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  1. Thank you! I know that’s the harsh reality I have to come to terms with and I’m making excuses. I’m finding it much more difficult doing so.

  2. I've never done family therapy – I did a little on my own as a teen and a bit when I went to uni for the first few semesters, but eventually stopped. I don't really know if it's the best option since therapy on my own makes me supremely uncomfortable and kinda shut down my emotions, but I can't picture it going any better with my family there on top of that.

    Maybe it's worth looking at again though.

  3. We have two rainbows, many many many air purifiers and we changed the garage into a doggie condo. Trust me I do everything I can to eliminate any odors. I bathe them once a week. The doggie condo has access to the back yard so they are able to go in and out. Sometimes in small increments they come upstairs but it drives me crazy soooo not often.

  4. She sang to you happy birthday like Marilyn Monroe in public? That is the cringes thing I have read in a while…. She sounds really immature and flaky. She most likely ghosted you because she just see you like a side attraction that she can go to anytime.

  5. I’ve heard it when narcissists are involved. Show no emotion, be the most boring and bland version of yourself so they’ll leave you alone.

  6. There is definitely nothing wrong with being a platonic friend with someone of any age but the fact that you posted here must mean that he gives off bad vibes to you if you feel a need to question if it is weird then it probably is.

    Bad vibes are an immediate deal breaker and if you feel uneasy in any way you should absolutely stop being friends with this person. This applies to anyone of any age too.

  7. What was the interaction here? Did her and her friend get a room in DC and then happen to visit the extend family one day?

    Or were they all in a hotel together in DC?

  8. I've been driven to re-engaging with this idiot. Hypocrisy dictionary definitions: noun, plural hy·poc·ri·sies. A pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess. A pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. Variable noun; If you accuse someone of hypocrisy, you mean that they pretend to have qualities, beliefs, or feelings that they do not really have

    It doesn't mean “like for like behaviour”. Here, the hypocrisy lies in your boundaries, security and confidence mattering whilst hers do not. Your liberal approach being valid and fair, hers being shameful. Your sexual expression being important, hers not. Your independent choices being reasonable, hers not. Her gracing you with honesty and openness, you lying and getting resentful. And on and on and on.


  9. Ironically you should stay single. Leave all dating apps and stop all casual romances. Have a long nude look in the mirror. Be sincere with yourself. Make a list of things to work on. Not in a self hating way but just a list as if it was for work. Make yourself the best version of yourself. Stop worrying about looking and someone will come to you. Be honest to yourself there’s areas of your personality that could be made more developed right? Patterns you have, bad coping mechanisms, hurt from the past. Deal with these insecurity’s head on and everything will fall into place and romantically as well. Become the best version of you you can. You must be whole before you can be a part (of a relationship). Also you are only 23- plenty of time left. Any relationship you enter should be a complimentary extra to your life, not so your not bored or lonely or so it can fill your friend/mothers/fathers/gods absence. It has to be a conscious choice not a reactive need.

  10. Of course it won't go away. You are forcing yourself to be with someone you don't even want to be with emotionally. Just cause in your mind you made that decision to move past the cheating, it really doesn't matter since your heart disagrees. You were betrayed when it mattered most. Nobody can have full trust in the same situation. And when the person you are going to be with for the rest of your life is someone you can't trust, then it wasn't meant to be. The only things that happen in forcing yourself to be in a situation you don't want to be in is mental health deteoriation and empty feelings.

  11. Sonia that what this is about? You promised her birth mom not to talk to her family? Your husband doesn’t want to include their family. But you feel like this limits your ability to be her mom since you should be able to make decisions like this??

    Block them. Your going to regret meddling with that family if you accept contact.

    But based on your comments, you’re probably gonna do it anyways. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  12. ok you are then. you’re the bad guy you’re the one at fault. in fact you should apologize and turn yourself into jail ?

  13. Turn in your notice to quit being his financial planner.

    a week later turn in your notice of being his secretary.

    a week later turn in your paternity test showing your not his mother

    a week later he may see what coming and start to address the issues, or at least see whats coming soon

  14. I remember hearing Dr Drew and Adam talk about threesome stats on Loveline 20 years ago. The advice at the time was that for most people, they aren't ready for the emotional changes that come with the threesome. Almost always it results in jealousy, or embarrassment or something that ends up driving a wedge and breaking the relationship. If you value to relationship long term, then it's best not to do it.

    that being said, you may be the small percentage of people who it works for. But if your partner is pushing this, then you may be past the point of no return. Either you partner is going to push for this, and you refuse, so it drives a wedge, or you do it, and chances are it also drives a wedge.

  15. It’s up to you to decide whether constantly being exposed to the carcinogens of smoke particles on his body, clothes, and anything he sits on or touches, is a deal breaker for you.

  16. Always take the time to get to see people in public. Look how they interact socially with others, meet their friends, family members, etc.

    There is no guarantee, but if you their environment, you have a better idea of who they are.

    Often, bad people do their bidding privately.

  17. Great idea with the linens. Make it obvious and I will definitely send her a text. I should also mention all the furniture is mine if that makes it any less unreasonable.

  18. Your husband is a douche and he’s gaslighting you. Tf he got pictures of other women on his phone lockscreen that aren’t his WIFE. Something wrong with this man

  19. I think the best choice here is to nip this one in the bud. You clearly feel strongly against uprooting your life to be with him, and it’s only fair that you respect it if he doesn’t want to stay either. What would “figuring it out” even mean? Fall so madly in love one of you caves and moves? Do you really see this happening? It’s your choice but I think it’s a waste of both of your time to continue to hold on to this relationship. Sorry if I sound too blunt.

  20. Sounds like you need to leave those three kids with him for a weekend and come back refreshed and rejuvenated for that divorce.

  21. For some reason I cannot see the comments here, and cannot even see my own. If anyone else can, do you mind DM'ing me what the comments say?

  22. If you love each other then why do you fight so much to the point of breaking up and him sleeping with his ex?

    That sounds toxic.

  23. Kick her to the curb. Shady. Id she hides and acts avoidant now, wait till the years go by and the stakes get higher.

  24. she's placing a greater value on her money than yours, like $1=/=$1 regardless of where it comes from (totally ignoring for the moment that your $ probably has a higher labor value and a higher value relative to your expenses, which would further tip the argument in your favor). she's disrespecting you by saying one thing and then doing the opposite, like you're not going to notice or care, which becomes manipulation when it implies that you shouldn't notice or care, that there's something wrong or bad about you for noticing and caring, to try to get you to let her off the hook for it. i would be inclined to break up over this, personally.

    it MIGHT be salvageable, if she can hear and understand that her behavior is unacceptable and act on that feedback. people have different and sometimes surprising differences in expectations, and i'm making a fair number of assumptions about the situation as a whole so maybe this is a simple misunderstanding, and you just need to be more clear and up-front with each other about your expectations on a moment-to-moment basis.

    my personal rule of thumb (27f) is to assume i'm paying for something unless there's an explicit arrangement to the contrary. this can be a standing agreement (ex: my partner and i go grocery shopping together but he pays for all the groceries) or a one-off like help with a bill/expense or somebody getting better discounts/rewards with a particular payment method.

  25. Is it really too late to terminate? When the last abortion, did he mention how he felt about it? Is he aware he was cruel? Has he apologized for saying those things to you? What contraceptive methods have you used? Did you guys ever talk about vasectomy after you had the last child?

    I’d guess this is the result of years of poor communication and now only therapy can fix that.

  26. It’s because you are now the age he was and you’ve realised how gross it is for someone your age to want to be with a 19 year old.

  27. You seem to ignore that you can chat through dating apps. The invasion of privacy would be using OP’s fingerprint to access his phone while he’s passed out.

  28. I’m so very sorry that you are going through this and I’m glad you want to be there for your friend.

    Everyone grieves in different ways, so it’s important to simply ask BUT you want to ask questions that don’t make it harder.

    Don’t ask: what can I do? – likely, they don’t know what they need. Instead ask things that require a simple yes or no answer. Do you want me to come over and just sit with you? Would you like me to distract you? Etc.

    Make sure friend is eating, as it can sometimes fall to the wayside. Bring them their favorite foods/snacks.

    And what to not do – I don’t know what your relationship is or if you want it to progress but do not in anyway make a move on your friend, even if she makes one first. If she does and you are interested, still stop her and say that you want her to make sure that it’s not grief making her act in ways she wouldn’t usually and while you’re very open to the conversation, you’ll have to save it for a time when she’s in a better headspace.

    I’ve seen a lot of good relationships fall apart during traumatic life events because of shit like that.

  29. Listen to your friends and family. They actually do love you, unlike your boyfriend. They can SEE that he doesn’t love you the same way that you love him. Please consider how your future will look… do you really think he would stick by you if you were suddenly unable care for him and he had to become your carer? If you got sick, like long-term sick, would he be there for you? What about kids? Do you really think he would care for them beyond playtime, or would you just pick up all the slack?

    IMO, the kind of guy who would take advantage of you at every turn is the same kind of guy who wouldn’t think twice about moving on with someone else who seems to be offering him more.

    I’ve read many of your comments and he just seems worse and worse the more that you describe him. Is he this selfish about everything? Somehow I have a feeling that you’re also doing all the work in bed. You obviously have a lot to offer a partner and you deserve better.

  30. Just because something is shallow doesn't make it immoral. If you have a desire for more sex and you're not getting it at the moment, then it'd be the right thing to break up with your girlfriend first. I'm just highlighting that this isn't going to be smooth. She will get hurt, and I'm just hoping you realize that and take the necessary steps to be as tactful as possible when letting her down.

  31. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  32. It's just a matter of time before he hits you. Leave before that happens. It never gets better. It only escalates.

  33. You must read OP’s comments. The situation is a lot bigger than what he says in his post. And wearing a ring for 11y and suddenly removing it when they are in her hometown is weird

  34. This is the best answer. Some might disagree for whatever reason but if she IS cheating you need to be ready for a maybe very calculated move she’s made. But while doing this also try to be a more sexual loving husband. Try to talk to her about what’s up. Ask her to be honest. Take her on a date. At the end of the day at least you can say you tried and won’t look like the A hole husband who didn’t put any effort in.

  35. It looks very… fresh, and swollen. So, yes. I don’t think it will be as big of deal once the swelling goes down, but if I was your waitress, I would be concerned. If you really wanted the food still, I would have suggested you order to go and spend the date at home where you can keep ice on your face.

  36. That is absolutely revolting and sickening. How you have 4 kids with this man is nude for me to wrap my mind around. That would completely turn me off from him and would also cause me to lose respect for him. No one needs to be dealing with anyone else’s literal shit besides a mother and her diaper aged child, medical professionals, and plumbers. I refuse to scrub my husbands poo stains out of the toilet because it is disgusting and he understands that. This grown man is willingly allowing you to smell, see, plunge and clean his shit out of a toilet. Where did he think it was going? Now he wants to throw a fit because you don’t want his shit marinating in the toilet to make everyone in the house suffer? It’s unhealthy, rancid, nasty behavior. Who raised this man? He doesn’t respect you. Stop cleaning up his shit and set some naked boundaries down.

  37. You're living in la la land and what ifs. The only thing you know for certain is you will completely destroy 2 families if you don't stop.

  38. You don't fit in, you're not their “cup of tea” as it were. Much like a fat man trying to date a gym rat, sometimes you just have to realise that it's not gonna happen.

  39. You're most welcome. I think you should just cut ties and focus on yourself. Have fun! The best years of your life are in view. Don't waste them ?

  40. Definitely do it in person, in a semi-public place.

    “You know, i'm sorry to say this, but I think we've grown apart. I'm not really feeling this relationship anymore and I think it would be best for both of us if we moved on. You didn't do anything wrong, it just feels like its come to the natural end.”

  41. He is 50, she is 23. A 50 year old man should not be romantically interested in a woman who was born when he himself was 27.

    Speaking of naïve, you have an idealized sense of what is in the heart of middle-aged men. In their hearts and loins they're always 18 years old. While 99.9% have the good sense to never act on it like this creep, I guarantee that they still notice nude young ladies.

  42. I have never seen two straight dudes just chilling in each others laps. But sure, if you're friend group is actually that open, well that's very far off the norm, not that there's anything wrong with it.

    Also, if you sit in your friends lap and your fiance knows about it, I assume he also knows your friend. So regardless of if that girl is sitting in his lap (she isn't but it is close), the OP has never met that guy or knows about him, and so I think it's pretty shitty of her regardless.

  43. Bro she knew exactly what she was doing. She’s not a child. To me this is cheating unless you are into hotwife/ poly stuff. You don’t just take off your clothes and pose nude for fucking PHOTOS without thinking how your HUSBAND would feel about it. I would drop both her and the friend.

  44. Stop letting her do this. Since you keep letting it slide, she thinks it's okay. You are being a doormat. She is trying to hookup with other guys. You have to set a boundary and be willing to break up if she doesn't stop the behavior.

  45. Thank you. It feels so painful to see her, and the thought of her f****** other dudes is very nude to bear

  46. I think that’s an overreaction. Sometimes people snap and do things they regret, especially in long term relationships. All relationships include wounding the other person – what makes a relationship strong is the ability to engage in the repair process. Like bones, the mending makes the relationship stronger.

    In a fraction of a second this man felt his hopes and dreams slip through his fingers and reacted badly. His regret is important here because it demonstrates his understanding of his partner’s life and subsequent feelings. His work is to engage in the repair process and figure out how to prevent this knee jerk reaction in the future.

    Anyone who stays in a relationship but is intentionally withholding of information out of “fear” of the partner saying something hurtful lacks the maturity to be in a healthy relationship – leave the relationship or have emotional intimacy, it’s not okay to stay and not talk

  47. Why on earth would he assume youre cheating?

    Unless he has fidelity problems or you do in your past…

    you being pregnant with your 4th kid in the prime fertile years whilst having sex alot – vasectomy or no vasectomy – is not beyond super surprising.

    Your fear that he will accuse you of cheating is slightly worrisome. Are you okay? Is he normally an angry or unreasonable guy? Are you often scared of him?

    Im no medic – but i socially know lots of obstetricians and gynaecologists who all have “funny(?)” stories of vasectomies not working and surprise babies popping up.

    Your husband would have been told this when he had the procedure – hence his double-up pregnancy protection of condoms. (unless he is protecting you against something else with his condom use?)

    I think you're either a) overthinking this, and your husband who loves you and raises 4 kids and his whole life with you – will be horrified you thought this thought, and will want to help plan/explore what you guys want to do next.

    or b) i am slightly scared for you and your relationship dynamic if you being pregnant by your husband fills you with such dread.

    There are DNA test you can take whilst pregnant if this is an irrational fear you want to over-prove for your own anxiety. But likely this wont be an issue op. A good husband will jkust want to support you and help plan what you guys want to do with your final surprise pregnancy.

    good luck:)

  48. Learn how to type for starters. Geez. But…apologize. You were making her birthday all about you. Were being selfish, jealous, petty. She was having a great time. You should be happy about that. Don't start fights late at night especially after drinking or on your girl's birthday.

  49. You need to start viewing this as a you problem – not a him problem.

    You said it multiple times, it is highly irrational and I agree with you. It is. You are trying desperately to control another persons thoughts and feelings and the fact that you can't (because it's completely impossible to do that) is driving you absolutely mad.

    These massive insecurities are things you need to address on your own – preferably with a therapist.

  50. Barely involved because I was caring for an elderly family member with minimal support last year. Thanks though, for assuming the worst. How exactly am I dictating anything? Our other two siblings aren’t comfortable with it either. Absolutely I will always exclude people if they don’t have a right to be occupying indigenous space or ogling sacred practices. If they respect the culture, they respect that decision. This is why my dad is allowed to on-line on indigenous land and participate in closed ceremonies.

  51. Wait.. Is this a thing? I highkey struggle with this as well but never realized what it might be.. I've only recently been thinking I might have adhd but I haven't gotten it tested officially yet..

  52. You shouldn't try to get her to do anything. You should try to stay out of things as much as possible. If she's not performing well as the job expects, whoever she reports to should take whatever actions they would if she were any other employee, ex. Give her less shifts, talk to her etc

    Good luck but stay out of it!

  53. It’s just a little debate, at the end of the day no it doesn’t matter that much. Before i came along his mum did all his washing so he’s not very domesticated

  54. You could genuinely be on to something. She asked if I had been married before when we first met. That she wouldn’t marry someone that has already been married because she wanted a “first” wedding. I could see me having a child already upsetting her if she has the same viewpoint. The reality is though I have not done of the “spoilers”. I’m just as new as she is at all of this.

    I go through bouts of hope we can reconcile and then do a 180 and feel angry. A mutual friend said she was struggling and had never saw us separating and her life going “this way”.

    My ex had some mental health issues and kind of disappeared near the end of our relationship. She had developed some addiction issues and her family said she was safe and would be receiving treatment. After awhile of no contact I moved. My sons maternal grandmother raised him because my ex was unable but recently she had health issues. My son went back to on-line with his mother. A report was received by CPS and my son had nowhere to go. That’s when his mother disclosed me as the father.

  55. Rule 4: Things this sub can't give advice on: rants, unsolicited advice, medical conditions/advice, mental illness, letters to an ex, “body counts” or number of sexual partners, legal problems, financial problems, or situations involving minors and/or abuse (violence, sexual, emotional etc). All of these will be removed and locked.

    Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.

    Your post featured one or more of these and has been removed and locked.

  56. You made about yourself since you weren’t getting attention. Mentioned had plans afterwards, could it be he was maybe finalizing plans with his friends and family? You felt lonely and awkward. You’re going to pout and ruin the rest of his birthday also? The yelling I don’t agree with, but sounds like going into this lunch wasn’t going well. YTA

  57. Maybe his main partner works nights and is gone by 9? Why else would hiding his pre-9 pm life from you entirely? Maybe navigate yourself off this guy’s backup plan.

  58. I didn’t know at the time that the song had anything to do with my bf, I figured that out like a month later. I absolutely would have said something if I knew!

  59. Text him honestly.

    “Your going on this date with a girl you met on Tinder, regardless of the fact you spoke to her before me, is making me doubt our relationship and more specifically how you see it progressing. I want to explicitly say that I want (an exclusive relationship/whatever you want) and if that's not something you can give me, it's best if we part ways and find partners that we can have the relationship we're looking for with.”

  60. Your wife is part of your wife that brings you joy and if you want to tell about something meaningful in your life you simply can not omit mentioning her.

    It is just not the case for your friends. Pity them, but in silence, as bringing it up, would antagonise them potentially forever.

  61. I was asking just in case in the instance of it being sexual assault and her friend getting her drunk to take advantage of his wife because his friend is bi but it doesn’t seem like that at all so nvm ya know?

  62. Maybe put the wedding planning on hold and take some time to yourself and evaluate the situation. Figure out if it’s just the stress of the wedding planning or if the wedding planning has highlighted issues you let slide, or didn’t recognize, and so on. Really evaluate those feelings, experiences, etc… Was Clark always in the back of your mind? Was it more than a crush or was it simply a crush? The important thing is to seriously evaluate everything and be honest with yourself. Journaling all these emotions can definitely help. Do this before you blow everybody’s lives up. Doesn’t mean you won’t have a nude decision to make and someone might get hurt, so be patient with yourself and find your truth or figure out what you’re willing to risk. Good luck.

  63. Yeah dump him, nit only did he cheat but he ruined friendships because now those 2 can't hang put together which makes it awkward for everyone else to hang out…

    He not sorry he knew what he was doing, he could of said hey come round leah here, instead he brushed you off to get a shitty blow job..

    End it and let him go to uni, man can't even be trusted in the same vicinity as you.

    Text him them block him.

    ” I'm sorry to do this by text but I can't look you in the face after what you did..I think our break should just be a break up, I don't want to get back together. I couldn't even leave you for a day or two without betraying me, I don't want to wait around and try and fix someone you so maliciously broke, I'm going to on-line my life and move on, our chapter has ended and you made sure of that. I don't even want to be friends with you.. maybe in the very distant future can I even think about being in the same room but until then, good luck with everything, and please don't contact me.”

    Job done..

    Remember not only did he chest with an old crush first chance he got but he was never going to tell you, its only because someone told him to.

    Your still young but if you let people/men get away with stuff and act as if its not a big issue you will be walked all over.

  64. It means he loves the idea of keeping all his money to himself should your relationship not last

    I don't see the issue there. How is it selfish to want to keep what's yours?

  65. If you quit I think you'll regret it for a very long time and resent your girlfriend immensely. Find someone who helps hold you up while you reach your goals. Your girlfriend has every right to decide she's unwilling to wait longer but if you stay together this will happen in the future with other issues. She'll quit if things get nude.

  66. You lied because she blows up over nothing. She has stalker level interest in your past. You need to tell her YOU are concerned that you felt you had to lie for fear of her making a public specitical over you having visited an ex 5 years ago.

    You didn't fuck up , you avoided a situation in which your girlfriend may have become abusive. Not good.

  67. Same. This guy is just going to be a shitty parent and you’ll be a broke single parent bc of him,

  68. Sweetie dump this man. He's emotionally manipulating you and is trying to guilt trip you into doing something you said from the start you weren't comfortable with.

    Open relationships/polygamy isn't by themselves a problem but they need a degree of trust that your ex isn't capable of.

    He doesn't love you really he just likes having you around. Him trying to push boundaries like this is a clear sign he doesn't truly care about you. You're still young I'm positive you can find somebody that truly cares about you and won't push your boundaries like this.

  69. Yesterday I told Heidi Klum she had to go home because Margot Robbie was coming over. I felt bad but it had to be done.

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