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Model from: it

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Birth Date: 1987-12-25

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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. His dad is a navy seal. His parents have great benefits and they have money. I'm the poor one LOL I do make more than him though. I make about 70k a year but with school loans, rent, and life in general, it's nude to get by ? I asked him if he'd still love me if I was poor and he turned around and said “you are poor” ? I am. It's true. Maybe I just don't like being pressured or Maybe I'm scared he's rushing for BAH. I understand what you're saying though about making him wait

  2. I'm just imagining that poor baby coming over to him to say hi, full of trust and excitement to see its dad, to be KICKED down a flight of stairs.

    Breaks my gd heart

  3. What I would give to be in a relationship with someone willing to support me going back to school. To clarify my partner is amazing, we are just poor lol.

    Your bf sounds like he just wants to be kept. Which is fine if you are fine with that. But you are offering him ways to improve his life and yours by extension, but he'd rather watch the dogs and smoke weed. That's messed up. I think it may be time for an incredibly deep talk about the future and expectations in this relationship and how each person contributes or deep talks about separation.

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  5. You're the wronged party along with C. You call A out on breaking your friendship and you tell B what happened.

    B can then make her decisions with all of the facts. If you don't tell B and she finds out later that you knew than you look like you were protecting A.

  6. Have you been a student for the 6 years you’ve been together? Do you contribute to the monthly expenses including rent or mortgage? The problem – I believe _ is money and your lack of contribution to household expenses. Just my impression; sounds like more than just not enough money for the groceries after the holidays.

  7. Sounds like you need to look for a better job. Because otherwise you are stuck with him and he has all the power in the relationship. You need to be be financially independent.

  8. Because of doxing, it's recommended not to use your actual age. Could have forgotten or could be a troll.

    The bigger red flag is no replies, or haven't seen 1 yet.

  9. If he can't put his phone down for 3 hours on Valentine's Day, that is like waving a huge red flag. You're not blowing things out of proportion.

  10. I can't really speak for 100% certain but it does sound fishy. as android user who's been on tinder this hasn't happened to me. If the apps gone the notifications most likely wouldn't be there.

  11. He replied that he would not ideally be in a relationship with someone with health issues

    You have a chronic health condition. This relationship is doomed.

  12. Don’t settle being a side piece. You are a play thing for him. A 30 year old has nothing in common with you but sex. Find a new BF and dump him.

  13. He's lying about not getting a lap dance. If I were you I'd dump this trickle truthing jerk. If he was so concerned about hurting you why did he go in the first damn place?

  14. Everyone has their breaking point. Yes, life has its ups and downs, but at some point, we must cut our losses and move on. Difficult times =/= eight years of suffering and misery.

    I dated a man with kids once, and that shit is nude. We lived together, and it was a lot of unnecessary heart break and drama. Unfortunately, it's because he let that happen. People who haven't stepparented just don't understand the complex realities of being with someone who has kids from a previous relationship. It requires an unfathomable amount of patience, maturity, sacrifice, and understanding. You cannot set yourself to keep someone warm, though.

  15. You're both making assumptions about your financial arrangement without communicating at all. Playing something off as a joke when it doesn't go over well is also really poor communication. You're in a relationship, can't you have a conversation about it?

  16. Guurrll…this man is using you and you should break up with him. If there was any hope it would be if he was trying to better himself and move forward, but he’s not doing that. Any further hope you might have should have flown right out of the window once he called you a selfish b**** and told you to kill yourself.

    Trust your gut which is telling you things aren’t right and DTMFA.

  17. Look, one of three things is happening here.

    He supports Trump and agrees with Trump on LGBTQ rights. He thinks you are a woman, even if he memorized different pronouns. He believes you don't really deserve rights because you're a “woman”, too, but especially because you're LGBTQ. He lies to you to get laid.

    He doesn't see you as an equal human being, and he doesn't really love you.

    He supports Trump but disagrees with Trump on LGBTQ rights. He just doesn't think they're more important than whatever he likes about Trump. To him, your safety and rights are less important than his tax bill. He wouldn't feel like this if it was his own rights, of course, so we're back to:

    He doesn't see you as an equal human being, and he doesn't really love you.

    He isn't really serious, he is just messing with you. He doesn't care about your feelings, and he doesn't really love you.

    Honestly? Just leave. Don't try to fix this. It's been 2 years, he's not going to magically start seeing you as a person he should care about.

    I know this sucks. It is nude to realize that your partner doesn't see you as fully human. But you deserve to be loved! You deserve respect!

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