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5 thoughts on “Sweet_Lollypoplive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. last year i was in a fwb situation, which then lead to me being scared to say no. i then got out of that and started a relationship with my now ex bf. he knew about the fwb situation and would always ask if what he was doing was okay when we had sex.

    you need to leave him. he is clearly unable to understand what you went through, both physically and emotionally.

  2. OP: I know so many things and I have a great memory and I am usually right

    also OP: I dated this woman and instead of putting my best food forward I decided to debate her about a topic no one gives a shit about and btw did I mention I ended up being totally wrong

    also OP: I do not know why women do not like me


  3. Why would any guy tell their girlfriend that they'd date a different woman, given the chance? Seems like he wants you to be friends with her, so she will come around more. That's creepy.

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