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SabrinaParis live! sex chats for YOU!


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Date: September 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “SabrinaParis live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Plenty of people out there who are hopelessly drawn to unavailable people, while appearing to be uninterested in actually available people. The thrill of the chase, all that.

    Source: me having been through therapy because of being hung up on unavailable women.

  2. Girl. It's not you. This is the first thing you must learn in order to set yourself up for some healthy future relationships. Let's count his red flags:

    1) pestering you repeatedly to come to his apartment 2) you're 12 years younger and at a completely different stage of life 3) “can't keep his hands off you” on the date (super ick) 4) desperate to get you back to his place 5) pulls a nuclear 180 as soon as you step foot in the apartment (you shouldn't have gone) and immediately begins to gaslight the s out of you 6) continues to pursue you even after all of the above craziness with minimum self-accountability

    These are just the ones you've mentioned in your post, as I'm sure there were more. Please, please learn to recognize these flags, for your own good, safety, and emotional well-being. Talk with your friends and/or family. Talk with a therapist. Subscribe to appropriate subreddits and do a boat-load of reading. Do what you must.

    Also… I would warn the gym about his behavior. Tell them exactly what happened and that you'd like their help to ensure a safe space to exercise. Also tell them that you've blocked him on every platform. Best ??

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