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Date: September 24, 2022

30 thoughts on “Simone Smith on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Having kids with him would be a giant mistake. If he’s willing to smack around an animal, you can bet he’ll smack around a kid.

  2. I honestly think so ignored and just hoping he will get better but it's not and yes I thought about it too therapy cause I feel like it's much more than just his past relationship that has effected him

  3. She was working too much 5am-11pm everyday and we had no time to be together. I did ask if there was someone else at one point and she told me no she wouldn’t do that to me

  4. Please don’t be a side piece. It’s shitty to do that to another person. She doesn’t have integrity if she’s willing to cheat on her boyfriend instead of break up with him. Tell him and cut her off.

  5. But also, you’ve realized it now, rather than later after you’re married and trying to deal with 3 sick kids. You’ve been given a blessing, don’t squander it.

  6. The dose of benadryl for a cat or dog is 1 mg to 1 pound of dog. A normal pill is 25 mg, so if your cats are 8 pounds, it's a 3x dose, if they're 12.5 pounds, it's a 2x dose.

  7. just give her the space she asked for, you did all you could do. now it’s up to her to decide how to move forward. and probably talk to a professional, if you can. being with someone with a lot of trauma requires work on your end too.

  8. Agreed. I need to talk to her ASAP. And yeah she is a bit shitty because she doesn't cheat but talks about the guys who still have feelings for her. And some of those guys also have girlfriends so it's fucked up. And no, they barely see each other. He travels a lot and wasn't in the city for over a year.

    I will talk to him as well. I agree with the bro/girl code and I feel bad but it's something the three of us should discuss.

    Was I supposed to tell her when we started texting or when he asked me out?

  9. lol he's a bad communicator, no time for that BS. set up yourself to break up, then return him the ultimatum with your bags packed and in the taxi.

  10. Sure love to hear his side of the story.

    Were the friends that you were sitting on trampoline male or female? Did he know them? Does he have trust issues?

    With all due respect, it seams there were more than you explained.

    Sure wish you luck.

  11. “Yes, I know I’m the bad guy. Yes, I know this is my doing.” Awful lot of blame being thrown on your wife for someone not in denial…

    Things would’ve ended differently if you left INSTEAD of cheating. Like you actively sought that couple out. You gracefully took all the blame for your failing marriage the moment you did that. That resentment you’re feeling towards her? That’s the denial. It’s not her fault. Not anymore.

  12. Dude here with general anxiety. You can be as supportive as possible but what will really help him is for him to take control of the situation. First step is for him to read 10 simple solutions to worry, it's a book about cbt. I remember reading the book and I was guilty of all of the mental traps, its a slow process but you need to change the way you look at things to really get better.

  13. Your mom is looking out for you, which is what you do when you’re a parent. Have you sat down with your mom to discuss this rationally? Maybe get a neutral third party (family counselor?) and to help facilitate that talk.

    You may love him and all that but having kids is stressful. Babies are a lot of work. You say he won’t behave violently toward the baby, but I imagine you didn’t think he would behave violently toward a random stranger, either.

  14. Here's a question for you… Do you want to be with someone who won't cheat on your or someone who hasn't cheated on you yet because you've managed to stop them?

  15. Honestly, I wouldn't look to much into it. I think it's the OCD in her that's making her guilty for something she did as a kid. We all saw messed up stuff as a kid. The dog thing is a little wild, but I'd still categorise that under lack of education, than attraction to animals or whatever.

    As long as she hasn't shown any red flag in your relationship, it's okay bro. Nobody's perfect growing up.

  16. I have a very checkered past including drugs, porn and prostitution (there goes my inbox) and my husband is 100% aware but I don't make it a topic of conversation and she shouldn't either.

    I get the feeling that she still lives the attention and when it wasn't positive then she wanted someone to save her. No ma'am. You did nothing wrong. She needs to leave her past in the past and move on.

  17. You are a pervy creep who went after a kid and then threw away a daughter when she reasonably disapproved of you disgustingly fucking someone her age. You love your dick more than your daughter, and you’re very selfish. I would never speak to you again either.

  18. OP,

    Yes it is possible that you are, if you were timid that you knew your boundaries. Now that your not you might not even know that you are. If you BF can guide and help you that's great.

  19. Seems like she might be infatuated which is clouding her judgement. The idea of marriage, versus the actual act are two entirely different beasts.

    If anything, reassure her that the idea of marriage with her would be something that takes time to develop into reality, but if the cards align you may be interested in pursuing further.

    Clearly, if you don’t feel this way; just communicate that it’s too early to make such a concrete commitment.

  20. thank u for your input it does make me feel better to hear u don’t think it’s that big of a deal. but would the implication worry you at all? even if he hasn’t taken any kind of action

  21. Go back to whomever arranged this and tell them their picker is off and you want a refund.

    You can't force a romantic union. He sounds cold, detached and perfunctory.

    If you don't like the results, can you arrange a divorce? Take a settlement and relocate to a new place that doesn't impose a marriage on you?

  22. Do you identify as polyamorous? Does your partner?

    If you're polyamorous and your partner has decided after this experience that he probably isn't after all, then the two of you obviously aren't right for each other.

    On the off-chance that your partner does actually identify as polyamorous as well and is simply struggling in your triad (?), then that's something you need to talk about all three of you.

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