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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Sounds like the therapist was asking about yout husband's thoughts on the relationship. Sounds like she's trying to gage what he wants and will move on to make suggestions with him for what he can do. My therapist does the same thing. “How do you feel about x?” “What are your goals with y?” “What changes are you looking for and where do you want to end up?”

    Sounds like you may be reading into too much what she's actually doing. Unless she's saying “you should divorce your wife” then maybe take a chill pill and don't worry about things that aren't even real rn

  2. I couldn’t tell you the exact reason for each of her relationships but I can tell you that “No reliable job” and going into relationships for “security” was a major factor. Those guys looked the other way at first as well because “she’s beautiful and nice” and “love the kids” but all of them eventually realized they were in a relationship with a dependent and not a partner. OP, this girl is young and needs to figure out her life for her children. I’m warning you from my own experience over the years with my sister. Don’t do this

  3. I was not aware of that. He is in custody currently,he has bail but no one’s bailed him yet. We have another court case coming up.

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