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  1. Actually we both deal with depression, sometimes I've texted him to ask him if he's ok but he ignores me. He's not the happiest person. But you're right, I should just focus on me and let him go.

  2. your ex cheated because they were cheaters, end of. it wasn't about you being “good enough”. For the love of god, Beyonce got cheated on, people who cheat are just assholes, that's it.

  3. Congratulations on 86 days! I have a lot of relatives who struggle with alcohol so I've seen how hard it is. So be proud of that and keep fighting. I do think it's a bit early to thrust yourself into that situation with so many triggers and without your boyfriend refraining. If you are unsure, definitely do not go. I do think given the complexity of the relationships and past here that you should explain it to the SIL so she doesn't take it as some kind of slight against her.

    On the other hand, if you can convince your bf to be a little more supportive and not drink, it may be OK to at least make an appearance. With the understanding that it will be quick if you feel like you want to drink. But I would only try this if your bf is on board and YOU think it's a good idea. If your gut is saying no, listen to it.

  4. This again? People gave advice to you already on your other post that you’ve since deleted. Why you posting again?

  5. If getting head is your priority and you cannot deal with not having that as part of your relationship, break up.

    If the relationship is good, she's wonderful, and sex is otherwise great, maybe retool your thoughts processes about sex, expectations, and entitlement and find a way to enjoy what's good without resenting the lack of one single possible way of getting off.

    As to why she was ok with it in the beginning…she SEEMED ok with it but clearly was not. She may have felt obligated due to social pressures and now realizes that she's allowed to choose not to. She may have been trying for your sake but can no longer tolerate it. It's not like it's a shocking or unusual thing that someone doesn't feel great while doing that. Fairly reasonable physical response, honestly. Some people can get past the reflexive unpleasant feelings. Some people even like giving head. But she is not one of them and your options are to accept that or find someone else who does.

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  7. Yes women get called crazy, irrational, or emotional quite often when they describe these feelings

  8. While I agree with you, I think a lot of redditors feel that the obvious disparity in money spent and effort, while also voicing high expectations, suggests a level of selfishness that a conversation is likely not going to fix. If He shows up with a cheap robe I can guarantee she’s going to be pissed, while also thinking that it was perfectly fine for her to give such a low effort gift because “it’s your duty as a boyfriend to give me nice things.”

    In saying this I am not discouraging OP from having a conversation, but I would encourage him to observe her likely negative reaction and decide whether this is the kind of long term partner he wants.

  9. “”Comment Rule 2:** Keep it civil. No insults, no threats of violence, no encouraging violence, no harassment, no trolling, no advertising other subs, no spam. You will be banned. All bans in this sub are permanent. You don't get a free pass.

  10. Why shouldn't I be able to do whatever I want when I'm single? It wasn't a break, it was a break-up.

  11. Definitely married or just a whole catfish messing with OP for shits and giggles.

    Also why in the everloving name is this called dating?

    This man shows u no affection OP he can't call u…

    Probs because he has a wife and kids same reason he can't meet u until his wife and kids leave off somewhere.

    This isn't a relationship sorry.. cut ur losses and block him.

  12. I am sorry for making another comment, but I feel like I need to clarify something.

    You probably think, doing this right now, after almost a year, will make you feel stupid.

    I should begin, by diving into why it is so important to do.

    You can't read her thoughts, her words do not matter as whether she regrets her actions or not, she would tell you the same exact thing. What you still have been “actions”

    Words, have no inherent cost, telling you what you want to hear takes no effort. Doing what I suggested about the “friend” however, will have a cost and require effort. This is why when someone tells you one thing, but does a thing contradicting their words, you should believe their actions. Something she would not do, without feeling regretful for her actions, because they were horrible, which would justify your request. I suppose there is an option where she agrees, but grows resentful, because she doesn't actually regret her actions etc, so a break-up coming from this would be welcomed.

    Her agreeing and actually accepting your request would not confirm her feelings on the matter, but have added benefit. People generally do not respect that are free or come easy to them. This why people who work for their fortune respect their money, while their children often do not, as they got them for free and take them for granted. This is why negative actions need to have consequences. If she does follow your request, should some temptation ever come her way, she will remember she has already put effort in your relationship and even make sacrificing for it's sake. This would (likely) make her respect her and treasure your relationship more and prevent from straying.

    Now onto the “it has been almost a year” thing. This is a sunk cost fallacy. Doing this is still valuable, and how it may look does not change this fact. When I argue with someone and at some point realised I am completely in the wrong, suddenly apologising and admitting mistake after long time is one of the worst things ever. Still, I do that, as I will still be better off doing the right thing late than never (and repairing relationships with other person), as the only cost are my negative emotions of shame. In your case, I still believe doing sth about it is still the right thing to do. It may be embarrassing to bring it up after so long and making a big deal out of it. However, reasons why you should do it remain, the only added cost are your negative feelings (which should not stop you, from doing what should be done).

    I must sound very pretentious right now, sorry block of text ,especially since I do not know the entire context of your relations with that “friend” after all of this, so I had to make a lot of possibly false assumptions.

  13. I suspect a number of people would make the argument about control, and she's free to have male friends etc. Simple fact is, most people, regardless of gender, would be uncomfortable with their partner being in contact with exs and people they had a sexual interest in. It's not even really a question of if it's ok, but why a responsible person would pick social media over making their partner feel secure and confident in their relationship.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd explain the situation, and that you're one of many people who thinks following a bunch of random guys on social media isn't fair or respectful in a long term relationship, let alone guys she's been involved with. The vast majority of people, men or women, would read that as their partner keeping their options open, or trawling for an upgrade. Try and have an honest discussion and hear her side and see if there's anyway you two can both be happy.

    If she can't wrap her head around this concept pretty quickly, and this isn't resolved amicably, I suspect you're going to have other trust issues with her in future. This is one of those things people either get or they don't, I feel anyway.

  14. Oh god the relief when I read your comment, because these threads normally devolve into exactly what you mentioned. There’s just no need for that and it’s so unhelpful. Another wonderful nuanced empathetic reply from you, Ebbie!

  15. You look so beautiful in that photo and full of joy. I don’t want you to look at it and always hear his dumbass comment. Your boyfriend is a child. Toss him into the sea.

  16. you’ll be enough for someone who actually cares about you man you don’t need to pity yourself to this extent just because this one relationship isn’t working out. you’ll be aight

  17. I didn't share that information with him though. That is a private thought. He told me that guys don't clean house very well, and I told him that wasn't correct. Guys can clean – very well if they want to. I did not mention that my husband was very on top of cleaning even when he was sick and dying and didn't have to be.

  18. He’s not really your boyfriend if he keeps you a secret. Do you want to be his little secret? Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who is proud to be with you? I’m not sure how you’ve spent 6 years with someone who wouldn’t even introduce you to his friends

  19. Break up. The relationship has run its course. You both would be better off with other people.

  20. Right, and I actually question how supportive OP might be of Gabbys relationship previously before entering their current one.

    If OP often didn’t listen or care about what was going on for Gabby, she might just be throwing the same energy back.

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