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5 thoughts on “PussiesnCream_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. That was probably pretty essential info I left out lol. It’s TBD, but neither of the guys are ones we’d want to date. Does everything else look alright?

  2. Just because something is shallow doesn't make it immoral. If you have a desire for more sex and you're not getting it at the moment, then it'd be the right thing to break up with your girlfriend first. I'm just highlighting that this isn't going to be smooth. She will get hurt, and I'm just hoping you realize that and take the necessary steps to be as tactful as possible when letting her down.

  3. I'm sorry but I can't see where that was clarified. It does change the situation a bit I suppose, but the main point is still you shouldn't expect people to read your mind, I get that you would want him to offer it himself, but he was fine with it when you asked no?

    If it's something that's a bigger problem in your relationship with a lot of things( depending on what they are) it might be worth talking about

  4. Don't stay with him with him for four years. Or even three and a half. What he does is called learned helplessness. A kind of helplessness that he has weaponised in the relationship. And he seems like a master in it. Here is an article on affordance perception which shows that some people look at something and do not see that they need to act on it. Like dog–>vet as a chore. In his case, he simply does not want to.

    Time to find a new boyfriend. He won't change after three years of nagging, and you should not have to nag anyone. He's an adult. Stop being his mom.

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