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Date: September 27, 2022

4 thoughts on “SussanaLopez live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. This post blew up in the wrong way. After 3 years you should be able to trust her word about BC. It doesn't sound like she intentionally baby trapped you, but you may (in a sense) feel she did. You're not obligated to stay with her, just take good care of son and coparent positively. As far as the job, if you stay together, let it go and choose your battles wisely. The health issue, I can agree (and I am a female) she shouldn't sit around and eat unhealthy daily, take over grocery shopping, no offering to go with, get healthier food. Sadly, eating junk is cheaper then eating healthy.

  2. I think he thinks that I don't like one of the girls he was going out with, which I've told him it's not true

  3. I… don't understand what him having emotional affairs behind your back has to do with going out with your friend and going to a Golden Knights game. The 2 are unrelated. Unless you're using the fight about the game as your excuse for snooping.

    He told you he didn't want to get married. I'm curious why didn't you listen to him and either end the relationship if marriage was what you want or just continue to date him?

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