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  1. I have a key to her place, and I’ve been there a few times without her (she obviously knew I was there, I would never show up unannounced) but I do understand that outlook. I’ll find a different way to help out

  2. I know it hurts, but you need to stop putting him on a pedestal. If he met her and left you immediately, it is likely he was talking to her before he left, and clearly evident that he doesn't feel the same way. The sooner you recognize that he isn't as great as you think he is, the faster you will be on your road to your own happiness.

  3. This is so wrong – ur question should be how to break up with such an arsehole. Dude wtf ? Who does that- especially to someone u were close friends with? Any decent being wouldn’t behave this way with someone they don’t even know

  4. Polyamory isn't age exclusive. She literally said she wants a poly partner. If this guy isn't that, she needs to let him go and find someone who has the same ideals for a relationship.

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  6. That is not your responsibility. His problem is not something you have to deal with and vice versa. You can have something wrong with you but that never, ever justifies spitting in someone’s face (or being abusive in general). He doesn’t respect nor love you, drunk or sober. You don’t do this to the person you care about.

    Have some self respect and leave him. Whatever is wrong with you, you can deal with yourself. You do not need his shit added on top of your own.

    You owe him nothing, no matter what they did for you. Get out ASAP, it only goes downhill from here on.

  7. That’s the thing, he keeps saying that it’s not even about sexual stuff he just appreciates my body and wants me to feel completely safe with another individual -something I lost last year. He’s really not a sexual guy

  8. Well I did just think why does my husband wear cologne when he goes to work and made this post after he left for work, so obviously I will ask him why he does since majority of peoples advice says to communicate but for now I just needed advice from strangers?

  9. Your boyfriend is a whiny mysoginist who uses this feminine/masculine energy argument to justify being forceful, inconsiderate, and controlling with his partner. Someone who saw their relationship as a true partnership and who respected their partner as their own person wouldn't try to push this argument. When he tells you to be “more feminine”, what he really means is that you should shut up, listen to his opinions, look after him, and be pretty. That's where he believes you'd be the most useful to him. His whole argument at the end of this post just shows that he thinks men are naturally superior to women, and that's not exactly a quality that I, as a woman, want in a partner.

  10. To be honest, move out of her home and a lot of these issues will be resolved. My mother and I had a difficult relationship but when I moved out at 22, things became a lot more peaceful. Sometimes you just need that distance to stop butting heads.

  11. I would be psyched to get such sweet a well thought out gift. Something like that takes so much more effort and consideration than phoning in a flower order. I’d be blown away and I hope your lady loves it. ?

  12. I think in most cases it's not so much phobic as it is projection. They think gay guys must act the same way towards men as they act towards women….

  13. Bottom line is that you're the back up option, had she had the chance or if it ever comes up she's gonna jump ship

  14. I’d give the kids both names, one as a middle name. Which one ends up as the surname obviously needs more discussion.

  15. yoooo you're one one or two steps from this being physical. I'd reevaluate this relationship immediately. I hope you're safe.

  16. You're not worthless

    I'd say limit contact as much as possible. Wouldn't pry any further for information, or entertain getting back together. I've been cheated on by my ex by people I couldn't believe either- its something that happens with people like this.

  17. Are you talking with him about his concerns? You mentioned that “obviously” you aren't cheating. However these reddit subs are filled with stories of legit infidelity.

    What are you doing to help ease his mind?

  18. Ugh I'm too f-ing nice and I don't want to hurt his feelings but you're right about being blunt because I'm on the verge of just breaking it off because I can't deal with it but it's honestly his only fault because he's such a good partner to me.

  19. So…. When you have said child, are you going to immediately run away with your period supplies? With their diapers?

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