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  1. Like you said, no way she would tolerate this if positions were reversed. She needs to shut him down permanently and block.

  2. After reading the title I just assume that you wrote him a long letter without using any paragraphs and now he wants to break up.

  3. This whole scenario seems odd.

    How can you have a relationship with someone who is never around? It seems like you are trying to build something and he is doing everything to avoid it. Also, 6 years and you don’t really know his family…that is concerning.

    If after all this time nothing has changed in your relationship, I think it’s time for you to rethink whether you want to stay with him or not.

  4. I literally look at Reddit for a few days at a time a couple times a month lol. Sounds like I struck a cord though. Anyways, father of three with two partners here, how are you?

  5. I’m not on any high horse I just want people to stop being bigoted and be nice to each other but apparently that’s too much to ask?

  6. This. In a truly healthy relationship two people choose each other for who they are, right now. We accept each other, warts and all. There is no justification for being controlling and critical. Inflexibility is a deal breaker.

  7. This is a fair question, haha. He doesn't have health insurance (we on-line in the US) so getting medical attention is not easy. I am, personally, not trying to fix his cough, that's on him – I'm trying to find ways to cope with it.

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  9. We have an amazing and healthy relationship. In every other aspect of hygiene, she does amazing. I’m pretty convinced that she just doesn’t know she should be changing and I’d much rather teach her that then drop everything I have with her.

  10. Only thing you can do it speak to her about it. It won’t go away by itself & if she’s planning on going to college then it’s will be even “worse”. I say “worse” like that because there doesn’t seem to be anything that Indicates she’s cheating on you. I routinely stayed out/up that late at that age. Hell I still would now if I didn’t have a job. Talk to her.

  11. Oh. This is so common. You know that question.. what hill would you die on? There is no dishwasher fairy that moves the dishes from the sink to the dishwasher and from the dishwasher to the cabinets. I’m the effing dishwasher fairy. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll change. It’s his mom’s fault. I have 2 grown sons who both cook, clean and do laundry. That said, it’s now his fault. He’s a grown man who wants a mommy to clean up after him. He probably deserves to know that he’s on his way out if things don’t change drastically and soon. This is the last thing you want if you also want kids. That would be a nightmare. I’m just validating your feelings. He’s behaving like a child and it’s really really hard to be attracted by that when you are a grown woman.

  12. Jen and Ryan were already cheating before they had sex. It's called emotional cheating. Them having sex just added another layer of cheating.

    You didn't over step. If she was actually your friend, you under-stepped. But whether work friends are actually friends is another topic.

  13. Sorry if this offends, but are you are giving him the impression that you “might” get with him? Thats not good.

    It could easily be construed as “keeping him as a back up or on the hook”. Not saying I personally think that, but I don't believe it's that much of a reach.

  14. Either he made it up, you're making it up, or he didn't take acid (by which, I mean LSD-25). The effects you're describing are just not the effects you get on acid.

  15. Your sisters silence is loud. Blaring.

    Picture this: He has multiple opportunities to not do this. Going inside. Walking to the room. Walking down the hall/up the stairs. Going into the room. Closing the door. Sitting on the bed for the momentary awkward minute or two before any sexual encounter if you haven't been with that person before. Laying down. The first kiss. The second. So on.

    When something like this happens, time moves so slow and adrenaline is rushing. He knew what he was doing and not at any of those moments did he decide this moment of weakness wasn't worth ruining his marriage.

    File for divorce, get into therapy, cut your sister off and be a kickass single mother until you find a man who respects you enough to not gaslight you into staying in your marriage because if an acid tab is the excuse now then too much to drink will be the excuse in 15 years.

  16. She did say all she asked for was my validation when she felt bullied by others. She did not say to cut people off… I could have my own relationship with others. I’m too late to realize how important my validation is to her and most people at “Raised by narcissist” Sometimes it’s also a difficult time that she thinks we are being taken advantage of and being the man in the relationship, I’ll need to speak up. On that department, I am improving. Sometimes I see it and I’ll speak up but other times I just process don’t people’s gesture sentences like my girlfriend. Therefore, she feels unprotected and calls me a weak man. How do I improve on reading people?

  17. I mean have you tried to just completely ignore their texts calls or whatever I mean you can also block their numbers and just not answer?

  18. He's probably using you. If he was interested to be your boyfriend, he would tell you. And in this case he told you the opposite.

    Believe him.

  19. Then she's lucky to be done with you if you're that insecure. I've got toys bigger than my boyfriend that I enjoy but doesn't mean I prefer them over my boyfriend and what he's rocking. Seems like a test YOU failed not her.

  20. And you know the best part about it is I don’t really pay attention too our Snapchat but I just randomly clicked on the manage friend icons and saw that the top emoji you get was gone now this after having a 1011 day streak with her you get this emoji for being the top person to be snapped and messaged for 2 months straight

  21. I can't really say the kids will benefit more from you moving out and uprooting their lives and only seeing you some of the time when you finally are sober.

    Revisit the subject with your wife, make a plan, tell her how you feel that you can't move on without seperating because sticking together for the kids isn't cutting it for you anymore and see what solutions she can propose, make it a discussion instead of a decision. Go slow and figure out together what might be best for you both and your kids.

  22. Honestly, he sounds like a child. And you having to bemother him to help clean up is sad enough as it is.

    He hates doing chores? So basically he hates basic things that should be done in a relationship when living together.

    So he doesn't want to have a serious relationship. He just wants to use you.

  23. In the past though. And if they've been able to move on and become friends I consider that a sign of maturity.

    So again, I ask. What is so wrong in your relationship that you feel the need to try and shit on other, happy people?

  24. Yeah I agree. I am also trying to quit. Sometimes I get urges and it becomes difficult to control. Not a heavy smoker so don't do it very often. This does not excuse my behaviour, I feel a single incident should not be enough to break up. I understand it is not for me to decide but that thought always crosses my mind. I on-line in a 60 storey building so it is out of the question to go down to smoke as it would waste almost 30-40 minutes going down and coming up. I am a smoker who is trying to quit but haven't been able to completely yet. Have reduced it 1 or 2 a day. That is the only reason I messed up and did it in the house.

  25. It’s funny how certain folks are focusing on your entirely accurate assessment of what she is. She’s proven her worth as a person. Do not under any circumstances allow her to worm herself back j to your life. She’s done you a massive favor. You get to make a better life for yourself and child.

    Get a paternity test. Lawyer up. Hit the gym.

  26. He talks about our relationship and how he wants to change and grow pretty often and I’ve seen personal growth from him. But I hear him say these gross things like once every few months.

  27. I forget everyone knows everything! Even better than me. No, I didn’t snoop. My niece was on the messages between them. She’s 2. So of course I looked to see what she was on. I don’t understand people like you, you don’t know everything!! Yes I did look her up on Facebook who wouldn’t in that situation?

  28. If she broke up with you, had a fwb/bf/whatever, and now wants to get back together, then you know why she originally broke up with you and why she now wants you back. You shouldn't take her back in that scenario.

    If you broke up with her, then that's her call to have sex with others while broken up, you took that risk breaking up with her, so it's now on you to decide if you can deal with that to get back together with her. She did nothing wrong in that scenario.

  29. Over, it was never really started. Its 4 years of a lie

    No relationship can be built on a lie. Its the foundation and without a foundation, it can not stand

  30. Woof, at his age, good luck finding someone virginal and pure and with a healthy mindset regarding sexuality. Not saying it’s impossible but the likelihood of being given access to someone’s body after keeping themselves at a distance sexually from partners is slim, unless he’s ready to marry them

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