people and you focus on that want throughout the post. All of the info about your partner’s health and well being are just context for why you want to have sex with other people.

    I understand that you don’t like hearing it frankly laid out, but the post you made is the post you made.

    Break up, or keep working on it, or be unethical and use your “crutch”. Reddit can’t decide that for you.

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