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  1. Is it really “springing” it on her? I think it's safe to assume he's pushed her to get help for her trauma over the years if he finally mentally tapped out. Even then, it's not his responsibility to push her to get help. Springing it on would be when things are sunshine and rainbows, and then boom ghosted.

  2. yeah you're right:(( trust me I've tried. Just the fact it's been so long and I can't get him out of my mind is why I ask this.

  3. You know men and women can be friends right? It's not an insane concept.

    If you can't trust your partner to be friends with someone, don't date them.

  4. Apart from all the other help and tips, please keep communicating with her and thank her for her patience and understanding.

    It's a problem only you together can solve.

  5. Sure. Except that OP has admitted to having trauma around it after her brother got assaulted one night.

    Or did you skip that part too?

  6. I found out the first week of December that he cheated on me back in October when I was on vacation with my mom.

    Funding his life-style and staying when he cheated.

    She didn't ask for 1k in gifts. She asked for 1 $150 gift

  7. I think it should be a standard procedure so it wasnt put on the man to do, to give him a better legal safety. Women are way better off when it comes to legal safety regarding having children. A women will know 100% sure a child is hers or not, this safety isnt given to the man, so a lot of men end up getting stuck if not raising at least giving economical support for 18 years for a child that isnt his, which he also doesnt have access to a lot of the time, because he acted as the father of the child for a period of time at the start because he had no way of knowing the child wasnt his.

    I 100% think that is should be a standard procesure to do a paternity test of the person who is stated to be the father of the child, so if he actually isnt the father he is at least given the choice to act as the childs father or to opt out, and actually have a chance of doing so and not getting fucked economically bynsomething he couldnt possibly know about. This can however never happen to a woman because they can know for sure a child is theirs. Its a question of equality, and feminists should really be all over this, as its a way of giving more equality to men from a legal standpoint when it comes to having children. A man raising a child without knowing it isnt his is way more common than what people think it is, and the man have no eay of knowing a child is his the same as a woman can know its hers without having a peternory test.

  8. I keep saying it over and over because 10 different people have asked me the question and I have answered it. :/

  9. You're splitting hairs over her wording and then throwing bible verses at her? Seriously? This has to be a troll

  10. Because you may be jumping the gun. Babies are big decisions, she needs to be 100% sure it's what she wants.

  11. tell him about your concerns about him not feeling present WITHOUT bringing up sexuality. its weird you assume hes gay because you just “feel” like he is?

  12. Break up with your child’s mom; not only you not happy and she cheated on you (even if not in person), but I doubt she’s very happy either knowing that you’re always a moments away from cheating on her. There’s no way this relationship is sustainable. If you really want to make it work, look into therapy and be completely honest with her about everything you’ve done behind her back. If not, end things, figure out co-parenting options (potentially look into a lawyer to figure things out with), and let her move on too.

  13. Jesus Christ lady, TALK to him. This is a life changing decision and your asking fucking internet strangers. It’s your life OP. Own it.

  14. The first and biggest red flag was that he was reluctant to have an open marriage because you wanted to sleep with someone else. What the hell did he think an open marriage is?

    The problem with many open marriages is that jealousy happens and partners are trying to one up each other. If an open relationship is only about fulfilling your own selfish desires and you cannot enjoy the idea of your partner being satisfied then you are not right for an open relationship.

    Any time you do something to get back at your partner or you start thinking “if they get to do it, I get to do it” and that is the main motivation, your intimacy with that person is damaged.

    Jealousy is poison. I purged it in myself a long time ago and it changed our relationship forever. Yes, things happened and I was ok with it. She was not always ok with the fact that I was ok but that is another issue. The moment she could tell that I was not ok, she said herself. “This is over, because it can't be just about me.”

    You may have dodged a bullet with the whole open marriage thing. Because he does not sound like he should have been in that kind of relationship.

    You are going to have to decide what is more important. Him, and the marriage or your current situation. You probably cannot have both. Not happily anyway.

    He did start it and he did make the mistake because I do not think he wanted an open relationship for the right reasons. An open relationship should never start with a specific person that someone wants to have sex with because, if you want it to work, no one person or sexual relationship can ever be more important than your primary relationship. Ever. if it is, you don't have a primary relationship or a marriage.

    He fucked up and did it wrong, now he has to online with the consequences. The question is can you be in a relationship where your spouse spends every day living with the consequences?

    Only you can decide that, unless he decides first.

    Good luck. I feel for you, you are in a difficult position.

  15. When he drinks, does he have any damaging or abusive or dangerous behavior? Or is it possible you are triggered by the very sight of him having a drink or two?

    There is such a thing as responsible intake of alcohol. I can't tell from your post which of the above possibilties is present. Can you tell?

  16. Well not all golden children are evil. Just because their parents treated them differently doesn't mean he is a bad person inherently. So i think he could see her side of things.

    OP clearly wants her family's recognition though. I'm sorry i'm not jumping onto the “go no contact” train. I know what going no contact costs, and you don't take that step lightly. So i am offering a different perspective. Thought that was what Reddit was for.

    But you know, you won, since you said “wow”

  17. How do you fix this? Leave your rapist. You don't owe anyone your butt hole. You don't owe anyone your body. You're not loose because that's not how vaginas work.

  18. And not once did I see an ounce of care about the sons feelings it was all “what about me” “imagine my pain” “how will I deal with this pain” lmao I can assure you his pain was a lot more worse.

  19. I think your crying led to her crying or at least that’s the order of how it happened in your post

  20. I'm waiting for him to reach out because i think he needs to calm down and think over it and say what exactly he needs to say. I might catch him still being upset if i reach out now. That's what i think

  21. Nahhhh man. After he physically restrained her so she couldn’t leave? That’s when I knew it was bullshit.

  22. I think it depends on the man. All of the men I’ve dated or are longtime friends with would absolutely never pick the easier to manipulate woman. They want someone equal in intellect, passion, drive for life, etc.

    Besides, why are you hung up on someone who seems to like to take the path of least resistance?

  23. She’s not smart enough to know how much SHE can spend? She may tell you she’s grown from this experience, but I’d be wondering. And to be pissy for a week? That’s because she couldn’t pay a bill she should’ve known her card would be declined for and she thinks YOU not covering for her is an embarrassment. Yeah, nope.

  24. See, I knew the ex was the one who ended things and she was the one not over him!

    They can’t be friends if she’s still in love with him. She needs to fall out of love and let go for friendship to work.

    She always be settling with anyone else till she gets over the ex and move on.

  25. What are standard lease notices like in your area? I think it would be fair for her to say “I am preparing to build a life, home and family with XT3M3 and that is where I need to put my resources. Consider this my (one month? Two month?) notice to find a replacement.”

    They are completely disinclined to find a replacement for her if she's still paying indefinitely. She needs to clearly state the date on which she won't be paying.

    The real question, though– is she holding her place at her parents' home “just in case” things don't work out with you? Supporting family in general is one thing, but truly paying rent for a place you no longer intend to online is quite another. She, also, needs to come to terms with the knowing that, when she stops paying, that place may not be there for her anymore.

  26. She's an alcoholic 100% stop kidding yourself

    She cheated on you and called it SA, I know people don't like to believe it happens, but it does.

    You should leave immediately

  27. OP took the brave decision to raise the kids, she found a decent man to act as a father to them and provided them with a stable home life.

    It's not as if he asked for a paternity test. He assumed she would get an abortion because that was what was convenient for him. He didn't ask whether she wanted to keep them, he didn't want to even entertain that possibility. He never tried to find her later either, once the heat of the moment had passed. OK OP blocked him but his mother found her easily so he could have done so too.

  28. Yes. 100% you should be worried about this.

    Your girlfriend was exercising alone at her preferred gym. A “gym bro” stranger started hitting on her, and she made the sensible choice to avoid additional harassment by taking his number, because he is clearly so physically fit and attractive that just giving out his number makes women’s knees weak that he is willing to give them the chance to call him. She then came home and at the first opportunity she told her boyfriend “of 5 months” what happened.

    Of course she deleted the number, but maybe you should hound her like an insecure idiot and do a deep dive in her contacts. Maybe she added it as an alternate number to CVS

  29. I don’t know if I can or not. I feel so sick. I have talked about it with him. He feels really bad about hurting me.

  30. 2 things you need to do. Ask her to bring back your car or you’re calling the police. If something happens while she’s driving the car, you’re liable for damages. Second, if you guys online together ask a friend to see if you can stay with them and break up with her as soon as she brings back the car.

  31. You need to talk to him. Ask him when he is planning to pay you back. Tell him you'll accept a payment plan if he can't pay it all at once. If he says no to this, you are not getting your money back. You can take him to small claims court and get it that way, but your relationship will be over. However, if he won't pay you back, your relationship should also be over. He isn't trustworthy.

  32. Hey, as an FYI I’ve played video games with my husband. He doesn’t fucking hit me in the face when he loses. He doesn’t shove my fucking head into a wall when I cause us to lose (because I am very bad at video games). Get away from that jerk.

  33. Well honestly yeah you are right i didn't think of that. So it's on OP. Seems like she just wants a kid tho not a relationship. But the thing is now you have some dude that doesn't want to be part of tht kids life if it does happen because they are idiotic to actually have unprotected sex. Or a dad that's not really there for love but obligation because they didn't get to know the other person at all before boom BABY!!

    Like you are gonna have to answer this shit to ur kids. OP needs to think this shit through properly. If he ain't ready for kids to come. He should just end the relationship.

    Growing up without a dad sucks. Growing up with a shitty dad sucks even more.

  34. I too have access to money. I can go borrow money and we could both online in a mansion happily ever after. It doesn’t mean we should and it doesn’t mean it’s the responsible thing to do…..

  35. I think it is a real possibility. Memories that get repressed can be unlocked randomly.

    Does your father show other indicators of being a pedophile? Would you be comfortable asking one of your siblings if they thought this was strange?

    My father did something similar, and I'm fairly certain he molested me when I was little.

    Honestly if his touches made you uncomfortable, that in itself could be assault/sexual assault.

  36. Your roommate doesn’t really understand the evolution of a relationship. When we meet a potential life partner, there is a shift in our social activities, generally speaking. We still maintain our individualism, but we now incorporate a large amount of couples activities together.

  37. My ex had similar strange behaviors. Not exactly same, but no amount of talking or discussing would get her to change.

    however… when I played the same behavior back to her, magically she would stop doing it.

    Id love to see you injure yourself and grunt and groan every time he needs something from you. ☺️

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