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  1. In that case I normal kiss my family too. We even sometimes do an exaggerated thing, where you’ll say MMMMMHHHHH-KISS!!!!!! while kissing someone. Assure you, I’ve never had sexual feelings for my family though.

  2. I think you need to be realistic. He wants a normal relationship with someone he can see often and that is ok. You don’t need that closeness. It’s better to split now.

  3. This is bigger thank Reddit advice -You need to speak with a professional about this. He stalked you and planned an attack – just leaving/ghosting will not protect you. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. Contact a therapist who specializes in assault immediately and get an appointment ASAP. Tell this person what happened and ask for next steps.

  4. I saw behaviour that she was doing that was upsetting me, so I spoke to it about her and gave her potential ways to improve upon said behaviour

    Sorry my guy, that’s unsolicited advice. You need to tell her why it hurts you and ASK and NEGOTIATE for what you want, not couch your needs in advice as if meeting your needs is right and not meeting your needs is wrong. I don’t think you mean it that way, but approaching communication that way can come off as manipulative. And even if she’s cool with it at first, that approach to conflict often builds resentment over time, might explain when she lashes out. And yes abusive language isn’t ok, because it can hurt your partner and build resentment, just like unsolicited advice can, and manipulation can, and stonewalling can.

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