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Date: September 28, 2022

8 thoughts on “Squishy Booty online sex chats for YOU!

  1. I’m sure most people have already said this but if this girl kept perusing you after finding out you have a girlfriend she not only lacks respect but boundaries too. She is right to go. Leave your girlfriend if you don’t love her anymore, but certainly don’t leave her for another woman

  2. That’s what my parents said. My wife also said that she “seems like the type to be with someone just to get with their friends” when I had mentioned my first interaction with her.

    When I told my friend this, he got mad and nearly ended the friendship over it. Looks like she did that for him. He hasn’t even tried to apologize or even explain himself.

  3. Seems like she was on board with sexual exploration and over the years changed her mind. Feelings develop. It is one thing to try new things with a new lover- quite another when you develop a bond and such.

    At this point, there is no happy threesome coming out of this.

    Unfortunately, unless you two find a way to tone down the arguments when discussing this, I think you are stuck without a threesome.

  4. He has a time set aside to hang out with the guys and he didn't want you interfering. I know this may piss some people off, but men's spaces get bombarded by women often and it can be annoying for the men. Men can't always speak freely with women around because of how upset women can become over stupid stuff, like this fishing club he had and didn't want OP to join. Let men have their spaces and time to be with other men without women around.

    If your next bf has guy time and asks you not to interfere, don't. I say your next bf as I don't see you recovering from this with your current bf. You crossed a line he had with you and you can't even understand why him and his friends were upset. This could be an illegal fishing spot, it could be a lesser known fishing spot, it could just be a time where they can all speak freely and get shit off their cheats. Either way, you've crossed a line he didn't want crossed. Take this experience as a lesson in what not to do in the future.

  5. Yikes. Honestly this is fucking insane.

    It sounds like you preyed on a mental ill person and forced a relationship on them when they gave you clear indication they weren’t invested and now here you are cyber stalking him and his pregnant fiancé.

    He broke up with you. 3 YEARS AGO.

    Are you okay? Seriously?

    Here’s the thing he isn’t the love of your life because if he was then he wouldn’t be with someone else.


  6. She makes more because I am an early retiree from Police Department. I do around half the chores. My listening skills suck. My mind wanders in the middle of the talk and I completely misunderstand on a regular basis. My 5 year old kid adores me as we play a lot. I don't have many friends and sometimes bother her too much to do things together. I may be dependent on her too much.

  7. I mean in the grand scheme of things, 24 is still young. While I get that you don’t wanna hear about the age difference, it is a bit concerning. That being said, I think his reaction when you talk to him will be revealing. If he gets angry or is dismissive, then that’s a big red flag. If he talks it through and tried to figure out a solution for both of you to be happy, then it’s up to you to decide if there is a compromise you can be happy with. Just try to think of there are any other similar red flags.

  8. You're both still really young. I'd never have got married at that age so maybe he also feels that way. Have you actually had a conversation about timelines?

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