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make me wet…control the toy for snapchat …XOXOXO

Date: September 24, 2022

29 thoughts on “sexxykimm

  1. One problem would be arguing to win something. It shouldn't be you vs your partner but you and your partner vs the issue. You guys should be focused on how you two can make each other's lives better out of love. I hate a lot of chores but I'm very urgent to do certain things that I know I'll make my girlfriends day easier and better, and she does the same for me.

  2. Thanks for your perspective. She’s contemplating all the options. She has seen her therapist recently and has another appointment booked shortly after her planned action. I have certainly talked to her about expanding her support network and she recognizes the importance of that. She has been a very good hinge and will need good support besides me if picking up new relationships in the future

  3. Sorry what? He made jokes about you being difficult to impregnate? That’s so weird? Like he was expecting you to fall pregnant and then he was going to make you get an abortion? He puts his hands on you and on your throat???

    Get OUT OF THERE. PLEASE. This guy is 8 months into manipulating you. He is abusive. He has gotten you pregnant on purpose and is now making you go through an abortion. This is him finding ways to CONTROL you and show that he has power over you. He is already abusing you.

    One more time: your boyfriend is already abusing you.

    You’re a grown woman, you don’t need his sh*t! Find a worthy man who will take care of you and your baby if you want the baby. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this AH.

  4. What I would say (and same thing I want to do) is to make sure they get therapy to work through it and see how things go from there, if things get worse then talking things out and if both want to make things work then couples counselling or something along the lines of that, set better boundaries. If it continues with no sign or hope of getting better than it's not worth it anymore.

    I've thought about that before just want to make things work, they've expressed the same back and we calmly talk things out as much as we can outside of those 3 instances. (wanna give a little more context as well) They're gonna be moving in Janurary next year and where they're going is going to be a much better situation for them, living wise, they won't be with abusive family members, and can get the proper medical attention they need just overall better. so we both hope that alone will help a bit with depression fits but the therapy is already agreed as a must

  5. You were 34 when you started dating a 19 yo. In my honest opinion, you deserve no sympathy. I really hope this post is fake because i dont like knowing that some people would date someone who's barely of age while being almost in their mid 30s.

  6. Because OP is the sort of person who solicits attention and sympathy for an extremely minor harm (sometimes people flake, it happens) from strangers on the internet. Feeling irritated and hurt whe someone stands you up is understandable; a public lamentation (especially including lines like “I am not a second option”) is narcissist behavior.

    For all OP knows, he left his phone at his friend's house while he himself got in a severe car crash, but OP's primarily worried about looking stupid rather than worried for his safety.

  7. I said that to him. I said, you're just thinking of yourself, but what if I said yes? What if I was out every weekend, while he's at home by himself? Let's face it, it's generally easier for a woman to have casual sex, especially where I'm the main breadwinner and can afford to go out. I told him the fact he hadn't thought of this, made me feel that it was a selfish thought, because he knew I wouldn't want to have sex with other people. He didn't need to think about how he might feel.

  8. Your dad shouldn't be doing that to people. I'm not even sure if your mom likes it. Just because someone does something all the time it's okay. Your girlfriend said something about her boundaries and you didn't listen. How can she trust you? The next time she might even leave you if you continue to be this of a pansy. I'm sure that your dad wouldn't like some guy Patton your mom's ass.

  9. If you guys have been fighting more and the relationship is getting unstable it makes zero sense for him to want to sign a year long lease with you where he will still be on the hook financially even if you two break up. If you want the apartment then move into the apartment but you giving him an ultimatum of he moves in too or it's over is childish

  10. Ashley is not your friend as she is openly flirting with your fiancé. They are both way our of line and need to be called out.

  11. You and your husband may love each other very much but that doesn't change the fact that he's either asexual or gay. You can't counsel it away and he can't either. You need to do what you need to do to accept this and move on.

    There is someone out there who will love you, body and soul, but this guy ain't it.

  12. Communication early in a relationship about what is and what isn't cheating is essential. Maybe you two forgot to do that. So now that he knows you consider this to be cheating his response to that new information will be what determines whether you should stay with him to not. In fairness, he can't be held accountable for doing things you never affirmatively expressed as being off the table for you. But now that he's aware of your sensitivity in this area he's been warned.

  13. Divorce him. You can go to therapy to grow a shinny newbackbone against your cheating ex douche nozzle. You dont try and stay for the kids. That's the worst reason to stay. He isn't sorry he continued to fuck her after you caught him. You owe him nothing

  14. He's saying “the world is full of stories of where the stupid trusting man was wrong and I'm going to trust but verify”.

    This is like a prenup… Tons of reasons to get one that's not “I don't trust you”.

    You can love someone. Trust me that person. and still support something like a prenup or pat test.

  15. How am I insecure have you even met that girl why does she comes to work with her hair perfectly done and dressed really nice and guess what it's mostly MEN at that place she knows what she's doing and I don't trust her. If it's anyone's fault it's Rebecca's

  16. You did a great raising a great son. It’s time to let go and let him be. I understand that it’s your culture, he has decided that is not his culture and you have to accept it. Don’t keep pushing him cause it would only make things worst. Just enjoy what you can, the time you have with your son the calls the FaceTime and create new way to stay in touch.

  17. There was a post a while back where the mother and wife suddenly acted very unusual. Turned out she had what is called Capgras Syndrome. But essentially she thought her children and husbands where “clones” and not the real people. She was entered into psychiatric care and with a great deal of effort she recovered luckily. I am not saying that this is it, but you mention some similarites. Speak to a medical professional about the symptoms. I wish you and your family luck and love.

  18. I think he’s serious about going, but I could be wrong. We are still in search of one in our area with good reviews. My goal is to have an appointment booked by the end of the month.

  19. Your boyfriend is an adult capable of making his own decisions. But it's curious that you don't seem to see that everything would be better if you'd try to improve your relationship with his parents. Being a “chaotic person” certainly is a horror, but you imply that it's you cleaning on weekends that's the problem and that should be pretty easy to overcome. Maybe just maybe if you went belly up with these people instead of being so overtly hostile you could have the guy and the life you want. Sometimes being too prideful cost us dearly. Good luck

  20. Very hot to say. But what is reality is that love alone is never enough to make a relationship work. So he might still care about you but it wasn't a lack of love on is part that broke you up in the first place. You ended it because you needed space. Don't make that mistake of getting retroactively jealous because he moved on too fast. You broke up with him so he's free to do as he pleases, even if he still might ave feelings for you. You got the space you asked for so now move on and make the best of that for yourself.

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