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GOAL: SQUIRT #latina#curvy#bigass#bigboobs#shaved [916 tokens remaining]

Date: September 24, 2022

3 thoughts on “SussanaLopez

  1. This girl is trouble. Stay away from her. If u wanna break up then break up but don't do it cuz of some hoe that's throwing herself at u.

    She just wants Wat she can't have so she gets validated. Later when she has u, she'll throw herself at someone else.

    Ur gf is probably comfy around u and is secure in the relationship so doesn't need to be affirming u all the time. U guys been together through school and basically grew up together.

    Just cuz I don't tell my my mom I love her for years and years, doesn't mean I don't love her. Maybe u just need to create a little date scenario and be romantic.

    Sometimes girls just aren't that clingy etc, so u just have to think about what ur gonna do and what she means to u and what ur future means to u.

  2. He’s also manipulative talking about your supposed shortcomings when you were disgusted. Sorry but an eating disorder isn’t the same thing as criminal actions and thoughts. Wtf. There’s your other red flag. As if you needed one.

    Probably a hundred people on this post can chat with you daily if you need some friends in the meantime while you leave this absolute shit.

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