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Date: September 26, 2022

42 thoughts on “sexysweetkittenandbrutalhound (Check Out Our Snap, Fanclub & OF Link Below) the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It really depends how well you think they’ll receive it but if you have good relationship then just say anything along the lines that you’re concerned about your future/independence. You made plans and this and that and you’re a bit concerned the money isn’t being accounted for

  2. So the hormones in birth control can make women feel really not ok both mentally and physically. Birth control pills are good solution but they put all the burden of preventing pregnancy on the woman in the relationship. If you aren’t willing as a couple to use a condom you could try getting a vasectomy (reversible)…

  3. Okay bro she's clearly doing this attention. Here's what you do. Message her saying ” stop being so overdramatic , I just wanted time to revise, my exams are important. I haven't got time for these games”

    Then just ignore her, stop chasing her and giving her attention. Wait for her to grow up and contact you properly once she'd calmed down

  4. He also wouldn’t be the first dad that lied to current woman he’s sleeping with about his child and baby mama.

  5. You could try to open with a “warning” of sorts, so he doesn't feel surprised by the strength of the topic all at once. Letting him have a heads up and determine if he has the emotional “battery power” for a heavy topic is important.

    Ex: “Hey, can we talk about something? It's a really heavy subject. It will probably be upsetting, but it's also important. It's not about breaking up or anything similar, so don't worry about that. It doesn't even need to be right this second, but today at some point would be best.”

    Then lead in to what it's about, once you sit down to talk. It might help if you have some points written down to keep you on track in case the talk gets difficult for you.

    Ex: “It's related to my past with self harm. I know it's a hot topic for both of us, and I wish we didn't need to talk about it again right now, but I'm struggling. I'm not sure what to do, or what I want from you, but you deserve to know that I'm having a lot of trouble with this right now.”


    This is a really tough conversation to have, but this stranger is proud of you for not only knowing that it needs to be said but also that you're finding the strength to follow through and communicate with your partner.

  6. You say he knows you would never do that to him, but obviously that’s not true because he’s asking you for paternity tests

  7. Ew, I wouldve shoved the test up his ass the first time. If the man “biggest fear” is accidentally being a good father to someone not biologically his, then he’s as out of touch and conceited as he sounds. Thank god he’s done procreating.

  8. He will not change. I promise. He had showed you his true colors time and time again. Take it for what it’s worth and LEAVE. You are so young and have the rest of your life ahead of you. I’m sure you will have a lot of supporters for leaving this loser!

  9. He’s using your car, of course you can ask him when he’ll be back, that’s not controlling. It’s also not controlling to want a general estimate of when your partner will be home so that you know when you can expect them. Idk what your dad’s problem is and why he is butting into your relationship.

  10. I am not surprised. But I am sooooo happy that you got rid of him! You have to be the priority of yourself now, grow, heal, be awesome. Soon you'll meet someone better. I am so proud of you! If you ever need support, I'm here.

  11. Yeah, so far I've been definitely on the don't tell him train. The thing is, I fundamentally just can't understand not wanting to care of yourself/your body. I guess I'm trying to ask if telling him might make him care.

  12. I had a drink at the bar that day and I was at a stop sign. Only I didn't stop and the woman ran into me. I did stop drinking after that which was in October. And then I had a drink in December on New Year's eve.

  13. Will try this out, I do still find her attractive, very much so. I just want her to be ok and not have any health problems in the future and all I want to do is help her in some way. Thanks for your input I really appreciate it:)

  14. I take your point on it being a bit too serious for a text. I feel like I’m better at communicating by text because I have time to edit and rewrite to ensure I’m being balanced in terms of expressing myself while being sympathetic to her view, I’m now thinking I might tell her that I’d like to do a video call but would like her to read my message beforehand to get the best of both worlds. Knowing how stupid I can be I feel like if I tried to bring it up without reading directly from a script I’d either talk too much about how I feel hurt and it coming across too harsh, or end up apologising too much and not making my point. Thank you for taking the time to comment

  15. Listen, if you aren't sure, you need to at least tell her that. Tell her that you're getting all these questions about when are you going to propose, and you just aren't sure how you feel about that. Ask her how she feels.

    If you are more sure than not, be honest with her. It's not going to be easy, but it's kinder to be honest now than wait until later.

    I do think at 3.5 years, and at your ages, if you wanted to marry her, you'd know by now. You might disagree, and that's okay, but just loop her in on what's going on in your head. She may not be ready, either.

  16. If you do not want to spend the rest of your life with her but she does, you are just wasting your & hers time. Does she deserve that from you? To be strung along by someone to insecure to commit.

    Frankly, in your description of her, it really doesn't sound like you are full of respect or affection for her. And you are concerned about the negative impacts on your lifestyle as you are about her.

    Be honest, is the main reason you are still there after a year of doubts that it is just too much trouble to change things up for you.

    And last but hardly least, does she want to get married. If she doesn't, the whole thing is moot

  17. They don't come off as harsh at all. I definitely want to know if I am being unreasonable. I actually really appreciated your statement saying how it is feelings for his dog and not feelings for her. I can really see the attachment between him and his dog and I would never want to take the dog away from him. The dog is 11 now and he has known the dog since before they were dating so I understand the attachment there.

    I think it is mostly the dynamic of the situation that bothers me. Mainly her messaging every day. He doesn't hide it from me but I don't like seeing her name pop up all the time because I feel icky of just being a daily reminder of his ex. We discussed it and apparently, there are no feelings for her but he just really loves the dog. Her job makes it so she sort of needs him to take care of the dog more so full time so in a way I don't think she could take the dog away from him but he feels there would be drama.

    I did have a dog so I understand the attachment to a pet.

  18. Ok, but you’re still making it seem like she’s the one in the wrong by saying she did reprehensible damage to OP. She didn’t. My contempt for stupidity doesn’t affect that judgement.

  19. Also, you may be wondering, “Why is it on him to move to you?” I don’t drive. I rely on the city I live in along with my family.

    -So he constantly drives to see you, picks you up when you go stay with him, has to be responsible for all transportation in the relationship. You comment on how infrequently he sees his family but that doesn't mean he wants to be away from them. You can't use the “I don't drive” excuse to get people to accommodate you, it's kind of selfish. Also, did you even ask if he's interested in orchestra before mentioning going together and being upset he declined? It seems you expect him to make all the compromises while you don't have to change anything.

  20. I don’t think you should risk your life to accompany her on this sketchy trip. If she wants to learn survivalist skills, you can work together to find a credible program in a safer country. You know, One that isn’t an epicenter for trafficking.

    If she’s intent on only going for this specific guy’s “program”, you’ve got a bigger problem. Either she just wants to learn the skills and can do it safely elsewhere. Or she’s got a cultish crush on him.

  21. You need a life and therapy.

    But since you're a troll and this isn't real, I give you a 6/10 for creativity.

  22. Just don’t do something you are not 100% comfortable doing. Not worth it. In your post, you told her no kissing and she disagreed, if she gets her way, you will be doing much more than just kissing.

  23. Just pay attention to this for a moment.

    When this baby you’re carrying now comes, you need to do your best. Your best is not sticking around with someone who might get high and violent around you and your baby. This is not safe.

    Please just think it through. Play devils advocate and really think about the worst situation possible. Just think for a moment he really hurts your baby, would you be able to forgive yourself for putting you and baby in that position? Would you be okay with it if he causes shaken baby syndrome? If your perfect little angle gets severe brain damage and then has a very tough life thereafter? These are the things that happen when you are sleep deprived, and then mix it with drugs etc.

    Yes you can tell your husband to not drink or to not do drugs, but you cannot physically prevent it from happening. You need to be honest with yourself. Do you 100000000% believe he will never take drugs again??

  24. This is the weekend we wouldn't have been together anyway… yes. This is putting things into perspective.

  25. Nope. People get married to the first piece of anything that comes along. A few years in, it's save the marriage by opening it up, get a divorice or hate life forever.

    People have always been like this.

  26. Look, OP I'm the oldest of 3 siblings and if my siblings had a graduation the day of my wedding I'd try to push it so they we can attend their graduation and then my wedding another day, wishful thinking but you get the point.

    So, what I'm getting at is they don't seem to value you.

    Brother and I love each other very much.

    Your brother may not be reciprocating the same love you share for him. He doesn't seem to push for the idea to try and move his wedding, he'd rather you miss out on your graduation since it would be the easier and lazier route to get you to go to his wedding.

    But he is the only boy, the baby, and the golden child of the family and so I'm used to kinda standing in his shade

    Im sorry youre in the golden child dynamic OP, and I believe your graduation is the time for you to stand up for yourself and say no, that your graduation is very meaningful for you. It's your day to shine.

    But I've worked my ass off in med school and I would really like to attend my own graduation,

    Go. Attend your graduation. You only get one day to accept your diploma and walk with all your fellow graduates. I'm hopefully gonna graduate next spring and I want to celebrate my 8 years of blood sweat and tears. Please go and be in the spotlight and not in your brothers shadow.

    I don't want to, but I know if I don't my relationship with my entire family will suffer.

    You care about your relationship with your family but it seems they don't care much about the relationship with you. No matter the decision you take, feelings will be hurt. You go to his wedding you will resent them, you go to your graduation they will resent you. I'm sorry OP that you're at an impass but do what's best for you.

  27. I would do the dance with both. Start the dance with one, halfway through the song, he hands you off to the other. Then both can be involved and no one's feelings should be hurt

  28. I get you are mad, but you should probably talk to her first to see if there is anyway to salvage the marriage, or if you actually want to.

  29. I am a believer that the type of porn you watch doesn’t reflect in real life. But yeah you should have that conversation.

  30. Yeah… so this is not a situation you want to stay in. It will be never ending. That guy isn't going anywhere.

  31. Next time you give him head choke on it and vomit on it and blame it on him being too big.

    He’ll never complain again promise.

  32. Tell her. Wouldn't you want to know if it were you? He is probably just going to cheat on her with someone else since you are cutting him off. She should know so she can move on and be with someone who respects her. At least give her that choice of whether or not she wants to stay with a cheater.

  33. Oral sex is sex. She's trying to downplay this, but she's absolutely cheating on you. Break up with her.

  34. Dude i legit just saw a post in this sub about a lady asking for advice after her bf cheated on her 5 times in a year.. and she wanted to know how to fix him.

    Oh and then proceed to get pissed at everyone in the comment section making fool me 5 times jokes.. she said everyone was degrading her when she needed advice.. while making excuses for his behavior.

    Like whyyy would the admit or even feel bad about anything.. ur still around!!

  35. Maybe he just enjoys pulling the wool over your eyes? Maybe he gets off making a fool out of you. Girl, go buy some clown makeup.

    You already told him he could see other people if he’d like. That’s not enough for him. Now you’re out here looking through his phone and being suspicious because YOU DO NOT TRUST HIM. As you should.

    He certainly doesn’t respect you but apparently neither do you. What is it you’re trying to save here exactly?

    Seriously? Let go and send him back into the streets. All you asked for is honesty, if he can’t do that then y’all are screwed. If you’re willing to look stupid to keep him, keep trying to ‘work it out’

    Sometimes love is not enough. Not when the person you’re with has so little regard for you.

  36. Yes he is being honest and it would be outrage if he hid it from her.

    They haven’t talked about being exclusive and maybe this chick was out of town or busy for the last month and he wants to satiate his curiosity about her. Better to do it now rather than later. I don’t find it weird to want to find the person best suited for you. If you haven’t had the talk then I think it’s fair game no matter how much time you spend together

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