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Date: September 11, 2022

54 thoughts on “Rim-mlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Sounds like it’s time to stop doing chores, cooking for him, etc. Use that extra time to treat yourself to a movie. Takeout. New clothes. Go for walks by yourself or join a gym. Let him see how quickly his quality of life plummets without you managing everything and doing everything.

    In the meantime, you’ll be complying with his wishes— being more “laid back,” and more relaxed and fun.

  2. Brad came after you to hurt you. He didn’t change at all and your mom knows this. You did good. You did really good.

  3. If a woman said that to me after 3 dates I'd be too suspicious to even waste any of my time on her, especially if she's still “celibate”

  4. Here I am putting spoiler tag. So only those who want the spoiler can see.

    They lost nationals in quarterfinals. Then the series took a time gap, it shows when they all grow up and went their own way. And how they are living after leaving college.

  5. I recently moved in back home with my parents after finishing my studies, because I thought it was just for a while before moving in with him into the new flat. Nevertheless I spend most of the evenings and nights at his place, right after he gets home from work. So I know he doesn't drink during the week.

  6. Do you tell all your friends you love them, or just your ex?

    No? Then you don’t mean it in a friendship sort of way. That’s a rationalization for a behavior you recognize isn’t…..consistent with reality.

    If wouldn’t be comfortable with someone still telling their ex they loved each other. It suggests that there is more than friendship still there and investing trust is risky.

  7. Do you have a job? If my wife sat around at home all day doing nothing, I'd be pissed off too. Especially if I came home to a dirty house. And you're gonna begrudge him for relaxing on his only day off? And now you're gonna divorce him after pressuring him into marriage in the first place? Comical

  8. OK I wanted to know this as well. Either OP did something real dumb to get caught, or parents got some Gestapo-esque surveillance goin on

  9. I think you should rephrase that. It is NOT because of her religion but his relationship with his parents and his and their religion.

  10. If they are solely based on a woman’s appearance, yes. But you’ve already said a load of other sexist stuff so keep replying and exposing yourself.

  11. What you literally state in your post you always drink to that point? And not really difference in opinion poly relationship are more likely to survive open relationship never do

  12. The only thing that's really concerning to me is, how she just realized she actually likes you, when she didn't have qny company but you did

    I'd be cautious.

  13. Your income difference is not enough to merit you paying a greater amount, especially since you are not married.

  14. Yes you should. If she has limited time she should first prioritise spending it with you. Not you and other people. You should tell her that.

    If you think it is selfish, let me explain that you shouldn't stay in relationship where your needs are ignore. You will be miserable and relationship will fall apart anyway this way. It's best to put her priotities into question sooner than later.

  15. In that case the next question is how much it matters that he didn't answer those two questions. Could be a ton of reasons from fear of rejection/being judged to not wanting to hurt your feelings.

    Bottom line is: does is really matter in your relationship who hits first crush was and if he asks you a question he is afraid to ask right now (stupid question imo anyway since a card with some text won't make that fear go away)

    I don't think that should be something to worry about or go all “marriage counselor” on the poor guy.

  16. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  17. “Mom/Dad… From now on, you're getting one phone call once a week. Keep on calling me 40 times a day and you won't even get that.”

  18. She’s in her 30s, wants kids, and isn’t married / in a long term relationship. I’m guessing she’s panicking that her biological clock is running out and decided betraying someone’s trust and using nefarious means is worth it.

  19. Uh… does no one else use condoms when they jack off? Everyone in this topic says that he’s obviously cheating, and he might be. I buy big boxes of cheap condoms just for masturbation. I wouldn’t use those with a partner because they seem to break easily. They’re cheap and efficient with very little clean up.

    Seeing these comments make me feel like I’m the only guy who does this. If that’s the case, you guys are missing out.

    Is it a cheap condom or one of those ultra ribbed for her pleasure kind of things? Lol

  20. Here’s your answers:

    you’re not crazy for wanting what you want. most relationships are happily monogamous. your partner isn’t happy in the relationship. opening is a soft way of ending in her mind. if you offer her a chance to end the relationship, she’ll take it. it time to accept your relationship may be over. don’t worry, there will be other girls.

  21. But maybe a experienced person can tell it ? Or maybe some traits that can be seen to know if she's a keeper or not ?

  22. She says “uninvited” but the brother clearly did invite the gf. So, she’s saying uninvited because her bf didn’t know about it apparently even though… he did. Why is OP allowed an invite but the gf isn’t? Why is OP kicking up a fuss because the brothers gf went, invited aswell may I add, when she herself was also invited?

  23. I agree with everything you said. If she was triggered and it’s too far gone, he needs to move on. It’s unfortunate but what I’m here to say is that bodily protection should not be discouraged.

    Whether or not she can see it because of her trauma, he potentially saved her life. And that should never be discouraged. I take that seriously- life and death is more important than protecting emotions.

    If men are reading this and worried about it, I would say get some training so that you can learn how to fight without the blindness. His natural reflexes took over and he was successful. But in a blind rage like this, you can end up hurting yourself. Being prepared can only help the situation!

    And as women I feel like we should encourage that protection mode. It’s healthy masculinity.

  24. That might work, but why bother? This is the equivalent of a woman telling her overbearing partner “yes, dear”.

  25. Thanks everyone, gonna delete this now and go back into hiding. I've figured out what I'm going to do

  26. Depends on why they broke up.

    Some emotions are still strong for someone, not because they want the ex but just because the potential of what they dreamed about in the past, was gone

  27. Are you going to listen to the advice given here that is pretty much unanimous or are you going to keep making excuses? You know what you need to do. So do it.

  28. Ew, He probably likes women “without makeup” but thinks that women with so much makeup well done is natural.

  29. Well then she should follow through on the ultimatum instead of make an ultimatum and then asking Reddit how she can keep the relationship and also get what she wants (him to not go). By all means set boundaries… but then stick to them, don’t use them as a threat tactic to get what you want.

    And yes I do see what you mean about the amazing supportive gf point, I wrote that msg in haste.

    But I stand by either sticking to the ultimatum or not using them at all, as that’s manipulative and not fair on your partner.

  30. we've been with each other since 20/21

    I don't get this… either they've been together 2-3 years or 9 years..

  31. *I recently got back into a relationship with my last partner despite my friends and family telling me not too*

    Why did you two break up in the first place, Op?

  32. Two things to say, California jon hunting has become ridiculous. You guys never should have moved here in your financial state. Even if someone is qualified, or starting out, trainable whatever people with the exact amount of degree and experience are getting turned down left and right. Terrible choice to move at this time.

    Second, you seriously need to think if this is how you want to stay. There is no reason for her to be free loading which is exactly what she is doing and there is zero reason for you to continue allowing yourself to be under this strain. Consider if you want this relationship-if you can call it that- and settle things out. Heavily suggest getting divorced out of state but as you dont seem to have much to lose financially in state would probably be better in the long run.

  33. The article you posted says the majority of clinical psychiatrists DO NOT believe in this psuedo-science

  34. Tell me again why you want to share your news with these people at all? If they're just going to be cruel about it, why tell them? Just go about your life, go low contact, invite them to nothing, and when they find out tell them they had proved they could not be trusted to be supportive to you, so you don't want them involved with your life.

  35. don't.

    i have been witness of this story a good half dozen time. all of sudden , his cultural legacy kick on. you are supposed to be submiting at home wife while he roams the night with his friends and probably cheat. if the thing goes sour, he fly to his family in north africa with your kids, where you have no right.

    right now, the best friend of my daughter is in the case. they avoid the parental kidnapping step but her has to rebuild her life entirely with two kids and no help.

  36. The petty part of me has made smart ass remarks. I have said things like “did you get hurt again?” Or “you sure you can do this, I dont want you to hurt yourself?” So, I am not innocent in this. It has just been a long time coming, and every time something has to be done now it feels like a major undertaking.

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