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  1. I’m a preschool teacher who actually had polyamorous parents.

    But OP isn’t describing polyamory here – it could be! But OP is describing an open relationship.

    There is absolutely a difference between those of us who had bonus parents through polyamory and those of us who didn’t.

    For those of us who do, there is a certain level of instability specifically because of integrating those adult figures later in life. If there’s a break up or divorce, that also introduces instability.

    But for parents who keep that side of their life entirely separate, it’s no different than your parents going out with friends.

    It’s true that our childhood ideas of what our parents’ relationship is like forms our ideas of what it should or shouldn’t look like, based on our own childhood happiness and stability. But the reality is that kids don’t see everything. There’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors that has nothing to do with sex, and we often don’t get to have those conversations and reorient our childhood memories in that new context even as adults. For some things, we might, depending on our relationship with our parents and how open our parents are. Some things not.

    If, from the child’s point of view, everything was stable and identical to a monogamous couple, there wouldn’t be an effect.

  2. Exactly! Why would you date a rapist? He raped you! Let that sink in! He's now take video/photos of you having sex without your permission! He's a sexual predator who had no respect for you! You need to completely clean his phone of photos /videos of you and then dump and block him! Don't let this man touch you again!

  3. shes the first not to leave the bedroom immediately for seeing it… live! everyone says ”oh it doesnt matter” but irl ive had an experience thats incredibly different

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