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Languages: en,zh

Birth Date: 1999-07-02

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityAsian

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I sometimes forget I have one let alone keeping track of what other people have done. I think if it's important to someone it's important in a status symbol kind of way, like when people give a shit whether you're over 6ft tall and won't date anyone under 6ft etc. Shallow.

    What's important is that your partner is on the same level and your values / intelligence levels / interests are compatible. Not equal, not the same, not high or low, but are compatible.

  2. It sounds like the experience was traumatic for him seeing you hurt that way. I’ve known people who needed therapy after play they’ve done because it was actively traumatic for them. It happens. All you can do is sit down and have a conversation about it.

    Now your best bet is probably to give it time and have a conversation about it. Why you enjoy it, ease into the bdsm, and try to recover some of that trust/confidence in sex that he’s probably lost. The two of you may benefit from couples counseling with someone who is open and knowledgeable about bdsm so you can communicate and work through it. He may also benefit from talking to other people about what they enjoy about it so he can start to see what you might enjoy about it because he may be too shaken to see past what “he did” in his mind to really hear you.

    With a new partner or someone new to bdsm I always sit down and talk about what I/we like about rough sex, what we enjoy, and generally have an open discussion completely outside of a sexual context. It gives the other partner time to think about it, ask questions, and come to their own conclusion of how they feel about it. Also if they are new starting slow and not with something that’s going to leave easy to see marks so they can see past the marks left. If marks are left on the butt or thighs you can cover those allowing the other person to see your happiness and joy with them and not just the marks. It’s naked to see past facial marks for a lot of people.

    I love and adore marks. My husband had a nude time when we started until he saw how much I enjoyed them. It wasn’t until I started playing harder with other people that he REALLY started to understand. I get dumb levels of giddy about them and he can’t help but see the joy. Now when I see other partners and have marks he just smiles at me and says “someone had a fun time” but I had to ease him into it.

    Best of luck and I hope you two can figure things out. You may get some more suggestions and words of experience on a bdsm subreddit.

    Words of warning…. Never “up negotiate” as/with someone new during play and you shouldn’t be convincing someone to do something, I don’t know if you did either of those but the way it’s worded I’m not sure. The reason being because this exact thing can happen. If you’re up negotiating during play it can mean someone is too in the moment to think clearly about if they are comfortable with something and/or they may be worried about disappointing you. Also when we are having sex or playing rough we can be influenced by the endorphins and make choices we wouldn’t normally. I explicitly negotiate up negotiations into play and it means I’m absolutely aware of the risk I’m taking on with that and so does my partner and we’ve set out clear boundaries around it. I also only do it with people I’ve played with a lot who know where a lot of my limits are. You can get in a whole lot of hot water doing it during play.

  3. He went through a year of her calls to see if she called another man. How did he know the number is her ex's? Seems to me she didn't ask and he looked through her calls behind her back. No one looks back that far to see why they were overcharged. If you went over your minutes a year ago for example, it won't show up on your current bill. If you were overcharged, it would have been for that billing cycle.

  4. He showed you his true colours. Everything else is just his excuses.

    Honestly, let him go, and online his life because you deserve so much better than that.

  5. I don't know what would happen, I just don't feel comfortable being around him like that now as a result of all of this so I don't think this is a good question.

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  8. Yes because she has proven she is not mentally stable and you hanging out with your friends warrant her threatening to off herself?? So if she dosent get her way that's going to be her go to solution every time she is going to bank on those “good times” and emotionally guilt you into staying get rid of her

  9. Me personally, setting goals is a mental health thing. I know what I have but I’m not constantly checking what he has but if we put it together I’d not only be more secure about the relationship but it would make me feel better cause we do have a set price that we are aiming for…

    You can have a set goal as a couple without actually intermingling finances though. If you are somewhat transparent about finances, you can sit down and could easily discuss what percentage of your incomes you'd like to put away for a house, and then see how long it'll take you.

    Sometimes I do feel as if he doesn’t think I’m capable of doing these things.

    Sit him down and tell him how these things make you feel.

  10. I'm never going to find anyone who treats me the way he used to so I guess I feel like my best options are to settle

    If this is why you stay stuck, this is what you need to address. As long as you believe this fear, you’ll continue to stay stuck.

  11. So it's not something I've dealt with, however I consider myself to be polyamorous (though I'm only in one relationship right now) and the way I view love is that it is not a finite resource, its not a pie where there are only so many slices. It's infinite, and has many different ways of being felt, expressed, and different kinds of love too.

    Your girlfriend lost the man who was potentially her first long term, meaningful relationship, who was the father to her child, and she probably envisioned growing old with him, and life took that away from her. I'd guess that it was devastating to her and tore her while life apart. It takes a long time for that kind of multi-layered complex grief to become something that's manageable for a person, and it never goes away completely. Not to mention that her child is a constant reminder of what could have been which ultimately slows the grief process down and makes it more complicated.

    It's understandable to have conflicting feelings about this, and society does ingrain the whole “you can only love one person at a time and if you're still grieving a relationship then you're not ready for another one” so I can't fault you for not knowing how to handle the situation. The best thing to do is to examine what it is you feel about the situation, pinpoint it and work through the why you feel that way and what alternative view points are. That and in terms of support just try to sit with her in her emotions when she feels them, acknowledge the loss with her and make yourself a safe person to feel those things around – most people likely don't understand and won't try to, they'd just judge her and look down on her for still having those feelings.

    If she hasn't already done so, grief counselling and/or widows support groups could be a great source of comfort for her and help her to manage her grief and give her coping mechanisms, as well as people to talk to about what happened that aren't personally involved with the situation. As for yourself, a counsellor could help you to process how you feel about it all and give you good coping mechanisms and possibly suggestions on how best to support your partner.

    Honestly, it sounds like you're doing well so far and want what's best for yourself, your partner, and her child, you're loving caring and supportive, and you're putting the effort in.

  12. You can’t “make her understand” anything, because that’s not the issue. The issue is that she has some deep insecurities and nothing you do will ever fix them. Her going to therapy might help, but that’s a long process.

    Actually, her behavior is extreme enough that she might even be cheating on you and projecting her cheating on you.

  13. One of those 'mean spurts' is going to end with you or your daughter in the hospital. You guys are not exempt from his rage.

  14. I even end up getting violent which I am not proud of.

    Wow, way to bury the lede. You shout and yell at him, and you get violent?

    Please advise on what you would do in my situation

    Divorce this man so I don't subject him to any more domestic violence. That's what I would do if I were you.

    Why do you think getting violent with your partner is ok?

  15. But see that's his right to decide if he wants to take the chance of having it, not having a way to test and having the chance if spreading it to another innocent person. Just because it isn't cancerous doesn't mean that it's fair to take the chance to spread. Think about if he does get it and spreads it to another woman, think of all the worry she may go through until it comes out okay. We should all think of the long term consequences and how our actions can effect others.

  16. If the boyfriend is also on the lease, he is within his legal rights to let them stay at his apartment. The cops made a lot of bad calls here, but that isn't one of them.

  17. Yeah. Not a good look. Someone who is happy living with mommy just wants a sex partner. Not a real relationship because he has mom.

  18. Four months in, you don't get a say in her career at all.

    And in a long-term relationship, your say in her career is not “I don't trust you in a ship with a bunch of guys.” Your say is “I'll miss you while you are on a long voyage” or (more likely) “we have kids, and I'm not sure I can take care of them alone while you are gone for six months.”

  19. Ok, tell me honestly, is the first red flag this guy has exhibited? Because what you described here suggests to me the nature of a man with severe developmental issues. And I wonder what else he's said or done that you've overlooked or turned a blind eye to.

    Not only did he lie about you to his mom for no good reason. He's turning her against you (God knows why). He dishonestly claimed to have committed DV (you didn't even clarify if he ever hit you for real)! His mom considers it as normal as he does (So she must have raised him not to respect women). And he further promised not to violently beat you JUST to win his mom's girly heart.

    I mean.. I know this is just a Reddit post, and you don't expect any Earth-shattering advice. But, would you rather wait until he chained you to your bed post, beat you senseless, or straight up murdered you?

    Something is very very off about this man. You can either stick around and find out.. or you can cut your losses while the damage sustained is strictly emotional. Good luck.

  20. Girl, I hate to break it to you, but he’s definitely with her right now. Time to cut ties and send his ass on down river. You don’t need him, you can find a partner that treats you with respect and love. Do yourself a favor and block his ass, don’t let him come back when he decides to resurface.

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