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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. There's letting your emotions get the best of you, and there's throwing racial slurs. Most people would break up with you over that. You need to work on yourself and move on.

  2. He is not sulky. Just unreasonably angry about injustice. If something happened to him that isn't “fair” he will try to get back at whoever or whatever.

    He was bullied when he was younger, so that's probably what caused it, but still… I've never seen such strong dumb behavior in an adult.

  3. Okay this has been very helpful. Thank you. Being in a relationship with someone who gaslights and lies really makes you start to question your own sanity and “am I the crazy one here?!” I feel like a teenager. This relationship needs to end for good. Thanks again.

  4. I’m studying in university right now, and my previous job lost funding. I still have some money left from that job, though.

  5. If you’re having these thoughts, break up with the girl and move on. You’re leading her on and will dump her the first chance you get for someone “better” and that’s not fair.

  6. I'm not trying to blame OP alone, because I know that he meant no harm, I just think no matter how many times did a similar situation occur, he should've checked in on his partner every time. It is definitely within the realm of possibility that OPs ex is just trying to pin something on him, so I'm talking about the general mindset that you seem to have. People need to read the room when it comes to consent in sex, because somebody not saying no doesn't equal to them saying yes, and I think your partner stating “I'm uncomfy” should be enough indication that you should check if they are still onboard or not.

    Also in my comment above, I was talking about a hypothetic scenario. If you have had sex like… At all in your life, then you should know what enthusiastic consent looks like, so for example your partners not so positive body language should be enough to make you at least ask if they are fine. Saying “there was no nude no” is not the way to go in any sexual situation.

  7. You’re both minors, not illegal. I can’t offer you advice, but I’m sure that another minor would suggest “ go get some”.

  8. yeah, I wouldn't have taken them back to the shop, I'd have just thrown them in the drawer and used them and told him to use them.

    They look too professional? yeah this is an opportunity to up your game in the kitchen!

    What a grump. Yeah he doesn't deserve a present. Then when he feels left out on the day, he can give some thought to helping you. You can explain: yes I know I can always make my mother happy with chocolates or a scarf, Dad really loves a good whisky, my brother told me he likes that singer so I got him tickets, the kids ticked all the stuff they liked the look of in the catalogue that arrived in the letter box.

    My partner got all grumpy dealing with my birthday present a few months back and in a fit of anger told me he didn't want a present for his, I took him at his word. I'm asking now what he wants and he hasn't said anything, so I'll be getting him invites to an exhibition he would be interested in (and me too, might as well get something I like if he can't say what he likes).

    If I don't have any ideas, I default to a really good bottle of wine (we're in France) because I know he'll love that.

  9. I know this is easier said than done but try not to panic. You shouldn't panic and don't have to panic and I'll tell you how to bypass the panic;

    You fear the unknown. You fear the possibility that you will spend the rest of your life being miserable.

    Decide that you're going to do what makes you happy, regardless of how things with her go.

    If she doesn't change and you're still not happy, decide now that you'll end it when you want. Resolve that under no circumstances will you allow her to dictate how the rest of your life will go and commit to it.

    The ball is in your court and she can't make you do shit.

    Know what she can do? Make you go to court for visitation and child support. Don't fear that. I had my first custody battle before I was 18 and was terrified of the unknown. Rest assured that as long as you're not a potential harm to the child then you will get to be in that child's life. As long as you're working, can pass a drug test and don't have any violent habits, almost no court will refuse you the right to be in the child's life. Just the opposite actually, they'll force her to allow you in the child's life.

    But don't worry about that now, just be firm in doing what you need to do in order to be happy. As long as you know you'll follow through with that then there's nothing to panic about.

    Maybe she'll throw a fit when kicked out if she refuses to change. That's fine, it can't last too long and will pass, then you won't have to worry about it.

    Hope all goes well for you! And it likely will as long as you prioritize yourself! Never let another person bring you down, they aren't you. It may sound selfish and maybe it is selfish but sometimes you have to be selfish to get what you want in life. She's being selfish as well by not contributing so it would just make you even, in my eyes. Even if she was, if you're not happy with someone then leave, even if it hurts her for a little bit it's still what's best for her in the long run.

    Good luck mi amigo, you can message or continue to comment if you need to talk!

  10. I haven’t even lived in half the places I’d like to though. Seen that many things. And it’s all down to me

  11. Have you EVER had a gf?

    If not, stop being picky and start dating someone. It doesn't have to be a lifelong commitment. Or even date several (making sure they know you are not exclusive with them) and learn some DATING SKILLS.

  12. He has kept you at arms length all year.

    You are engaged but he doesn’t want you to live! with him.

    You’re finally back and he can squeeze you in for a dinner between plans he already has.

    This doesn’t sound good. Get settled in and focus on yourself.

  13. According to your father, he no longer has this daughter. He disowned her. So she’s no longer his daughter. That also means he has no claim on HER daughter. And it’s really telling that in all of this, at no point is your father trying to make the first move, at no point is he apologising for his behaviour and actions, and at no point is he trying to repair his relationship with your sister. He just wants access to her child. Your sister is not a walking womb, she is a person and if your father wants a relationship with her so bad, he’d better take a long nude look at his behaviour and made a genuine apology and he needs to out the effort in. Frankly he doesn’t deserve a relationship with her, and you say you see where he’s coming from, but have you said to him he needs to apologise? Or that he needs to focus on his relations uo with your sister and not her child? Or are you busy enabling him to believe he’s right to want to know your sisters child without making reparations to your sister?

  14. She groomed her intimate areas for him to touch her.. that’s not the actions of someone not wanting that kind of touch.. she was involved in a very consensual affair. She willingly cheated, she is only claiming it as non consent now simply because she got caught… she is manipulating you

  15. You weren’t interested. He hung around a little while to see if you would become interested.

    You didn’t become interested.

    He found someone who is interested.

    He is being respectful to his girlfriend by not having a lady he has been interested in before around.

  16. I don’t know if I really love her or if I just do this cause she loves me.

    I'm so sorry to say this… does she really love you, though? Based on what you shared, it sounds like she's been quite judgmental and trying to change you from the start. Love should be accepting a person for who they are, not trying to change them into what one wants them to be.

  17. You don't have to understand this. You just have to accept this.

    Don't wait around hoping she will get over it and come back to you. You have been rejected. Accept it, lick your wounds, and then move on to other people.

  18. IMO, it's not worth having the discussion. They're probably not self-aware enough to acknowledge what they should've done better. I tried to sort of have this type of convo with my dad years ago, and it didn't help. It made our relationship more strained for a few years. If you have the convo and they react badly, how would you feel? Do you have a therapist? I wonder what a professional would say about this.

  19. so, let me give you a good new story about your situation.

    My best friend and his high school sweetheart are currently married and have 3 wonderful children and are just head over heels in love.

    They broke up just before high school ended and went their separate ways for college. They dated around, saw what was out there, and became who they were meant to be.

    Of course, I like to say I got them back together by bringing her to a bar back home to meet up with him to rekindle things, but i'm sure it would have happened without my intervention eventually 🙂

    So TLDR, I think you need to prepare for the relationship to end, and prepare yourself to be ok with that because you both need to find out who you're going to be and see if your life goals are going to align after you figure things out.

    Also, and I hate to say this because it seems like I'm telling people to go wild (i mean, yeah, go wild while you're young, that's what being young is for), but people REALLY need to date around and experience tons of different things/people before they settle.

  20. Can you record yourself in your sleep until it happens?

    Also, it's very much not a big deal and nothing you can control. It doesn't mean anything, despite what your bf thinks. It's very much a him problem!

  21. My advice: Love yourself.

    That might sound simple, but I promise it’s not. Clearly you have feelings for this ex, and there’s something you’re still wanting. You need to figure out what that is. I put a name to the thing that you used to have and don’t have anymore. Not the person, the thing you got from them. Once you know what it is, you either need to pursue it, or find a way to come to terms with the fact you can’t have it.

  22. Your wife is an authentic idiot. Just like those who suck the stripper’s yangdoodle at bachelorette and say “i thought that’s what i was supposed to do!” lot.

  23. I wasn't there! It is a really big bar(nightclubish) and I was on the other side of it. She went back to me after the conversation ended and wanted to go back and continue the argument. I didn't react because I wasn't there and even if it wasn't to fight but just to defend her I didn't feel like walking to the other side of the bar to disagree with a guy I don't even know.

  24. Have you looked him dead in the eye and said “that's never going to fucking happen and if you can't live! with that there's the fucking door”?

  25. Idk what goes on in his phone. He might be. Idk if I would care bc at the end of the day he bought me a ring

  26. Rent is usually by room. I think a 60/40 split sounds fairer but this is going to be up to the three of you to decide. Even if they only use one bedroom, they will still both be taking up space in the common areas. Utilities should be split three ways for sure.

    If you can afford a studio on your own, I think that would be better.

  27. That's a good and fair take on all of this. I'll take a look into the geek social fallacies stuff, thanks for the comment.

  28. It sounds like you got lucky for getting out of a relationship where you're not an equal. Now you just need to learn to stand up for yourself and learn how you should be treated in a relationship so you don't end up with another person who will take advantage of you

  29. Like not even a full month ago, you made a post where you wrote that “getting help is the first step” but you don’t have insurance. And while you say “therapy is for people who need others to hold their hand” you’ve said that you are so dependent on your bf and his affection, that he’s “healing” for you and your goal would is to be a SAHM. Not hating on that, but that is literal dependency on another person, which is hand holding. It’s just not by a professional. Try not to take these comments as insulting, I think people can see here, that this mentally is kinda unhealthy at the end of the day. And you’re own comments are proving it. Hopefully all works out for you OP, good luck.

  30. Yeah I can totally see your points too.

    In terms of your evidence question, in this case he has read her whole diary. I doubt she has ommited anything given everything else bad that was included.

    Yeah you’re entitled to your beliefs on this. For me this honestly wouldn’t bother me that much. But people are different and entitled to their (valid) feelings.

  31. Ugh I don’t have any advice but this is just such gross behavior. And even if you weren’t straight, it is not up to anyone else to out someone if they aren’t comfortable. This is a bad friend. Definitely tell her she is making you uncomfortable

  32. Does she know that you want to date with the intention of marriage? doesn't sound like it. I bet if you tell her that, she will get a better sense of what she wants. start there, tell her what you really want.

  33. Try to take a day or two to yourself and do a reset. Clean your place, meal prep, catch up on a hobby that is just yours. Sometimes if you don't give yourself space to miss someone you start to take them for granted a little.

    Then ask him to do stuff that turns you on usually, but without any kind of expectation of sex. And reciprocate for him too! Ex: give each other massages and maybe get touchy with it, but no sex. Go out to a nice dinner and be super dressed up, but no sex.

    Sometimes you just need to recenter yourself, and then create space in the relationship for desire without the expectations. Expectation is a libido killer.

  34. Also figure out how long it would take for the panels to “pay for themselves. Ten years? Twenty? Do you plan to stay in the home that long? My husband was convinced he wanted to go geothermal. It would take 20 years to save enough on the cost of installation.

    We didn't do it and moved 3 years later.

    Also, would it affect the resale? Some people don't want solar panels (like having a pool) and it may turn off future buyers who don't like the look of them.

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