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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. I have been working with individuals for a goodly number of years

    and I know one thing that people guard jealousy are the illusions

    they use to make sense of their lives.

    I have mine.

    You have yours.

    Have a Nice Day.

  2. Thanks so much ❤️. Yes honesty and full transparency is vital. I don’t think he will react badly either. He may not want to do it, and that’s fine and his choice which I’ll respect, but I feel confident we can discuss it like adults.

  3. This is controlling manipulate behavior. You are noticing the big red flags being waived. What are you going to do about them? She does not consider your feelings at all. She decides what's best for her, even if inconveniences you, and endangers your health. Think about that.

  4. Strangers on the internet don't know either. Any relationship with person romantic or platonic comes with risks of ending, if you are not prepared for risks you should buy a dog.

  5. This is your answer OP.

    This isn't about a list and it isn't about SIL. It's about respect.

    You deserve to be respected as a person- by your in-laws, and especially by your husband.

    And in your husband, you deserve to have a partner, a person who's by your side and has your back no matter what.

    It sounds like he is anything but that.

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