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  1. She just wants you for your looks!

    The cooking thing is interesting though because I am also an excellent cook and after 30 years it still hurts my feelings if my husband doesn't like something that I make. Even knowing objective that it got rave reviews from everyone but him and that he is just expressing his personal taste it is still maddening! If I made it, he should like it – the end!

  2. Tbh there Is a lot of other girls that i can get sex from, i m not with her for that, i m with her for her kind heart. I have been with other girls, but never saw a girl too demanding as this.

  3. Maybe you're meeting girls in the wrong places. You talked about clubs, this usually is the place you go to have fun not to find a relationship.

  4. Obviously he needs to pay his bills. I don't understand why you're getting worked up about that. If you don't want his mother to come over and babysit while he works more, then you've got three options: help pay his bills, find other alternatives to childcare, or separate and work out a custody agreement.

  5. I’d leave. This goes for ANY type of smoker, if you don’t partake in it even a bit here and there, chances are higher that it’ll come back to bite you in the ass.

    I grew up w many smokers; nicotine, thc, etc. and all of their relationships were the same, they struggled w their nonsmoking partners because eventually the smell or habit or time consuming or cost was too much.

    And I have been w a smoke who did the same as you OP, i tried to compromise vastly for two years. Because I know ultimately I can’t control someone, and I don’t have to stay w someone.

    But he went from loose smoker to daily and it hurt my mental health and self esteem. If they don’t make effort consistently to battle their dependence or even make sure balance is there, it will not end well unless you smoke as them because they will fail to see how they’re hurting you and the relationship.

    Fortunately, assuming, you don’t have kids rn, so it’s a bit less of a struggle.

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  8. She did something she knew was wrong for the relationship but didn’t care because she got the attention she needed. The lack of proof due to her deleting messages sends an even worse picture of it all that you can’t be sure of and now you can’t just take her word on the matter. It’s a very strong chance she was meeting with him but you will never know. You don’t need someone in your life that causes more problems. You need a partner that will stand by you even in the worst situations. She chose to do something that she knew was betraying your trust and wanted you to just accept her apology and move on, while possibly just hiding the evidence better. You made the right decision to get rid of her and work towards moving on. You don’t miss her but the memory of you two together which isn’t not the person she still is. I hope the best for you man but nothing but pain will happen if you trust her again.

  9. It's fair that family is prioritized for important things. But, if it's trivial and he's missing your birthday for that trivial thing then that's not ok. Ask him why he chose that trivial action over being with you.

  10. She doesn’t want to do it. Full stop. You have 3 choices here, that I’m going to list shittiest first.

    Berate, harass, guilt, or otherwise abuse her into sucking your dick.

    Leave her for someone who’ll suck your dick all day long.

    Accept it and let it go. Is dick sucking worth that much to you in the long run?

  11. I completely understand where you’re coming from. My husband has no interest in my hobbies but wants me to participate in his. I let him do his activities alone now and I do mine alone. ?‍♀️ it isn’t perfect but it works for us.

  12. That’s the plan is to just move on. Just trying to be empathetic as I have been cheated on before. Cheaters suck! If he tries to contact me after the fact I’m not even going to respond.

  13. Buddy, the only person who never messes up is the person who never does anything. Love is a matter of trial and error. You've made some errors. Apply them to your next romantic situation.

    I don't advise you to chase this loss. The two of you really needed to break up and there will be many other opportunities for you in the future. Best of luck.

  14. Ok thank you for the input. Neither of us are the type to want to “play games” but he is quite different from the rest of the people I’ve been interested in. Even the fact that he doesn’t really use his phone is not something I’m used to. He also has the vibe that he “doesn’t need anyone”…

    I’ll try not to build it up in my head or assume. It’s just naked. The reason I’m waiting a week is because I’m going on vacation for a week so wouldn’t be able to hang out with him anyways. And he seems like he wouldn’t want to text unless we were making plans (again, if he’d even want to). So that’s why I’d wait…

    I don’t feel confident or ready enough to ask his feelings yet. It also feels too insecure imo, at the moment at least.

  15. For some reason i can only fully see and reply to your comment but i have told him so. He just seems persistent i guess. I dont want to stop talking with him altogether but i just dont like him like that.

  16. First off you don't owe him anything other then a polite nod like any civil meeting of two workers.

    You don't owe him a date

    you don't owe him anything.

    Just be polite nod smile

    and in regards to text just say you are too busy to text.

    You don't owe him any explanation beyond

    I am busy doing stuff,

    He has Zero right to ask anything of you…

    On-line your life the way you want, with who you want, how you want.

  17. Where did she say that? She said that he has gone twice and slept with prostitutes both times…that’s not the same as saying he went there for the purpose of having sex with prostitutes.

  18. I'm sorry op, this is so horrible. At this rate you should look to develop a system that eases the burden on you without requiring any significant input from him. My usual advice is to just… not do settle for this but you have a baby on the way so it's a little late now.

    Hire a cleaning service as needed. (I know it sounds ignorant with a huge financial burden on the way but your peace of mind is important) Buy paper plates, cutlery, and cups for him to use ONLY. He isn't allowed real dishes if he can't clean them. Set a space for him to dump his laundry. Don't do that shit for him. Dog and baby proof the house as best you can. Automate literally everything possible.

    Maybe eventually seek divorce if that's something youre willing to do. Not now.

    Best to you.

  19. No in I’m not sure how the terms work in your country but like her friend has a whole apt that includes kitchen bathrooms etc so the friend owned the apt no one else it was just them

  20. A year has passed since the kiss and both of you have likely moved on. Bringing it up now doesn't necessarily mean that you have feelings for him or that you are trying to start something romantic. You can approach the conversation from a place of curiosity and a desire for clarity or closure.

    You could try sending him a message or arranging to meet up with him, and explain that you would like to talk about the kiss from a year ago. You can acknowledge that it was a drunken mistake and that you don't have any expectations or intentions beyond having an open and honest conversation. You could also express that you feel embarrassed to bring it up, but that you think it's important to clear the air and ensure that there are no lingering feelings or misunderstandings between you.

    Before anything happens though, consider whether or not discussing this with M25 would be respectful to your current boyfriend.

  21. Don’t feel guilt. As men we are meant to set boundaries so women can’t do just whatever they want and in not the nicest terms fuck the relationship up. So don’t feel guilt.

    You should absolutely be concerned and it’s normal to feel disgusted by this. Imo I would tell her you won’t accept this or you’re out.

    You can’t just let her Do what she wants when it’s something like this.

  22. Ding ding!

    This guy is asking us for a way to change her mind or save this relationship without asking directly. Believe who she said she is. She refuses to be fidelitous, and she isn't going to start for you.

    I feel like this has plenty to do with the toxic part of her last relationship.

  23. Just keep your chin up. Different people have different experiences and different boundaries. The rejection is not on you, it's on them.

    They are the ones who are missing out on you because they can't get over their insecurities.

    But I'm curious OP, how does the topic of you having a guy best friend even come up on the first date?

  24. It sounds like a very casual relationship and hardly what most would call “old fashioned”.

    If you desire a more serious relationship, let her know. But she may be fine with the status quo. And if you aren't, then the relationship has run its course.

  25. I do nothing but show her all the love and support she deserves, I never make her feel like I’m resentful of her success. This is something I deal with alone, and I’m trying and continuing to try. But I appreciate your advice today, took you some time to type and I appreciate it

  26. That's what I'll try my best to bring to her attention. If she doesn't want to help or contribute to the family, I'll have to file for divorce. Thanks for the input.

  27. Absolutely! This triggers me and I’m sitting on my couch, fully invested.

    You already know in your gut it was something more.

    Given your husband doesn’t have anything seriously wrong with him, no logical person would BREAK a phone in half with their bare hands out of fear of finding out they were using a flashlight. (Unless you’re some evil witch)

    Maybe he was just getting off to porn. Did you notice an erection?

    Has he been showing any off signs ? Like staking out late? Going out more or coming to bed later?

    Have you checked your bank accounts to see if he’s possible spending more money ?

    Or even emails to see if he’s created any dating profiles or purchased anything from someone.

    Idk man that’s just so wild he’s trying to gaslight you into really believing it’s about a flashlight. Keep us updated and good luck❤️

  28. tbh i have a tendency of being a doormat. so this is something i need to do. she just gets so mad and will question the entire relationship and almost hold back her outward love and affection towards me bc of it. like a punishment almost. shits weird

  29. That’s not his problem at all. He hasn’t done anything wrong. He isn’t responsible for your problematic levels of insecurity over something that can’t be changed.

  30. Girl I see you praising him in the comments like he owns the land – HE DOES NOT!

    I have been that girl, this fucker is already attempting to strip you away from your bodily autonomy and trying to marry you right away after a failed marriage. If he is doing this BEFORE getting married can you imagine after? It WILL 100% be worse. Cut off all contact and just get the fuck out.

  31. I think everyone over 25 has it, and has the capacity to use it. Whereas nobody under 25 does. At least give your partner a fighting chance at being mature by waiting for it to develop

  32. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost three years and she has been on Birth control for 1.5 years.

    Our relationship before Birth control was amazing. She would crave sex with me often and send me pictures of herself, she's stopped sending pictures and when we do have sex which is about once a week if we're lucky twice a week, she always just wants me to finish fast and she doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore. She lays on the bed so I can please myself and then when I finish she just sits there and doesn't say anything after.

    Birth control has also made her gain a lot of weight as well. She was large when I started dating her and I never cared about the weight, but now she's at a very unhealthy weight and I feel like it's been putting a lot of strain on our relationship. I would never tell her because I would feel horrible.

    She's more depressed, has no sex drive and when we do have sex it's a chore for her and she's had a large amount of weight gain in such a short time I'm worried for her health and our relationship.

    Birth control is ruining our relationship. I would rather us go back to condoms then for me to feel less of a man. She doesn't snuggle against me because I can't breathe when she lays on me. I sometimes pretend I can breathe so I don't make her feel bad but in reality it's her weight gain. I love her so much and this is not her fault, it's just a very potent medication. I feel bad but I need to tell her. Anyone know how to approach it?

    TL;DR gf takes Birth control. Has no sex drive, when we have sex she lays there and does nothing and waits for me to finish. She doesn't act sexy towards me anymore, she's gained a very large amount of weight in a short time and she's been moody and depressed. How do I approach her and tell her that she should get off Birth control for the time being?

    UPDATE: Tried to tell her that I've been noticing her being sad and depressed and I love her and I'm here for her and I told her that I think the birth control medication shes on might play a big role in your mood change, I asked if she would consider alternatives other then birth control. She said “Well maybe I'm depressed for other reasons you never asked me” and she cried and walked away. I've asked her a lot why she is sad or depressed and she doesn't open up. I was so supportive and loving I'm really not sure why she stormed off crying. I made sure I walked very gentle on that subject.

  33. It’s very, very difficult and needs handled carefully. There’s no doubt about that. However there’s also no doubt that she cheated on you and perhaps would continue to cheat and lie if this horrific event hadn’t happened.

    Seek help for your wife and look at pressing charges against her attacker. Seek support from family and friends (where you feel you can tell them the whole truth). You should also understand that you can support her even while you’re considering reconciliation or divorce.

    You MUST separate dealing with this assault from your own future happiness. Take the steps you need to think if you can ever forgive and trust her again. Try to understand if your wife is capable or willing to help save your relationship and whether you want that.

    Her assault can’t be the reason you don’t confront and deal with her betrayal. It’s not a reason to stay and you have to make decisions based on your own happiness and not on any noble sacrifice.

  34. I don’t see a lot of hope in reconciliation with a woman you refer to as ‘some girl.’

    Why don’t you just find some other girl to date, if any girl will do? ?‍♀️

  35. His “reasons” for being an ahole are really irrelevant.

    His doings make him an “off you go” person. Not to mess with OPs life further.

    Also…. think of getting a crappy text intimating you to throw your dog out at WORK!

    Where you can't even text back or kick his ass propperly, as it jeopardizes your job! Sad and unconcentrated for such a pitiful excuse of a man!

  36. Definitely something to discuss with her, if you're interested. If you're not really interested in having a sexual relationship with her, then don't fall into the pressure to do so and just ask the other girl to back off.

  37. Dude! Nobody, NOBODY is worth being abused for. Full stop. Please please please for your safety, get as far away from this toxic person. I almost lost a friend because his girlfriend hit him in the head with a full wine bottle.

  38. Women are fierce competitors for men. And, when they get a man they fiercely guard him. If a man even gets caught checking another woman out for 3 seconds there's big trouble in Mayberry.

  39. I mean you are incredible naive if you believe his story about the herassment and him getting rid of her by having sex with her.

    Ask yourself: Why haven't you heard from these problems? If it is such a problem why didn't he go to the police? If he feels so guilty why didn't he immitiatly come to you and tell you what happened?

    I know it is hot to face the fact but the man you have in front of you is not your partner, he is a cheater who made you believe he is a good person. Do not believe anything he says even if he acts like this is 100% the truth. He learned that he can manipulate you and will ise his power over you to make you believe everything he tells you now is truth.

  40. Yes. And I married him. Sex slowly declined to the point that we now haven’t had sex in six months. I absolutely do not recommend staying with someone whose sex drive does not match your own.

  41. Your cousin just inadvertently gave you the greatest gift possible- absolute freedom from her. You can cut her off utterly completely and save yourself from possibly decades of toxic behavior and dramatics.

    I don’t believe her at all. If it was true, she would have something more than her word as proof. BUT! If she comes to you with ANY THING AS EVIDENCE…..DO NOT WAVER OF BELIEVE HER. She has had time to research on social media and create fake text and logs.

    For example- you see her at a family event and tries to start shit with you, if she says something like…”oh yeah, well how would I know his bathroom has red paint. Or that his bed has greed plaid sheets??” Or that she claims to have been at a location with him.

    These are all things that she could have found out online- and could catch you off guard in a vulnerable moment, and plant that seed of doubt. She is an insane person with nothing to lose, and social media offers her a treasure trove of information.

    NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT THIS, FROM NOW ON, DO. NOT. BELIEVE HER. I bet she probably tried to hit on him at some point and he turned her down. Which insulted her furiously. And he didn’t want to tell you and cause a bunch of issues……and he explained his distrust/dislike of her as “causing drama.”

    I’m so sorry for the added trauma your cunt cousin has caused you.

  42. Update: thank you for all of the advice. I told my girlfriend and we talked it out. Everything is okay now. Thank you for helping me come to my senses

  43. Omg what a sleazy asshole! You must have been so pissed! When I was on them (or LSD) I was very hyper and witty, making smart ass comments all night and being the comedian and prankster. lol

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