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  1. I just went into my Instagram to look, lol. The dates are always above the feed of the messages starting that day unless it’s in the middle of prolonged messages idk – women screen shot for sure to save for later to give proof. A lot. This “man” knows what she’s doing to you both obviously is wrong and she’s being pulled between the rope. You the safe and right choice on the one side, him on the other. He probably doesn’t provide stability to her life like you do but the fun ride, and now that she needs to end it and that relationship between them is coming to a end he’s doing his own to try to make sure your aware of the situation. Typical side piece behavior when they get rejected. If that makes sense. So it’s possible yes she’s trying to shut him out now and for the meantime. I 100% though considering this entire situation do not this this woman is someone you could ever trust and that’s not someone you should marry… she will most likely cheat on you again when she’s comfortable again and honestly that will only take your reassurance one time. My ex husband use to cry and tell me how much he needed me, begging me on his knees how much he loved me and our family, and the second he would walk out the door again, it was another woman again. These types of people most likely will not change. I’ve been divorced for 7 years now and he’s still the same person with the next girl/wife. We can now get along as friends but I would never consider him relationship worthy to any of his future partners because he does still continue those patterns even at 34 years old. I wish you the best.

  2. I can see why OP and her family didn't help him learn.


    No. I don't see why she never even asked once about how he was doing. He told her he wanted to practice and she ignored that for four years.

    There's no excuse for that.

  3. you address it by asking him. my wife uses different apps to talk to different ppl based on what they prefer to talk on. family is on the generic text app. she and I are on discord. she talks to other friends through signal. she uses intsa to talk to old friends from school.

    just be mature and talk to your partner about it if it's an issue.

  4. I didn’t find out until right before I went into labor. These last 4 months have been consumed mainly with going to the hospital to visit my baby every day and trying to get through ppd. Things have just now settled enough for me to actually reflect on our relationship and the things that have recently happened.

  5. It's completely normal, Your only 22, if you want to experience more in life before settling down, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    The only thing is that you need to have this discussion with your partner. If you are not ready for a serious commitment, just be honest and tell him.

  6. It's very hot to see that you're being “groomed” – you are 19 and he's never expressed any romantic interest or asked to meet IRL.

    However, the circumstances of the meeting and deeper connection that was forged matter. Maybe he was just lonely or bored; maybe COVID played a role in the deeper connection.

    I'd say this – if you find value in having an older person to talk to about life, you can continue to play games online. Just don't take it IRL. Don't make it romantic.

    It's odd, but life is plenty odd. It hasn't gotten weird in 3 years. Perhaps it won't ever get weird.

  7. The fact that you have to tell him to keep it professional is concerning in itself. It should be a given to keep coworkers as professional relationships. I don’t know to me there’s really no reason to talk to coworkers outside of work you generally don’t need to. No one is making him he doesn’t have to go to lunch with her he is actively choosing to go to lunch with her he clearly wants to go, but why he could refuse to go. The question as to why he doesn’t refuse to go does bring up concern.

  8. I don’t exactly have advice, but I’m here to say I’m in the same boat right now. I have ADHD, and one of my hyperfocuses tends to be people (platonic, romantic, you name it. and yes the crash can be bad if it happens) and I’ve been obsessing over a guy against my will because he was a “lol this will never happen” kind of person that I somehow ended up talking to even though I never expected it.

    One thing I can say is that if it’s inhibiting your ability to connect with other guys, don’t try to force yourself to connect with other guys. It will likely be futile for a while, and if one of the guys ends up really into you but you can’t get over the first guy, then you’ll eventually be putting someone into the position you’re in now; it would become unfair for them.

    What I do is just let time do its thing so I can sort of… “forget” about the person. It sucks being lonely in the meantime, but it’s a hell of a lot better than trying to force yourself to be into people you’re not, especially if they end up falling for you and you can’t reciprocate.

  9. This is a good point, I’m bisexual and if any of my ex partners were with someone new who acted in this way I’d probably reach out privately to see if things were okay

  10. You can do everything right, you can be the perfect partner, and for reasons that have nothing to do with you, she might not want to be with you.

    It’s not happening for no reason; it’s happening for reasons outside of your control that you don’t know anything about.

  11. If it is very infectious, why are there so many people in the comments claiming to have slept with someone who was positive but ended up negative?

  12. Anything is a reasonable boundary in a relationship. If the other person is incompatible or can’t deal then the relationship ends not the boundary.

  13. Ouch. As a guy to make your birthday very special in many ways to feel shut down, will only be the highlight for him more than likely.

    You don’t have to wear the jewelry. You can put it on display in the bedroom you can find something that’s decorative to put it on a nightstand next to the bed or on a dresser. I understand the money he spent on it and you’d like to get it back, but the sentimental value is where he was at, not the price.

    If this ever happens again in the future, give it a few weeks before you reach out to the company for the return. I think if it was me, the most hurtful part would’ve been the immediate reaching out to return it.

    I know something like this would make me feel in adequate and I would be very hesitant to do something special for quite some time. It’s not something is a trust issue but just plain out feeling hurt. The catch 22 is that it’s about him at this point even though it was your birthday gift. And it’s a really tough spot to be in.

    I would give it some time, but make it clear S jewelry what’s the come up in the future you don’t mind knowing ahead of time, but would like to pick something out because of your preferences.

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  15. Honestly, wouldn't be surprising if she wanted to break up, but “didn't want to be the bad guy.”

    I've known people that will just act like absolutely terrible partners so the other person will break up for them.

  16. Now naive at all but actually very smart seeing the picture where the ex did not care for her kids at all.. I feel sorry for the wife who has been taking advantage by her husband … i truly hope she realizes she may be better off on her own with her own children and not to be saddled with her middle age husband and his middle aged ex.

  17. On top of that he goes to Reddit and asks strangers what we think. Not her. Apparently our imput means more than hers. YIKES.

  18. I know there are some phones that take a picture of the person who is trying to unlock the phone and fails. See if your phone has this feature. If it does, activate that feature but do not tell him. Lol.

  19. In my PERSONAL experience (30-ish years) of relationships with men, the ones that did that stuff didn’t stop. And sex was less of an intimately shared expression of love and more objectification of my body. Think about what you want long term. You can continue the relationship and keep an eye out on this….it’s possible he tried it out and realized it wasn’t working for him. But a man that thinks of you and his love for you during intimate relations if far, far better than one who fantasizes about Vogue-worthy women while making love to you….that’s not worth keeping, in my experience.

  20. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  21. “Mom/Dad… From now on, you're getting one phone call once a week. Keep on calling me 40 times a day and you won't even get that.”

  22. I would be psyched to get such sweet a well thought out gift. Something like that takes so much more effort and consideration than phoning in a flower order. I’d be blown away and I hope your lady loves it. ?

  23. It's about the principle. It opens the door to further controlling rules, and I personally think that the boundary of never hanging out with another single person of the opposite sex is completely absurd and refuse to abide by it.

    BTW I'm bisexual, so I suppose I can't hang out with anyone who's single

  24. Any time I’ve had to bathe my cat, after towel drying he immediately spends an hour licking himself head to toe. Pretty counter productive to saliva allergy if your cat does similar

  25. I'm trying to say that this is not your fault. He's annoyed that you want him to get to know you and care about you when he wants… something different. Your goals don't really match.

    But like I said, it's not on you to apologize. Just find someone who meets your criteria.

  26. Let him leave and tell him to not let the door hit you where the good lord split you as he walks out.

  27. Please, On behalf of most men, Sorry. Some of us are still struggling with basic communication skills.

  28. Cut him off. You deserve better and you damn well don’t deserve to have some emotional bomb dropped on your birthday. Please do something nice for yourself if you’re unable to be with friends or family.

    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, but you will get through it!

  29. Look, an open relationship is either a deal-breaker for you or it isn't.

    If it is, find a divorce attorney and move on. He wants to have sex with other people and you're not down with that.

    If it isn't, then do your online research this weekend and come up with some parameters for the open relationship.

    This really is a black & white situation.

  30. This ? the simple fact that he threw a fit like a toddler because he de didn't get his way screams wrong reasons to me. He could have said okay dear, we'll revisit this later with a smile and left it at that.

  31. No he wasn’t really ever a jealous person, but as far as isolating from family he does do that, he claims my mother and other family member are toxic and he prefers me to not have interactions with them when it isn’t that serious to where I’d cut them off permanently, when I have tried to leave him in the past he has sort of begged and pleaded with me to stay and gave me a lot of false promises that he says now were said in “a time of weakness and I shouldn’t have taken him serious because he was going through stuff” I feel like he’s honestly very emotionally reserved we don’t even have sex ever like it’s once a month maybe 3 at max and that’s how it’s been the past few months he’s just so disconnected and then is mad at me because he says I’m the one that is putting distance between us

  32. Just want to chime in and let you know that I’m a grad student in an English program and most of my reading is romcoms and webtoons. Do the things you enjoy and leave this man child behind in the dust with his outdated philosophy (he can at least keep up with the times and read contemporary philosophy). You will find someone who will love your quirks and not put you down. Personally, I think it’s so charming and cute that you have a ~Sophisticated~ job and read fluff :3

  33. Youre 20 bro its time to grow up. It doesn't sound like theres a relationship there but what was supposed to maybe be the start of one. You don't have owe her a relationship.

    You can just say you realized you're better as friends and have no interest in dating her. Make some boundaries and stop flirting. She may drop you as a friend but sounds like nothing would be lost.

  34. It's very inappropriate.

    It's rude to touch others without permission, and it's not considered office etiquette to touch other people beyond a handshake. Touching your knee and neck, hugging you, and complimenting your looks is over the line. So are random “friendly” texts with cutesy emojis.

    Also, it's not a great idea to befriend your subordinates.

    I go by the rule that if you wouldn't do that to a person of the same gender in the workplace, don't do it to a person of the opposite gender. I have been in the workforce for a pretty long time now, and I can count on one hand the number of times a supervisor touched me, or gave me a compliment about my looks/body.

    Finally, you can be outgoing and social without being flirty and inappropriate.

  35. There's no straight cut answer to, “How much time should a married couple spend together on weekends?”. Life is what you want out of it. This is why relationships are full of/requiring a lot of communication and compromise. You want your life to have A,B,U,M,N,Y, etc. and she wants her life to have B,T,L,N,X, etc. You both need to work together to build a life that contains what each other want as much as possible.

    From your OP, you're not being controlling, you're open to how much time she spends with her family and how that time is spent, all you want is for her is to be flexible as too when. She just wants to cross off Sunday as her family day and refuses to be flexible if something were to deem Sunday not ideal, aka an emergancy, wanting just a couples weekend, planning a trip, future chilren?, etc. Personally, unless if you online right across the street from her family, this just seems impractical given how chaotic life can be.

    At the end of the day;

    I feel her demand is inflexible more than anything else and I'm worried that it is not a good starting point for a marriage.

    I'd agree with you. The best you can do is try to get her to see why you value not having Sunday locked in like this. Not being able to compromise on any level for any part of a relationship is probably not a good starting point for any relationship.

  36. Exactly what my bf and I did! I found two settings with two different stone shapes, so a total of four possibilities. I loved all of them, sent them all to him and said “I would be happy with any of these in ___ color with – carat range, surprise me from here”. Keeps some mystery and excitement, still gives him a choice and the chance to surprise me, and I know I won’t be disappointed at all. Win win all around.

  37. I know…. Thus he didn’t give you the reaction you wanted. He still had a sincere reaction.

    I’m starting to think you don’t know what the word sincere means.

  38. This would be sexual assault if the genders where swapped so I’d be more concerned that she exposed herself without his permission

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