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Date: September 26, 2022

61 thoughts on “Sarahpeterson live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I was also like that in a few relationships. Today I know it’s because I felt insecure and unloved in those relationships. I never cry in those circumstances anymore because I have a partner who makes me feel loved.

  2. i did ask her if we could call before but she said no, i really wanna call, i want to tell her with my voice everything.

  3. I agree with the cuddling statement, and maybe OP should have had lunch/dinner to introduce the two. I still feel that the ex should have had a conversation versus just jumping into you’re cheating when she hasn’t given him any other reason to think she’s cheated

  4. I can drink a whole lot and I still have never even gotten close to just cheating „accidentally“. It‘s a cheap excuse. She knew what she was doing.

  5. The irony of you “feeling something you haven't felt in ages?” Sir, she isn't available! She will not leave her husband. What are you feeling? She must be drop dead gorgeous for you to loose commonsense.

  6. No. Fantasies are one thing but seeing it happen in reality is a lot different and you don’t know how you’ll feel.

  7. The truth is that your relationship is 3-4 months old. For a majority of people, that is not enough time to really “get to know a person” as you are still learning.

    If you have certain things that you expect in a “committed” relationship, do not be surprised if your expectation(s) does not equal the reality in this short time frame.

    I’m not sure how a 22 or 31 years old can be certain of a relationship that is new. Being in a relationship takes time, effective communication and mutual respect.

    Time (and being mindful) will usually answer many of your questions.

  8. The truth is that your relationship is 3-4 months old. For a majority of people, that is not enough time to really “get to know a person” as you are still learning.

    If you have certain things that you expect in a “committed” relationship, do not be surprised if your expectation(s) does not equal the reality in this short time frame.

    I’m not sure how a 22 or 31 years old can be certain of a relationship that is new. Being in a relationship takes time, effective communication and mutual respect.

    Time (and being mindful) will usually answer many of your questions.

  9. There is no reason you should share your banking info with anyone other than a trusted PROFESSIONAL. Or if you are legally and financially tied to them

  10. You deserve better. Leave him. A relationship needs to be worked on everyday by both people. He has given up. Don't be stuck in a loveless relationship just because you are used to it. I would never do this to my gf. It's just common courtesy. Especially during the holidays. I like to go above and beyond and make her feel special and show that I care. I'm sorry you are in this position but you can stop it from happening. What is he doing while so you guys are on the couch?

  11. Tell him that his actions and especially his lying to you, was really hurtful, and you need to take a break for a while. And then take as much time as you need and if/when you’re ready, go back to your friendship. If you really want to be petty, when you let him know that you are taking a break, you can say something along the lines of “I didn’t realize our 12 year friendship meant so little to you. So I just need to reevaluate some of my relationships.”

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  13. You think this dude is being unreasonable while you suggest her storing her dirty toilet paper to be taken out with the trash.

  14. “What do I do”

    Close it and don't allow yourself to be guilt tripped. You're allowed to change your mind.

    That may end the relationship but if it does? better before you get married and involve stuff like kids.

  15. I just have such a hard time believing there are people this naive in the world… Your wife was fucking her boss and loving every minute of it until she found out there were others. She would still be fucking him right now had she been the only one or never found out about the others. Let that sink in!

  16. It’s not easy when you’re already in the thick of it. Also not easy when people are trying to tempt you more, trying to feed the thrill. If it were easy, no one would ever cheat

  17. He is at the very least lying to you in order to protect his relation with his “friend”. At this point it doesn't matter if there were no physical cheating, emotional cheating is a thing too. I don't think he will ever admit it you so, you need to make your choices what to do about it proactively.

  18. I was trying to figure out what is even so funny about this, but your comment finally made it make sense for me. That has to be it.

  19. Your point about me being upset at his reaction to sexism is an interesting one, and one that my partner brought up himself. It is part of the reason why I made this post in the first place. I wanted to find out whether others thought I was overreacting or not, but it seems most people think my concerns are valid.

    On your example- I get that I'm at a unique intersection being both a feminist and a sugar baby and how that may appear contradictory to some people, but feminism is all about empowering women to do what they want. For me, at the time, I wanted to be a sugar baby. That said, I understand your point and why others may think it strange.

  20. Ok so he wasn’t lying to me ab the therapy. He told me he had a consultation with his therapist today that was only supposed to be 30 minutes, but they talked for an hour. He enjoyed it, and he’ll see her twice a week. I tried the tough love thing tonight too. I warned him before he even came over that I’m not coddling that behavior. There were A lot of tears. A lot of anxiety for him, and I hate that. However, it felt good on my part to not sit there and baby him. He still cried and whined for a while, but??‍♀️??‍♀️. I called him out every time he projected onto me, and he hated that, but I just had to let him know.

  21. I think she will feel most secure if she is making her own money. I don't think you giving her any amount of money will make her feel secure. What is her career?

  22. I can tell you don’t because the minute you said you did you commented on your appearance. I’m 31 now and didn’t know what it meant to love myself until my late 20s. Shit is hard, I relate heavy to the body dysmorphia (husky kid – fat adult – ripped to shreds – now average)

    At the end of the day it’s me, myself, and I. No person is conditional to my happiness but me. It sounds like your a bit loss in direction of life (I can relate and I’m taking big inference on your story)

  23. Yeah I know I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable seeing me even if he rejects me since we see each other every day briefly.

  24. It's not our children he has pictures of. I understand what everyone is saying though. What I was saying here is that my husband and I have one child together and he has a child from a previous relationship. These children have to be considered in my decision. Everything I do is for my child. I can absolutely see how people are saying otherwise. But I know from my life experience and the experience of others it's not that easy to remove someone's parental rights. Not to mention how shattered my child would be if she didn't get to see her father again. I've never seen any proof of him speaking to any of the minors he has photos of in an inappropriate manner. Not that it takes away or minimizes what he HAS done.

  25. You blocked him for going to see his family, then got drunk, messaged him some shit, deleted it…. need I go on?

    At best this is childish. At worst toxic and unstable.

  26. Sharing passwords is fine, not sharing passwords is fine. The only time I see it as an issue is when only one person shares their passwords while the other keeps theirs secret. If you can't know his, don't let him have yours. Just personally, I would assume he has something he doesn't want you to see.

  27. Sounds like she solidly bought into the work grind…

    I dont think her request is at all reasonable, you arent slacking either, you are doing volunteers work (very important) and doing things for your own development and pleasure and those who have this work grind mentality just dont see value in things that dont earn money

    If she paid for your lifestyle it would be different, but you bring in the same amount of money

    Aslong as you do more household chores and general labour of running a household (the emotional labour) then its incredibly fair

    Under no circumstance would i go back to the fulltime grind if i had enough money to online, 3 vacation AND saving thousands a year, life is not about work work work

    You may simply be incompatible, which sucks, but you arent doing anything unreasonable

    The fact she called you slacking off shows HER unreasonableness

  28. Maybe talk to her about an official break while deployed? You can have dinner when the deployment is over and discuss things. This gives you both time to figure out if being together is the right course or not.

  29. god why do you people keep on infantilizing women like this. She did this on her own volition, she wasn't groomed or coerced. Sometimes women can just be unambiguously in the wrong, and this is one of those cases.

  30. To give some extra context I'm currently paying for all of the bills and supporting her mum, have got a good relationship with her son(he's told me he lives me on multiple occasions) and am the only person working. I have been thinking about getting some legal advice as I think this may be a deal breaker for me and may consider burning the bridge. At the same time I know this sounds silly but it is really important to me and I know its going to eat at me little by little evrey time I complete a form, they say their name etc. But apparently I just need to suck it up.

    My cousin did this so that his stepson wouldn't feel left out.

  31. Maybe. It depends on how brutal you were, how well you communicated in the past, how well you express your sorrow and regret and other emotional factors unique to you and him. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Forgiveness and forgetting are two different things and both goals must be achieved over time to succeed at a return to your previous relationship. Best wishes.

  32. I know either way it will be tough on you, but you know these relationships best. I think it's important to note they will have many bonds throughout their life; losing a grandma who treats their dad poorly is, at best, a low tier relationship to try to salvage at the cost of your sanity, and again, at worst, could lead to behavioral and relationship complications for you and the kids down the line. I hope things improve for you

  33. It’s great that you don’t care but it’s ridiculously inconsiderate that she hasn’t told you. What if you did care? How much does she not care about your feelings that she’s kept you in the dark?

  34. I would be very upset about being lied to and this is actually a pretty big betrayal. Can you trust him after this? This kind of affects the trajectory of your life and your daughters. Only you know if you can get past this. He has proven to be a dishonest person, is there anything else he may have lied about?

    I know someone who married a much older man, and despite being a very healthy active man at 69 his health is failing, and his wife is scared she will lose him. There are other changes as well. It was a love match and I am sure she has no regrets.

    I hope you find the answers you need. Good luck.

  35. Kinda sounds less like a sexual incompatibility and more like a communication issue if he isn’t really listening to your needs :/

    Maybe try being more explicit. But you can only ask for the same thing so many times and keep being ignored before you do have to move on.

  36. I hope you are seeing a professional for that.

    But the frequency of you seeing him wont change how u express ur affection

  37. I think we do share that desire but yea it plays heavily.

    The vacation I think she means so that it’s our chance to relive the old times where we use to travel more and enjoy each other while on vacation and just you know be in the moment.

    Our date was valentines and we are going to watch a movie on Sunday.

    As part of our anniversary I got us a 52 date scrapbook thing to try to reignite our spark and have fun being together again.

    She’s always super stressed and deals with a lot on her side from her family which I’m not at liberty to talk about but as far as me I know I have depression and anxiety both untreated and I’m not necessarily happy rn in general but I am starting to make the effort of working on it.

  38. In my personal experience, I’ve noticed that people who lack the most humility are the ones who get everything they want in life. Because she’s used to getting everything she wants from her parents, she expects that from her friends, too.

    If you can, you should be as open and honest as you can with her. Really lay it all out when you talk to her. I think the most important bit will be to tell her that you don’t feel cared for or listened to.

  39. I read his messages and you should block him. How he talks about himself. As if he is the present of gof himself. And of course he understand everything so well. Which i find so insolent and arrogant. Just because he shares an illness, he has no idea how you feel or how your health is, what you can do or not. You just wrote a few textes and he thinks that he knew that he is like you. Oh yes, because he is such a great wonderful guy with all those characteristics that he always talk about. It must be hard of him to just talk 6 minutes of himself.

    Don't feel bad. He is somebody you don't know and even this little contact made you feel uneasy and tried to push you. This is nobody you should keep having contact. Don’t feel bad to just block someone. You don't owe a stranger an explanation. Concentrate on yourself. He clearly also just care about himself.

  40. This a secret that could well come out, several people know about it, all it would take is one slip, one argument, one shouted remark in the heat of the moment, and then your bf would know.

    At that point, you probably wouldn't be able to hide that you already knew, and you'd be done, he would never see you the same way again.

    This might never happen of course, but that's the gamble you're taking.

    Added to which, for me I'd rather know that my best friend is an untrustworthy douchebag so I could move on with my life and get better people around me.

    For me, I'd give my best friend an ultimatum (after getting some evidence of some kind to protect myself), they tell him or I will.

    I can't online with lies like that, and definitely not in a relationship.

  41. Be someone who makes his life better.

    He doesn't want to pay no rent.

    But paying 2k a month is straining his finances.

    How about 1k a month? His finances will end up much better, and he'll be able to afford to do things with you, and his mental health will be much better.

    Asking him to pay 2k a month, the amount that is stressing his finances, means that YOU'RE stressing his finances. You personally will be making life more stressful instead of better.

  42. You really need to get better at birth control. But yes, obviously someone who's only been dating you for two months isn't going to take a surprise pregnancy well. It takes years to build the foundations of a relationship to where they're strong enough to survive pregnancy/parenthood. Maybe think more about the child you already have and how she's already disadvantaged by having only one parent. Terminate the pregnancy or give the baby up for adoption and do try to present a better role model for your daughter. You don't get a prize for staying single for five years if you then just turn around and complicate your kid's life even more by getting pregnant with someone you barely know. You of all people should understand that guys don't stay just because you got pregnant.

  43. Oh dear I’m sorry this is so hard. Love is a crazy drug. Please know you deserve more respect than this. You’re right; he’s being unfair and he’s going to continue to be unfair to you.

    It will hurt like a mf but please stand up for yourself. “You are disrespecting me and taking me for granted. We’re done.”

    You don’t need to wait on him and hope he’ll give you the time of day while he waits for a new shiny to make up her mind. This is not what healthy Love feels like.

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