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Date: September 22, 2022

4 thoughts on “SureCakes

  1. Sorry you go through this … his behavior showing that he’s about sex only not even wants to be friends with you .. you started to develop attachment to him but seems he’s not interested…. You’ll get your power back , try to meditate, hang with family … it’s very hot at the beginning but you’ll get that power one day.

  2. Leave him. My ex tried to buy some presents for me for christmas and Valentine’s Day to win me back. Everything he bought was sorta kinda what I wanted, but only showed he half listened to me.

    You don’t want a lifetime of someone only half listening to you.

  3. Agreed. I can’t imagine dating a guy and finding out he used to date a teenager or having a friend like that. So off-putting.

  4. OP, I know you’ve got to you on some level understand how inappropriate rating your daughter is.

    But in case you don’t, calmly and curiously ask him why he rated your daughter and 8/10. I’ve found (because I’ve asked) that most people who still cling to this tasteless and objectifying practice are usually rating things like breasts, behinds, face, overall hotness. So he likely had to consider one or all of those elements in his rating.

    Simply ask yourself why a man who’s in a relationship with you would be having any sort of even mildly sex-adjacent thoughts about your daughters “hotness” or desirability. And whatever he’s rating on, he’s thinking of the likelihood of HIS preferences on your daughter’s (nude)body. That’s weird.

    Everybody was not “getting along well” until now. Your daughter is being harassed by this man, and you almost accidentally told her to take the harassment for your sake. Thankfully, you know better now, and you can support her.

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