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  1. Why are you still with a man who told you they’re attracted to their ex but it doesn’t matter because he can’t go back to her? It means if she says “Let’s try again” he won’t even hesitate to leave you?

    Have some self respect.

  2. Paramedics see HORRIBLE SHIT every day. You're a fucking mechanic.

    I have a paramedic friend. Absolutely one horror story after another. Drugs. Blood. Horrific wounds. Literal decapitations. Dude has seen all of this. As a paramedic.

    Your one-upsmanship and lack of empathy are ridiculous.

  3. I’m sorry this happened to you. I know lots of people who have done this. I actually married my lt gf after my success because to me she earned it and stood by me. But I can totally see it going the other way. It all boils down to the character of the person. I’m not sure many regret it. If you had a deep enough connection he wouldn’t have left. That’s the honest truth.

  4. I was just always buying and making the dinners at home! It really started adding up! Even someone showing/doing laundry really adds up when you’re watching the pennies!

  5. thank you for your comment. i honestly can’t separate as of the moment for financial reasons. i’ve been constantly sick so my money goes to my medications and he helps me with that. we on-line together so it’s really difficult.

  6. My daughter is 2, and she has never met her bio dad. When I told him I was pregnant he didn’t even say anything he just blocked me on all social media. It broke my heart for so long that my daughter has family that she will never know, but I can promise you that my child will never feel like she is missing out on anything. She has so much of my family that love and care about her – she doesn’t know any different.

    FF to now my partner and baby daddy of my second has taken her on and treats her like his own. We will tell her when it is age appropriate that he isn’t her biological dad and that is just something that I have to do as a parent.

  7. I'm in the same boat except I have dated ppl and all of them either dated me to get over their exes or to use me for sex. None of them ever actually liked me and most of them called me unattractive so I'm in the same boat. I've given up on dating and practically love all together so I'm here if you need someone to talk to, we are kinda going through the same thing.

  8. It’s almost like a rape has to be witnessed by a man to be considered a credible accusation (like Brock Turner). When it’s not witnessed by anyone (Brett Kavanagh), it just doesn’t matter.

  9. Tell him to get fucked. He can apologize or not. I’d not let this go. That’s fucking unacceptable. In front of your kids? This guy needs to be told what a giant fucking piece of shit he is. Sorry for the language. But seriously. This is fucked up.

  10. So you are sorry because you found out your GF was lying to you about following the rules she insisted you follow? Get some self respect and dump this woman, she's either cheating on your is going to end up cheating on you that whole “started as lovers, ended as BFF's” thing is a joke

  11. Yeah, how old are you?

    I have the same rules when my teenage son has his GF over to our house. It's just common sense. You may have the best of intentions, but we've been there, we remember how hormones take over. Door open == less likely for me to be a grandparent anytime soon.

  12. You're Asian, he keeps making nasty remarks about Asians, and you're talking about having kids with him? Are you not worried that his racism might extend to them? If he's not worried about making comments towards you, he probably won't think twice about doing it to your kids.

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  14. I’m sorry for what you’re dealing with, this is an unfortunate pickle.

    One thing I’m not seeing here: yes, you are at a disadvantage because you are financially reliant on your dad. BUT, your dad is clearly also reliant on you to a significant degree. You have some leverage here too.

    I’d tell your dad you want accept drop off pick up responsibilities but you’re happy to sit for him other that that. He’s not going to kick out the only assistance he has with his newborn.

    I’d die on this hill man. They did you dirty and now they’re making you fester in it.

  15. I don't want to judge him too quickly… is he usually reluctant to help you with other stuff too, or is it just car repairs that he hates doing? If he doesn't like working on cars in general (but he's a wonderful helper with other things) then don't bug him with your car repairs. However, if he's always dragging his feet and never helps you with anything (only wants to “enjoy your company”) then he's not relationship/marriage material.

  16. I would find a way to make her aware of it anonymously.

    Take lots of screenshots of his dating profile (date and time visible if possible), and send them to her with a text like “Hey, I thought maybe you'd want to know about this. I know I would.”

  17. I would find a way to make her aware of it anonymously.

    Take lots of screenshots of his dating profile (date and time visible if possible), and send them to her with a text like “Hey, I thought maybe you'd want to know about this. I know I would.”

  18. I would find a way to make her aware of it anonymously.

    Take lots of screenshots of his dating profile (date and time visible if possible), and send them to her with a text like “Hey, I thought maybe you'd want to know about this. I know I would.”

  19. STD test just in case girl. Also make sure to ask him if he does have one, and if he denies it and the test comes back positive you know he’s a liar and not to stay with him. It’s good policy to ask before and test before having sex unprotected, pregnancy isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

  20. We often joke about him moving me away and isolating me so I can’t leave ? 99.9% things are good it’s just this one little dumb thing with my dumb brain. Thank you for commenting and giving me more insight

  21. I would just say I’m no longer interested in a relationship with you and end it at that, personally lol

  22. Lol so you bring up something from 7 years ago why could he not be a normal teenager or is that wrong for him to be?

  23. Now being taken for a ride. Even 50/50 on a house you don't gain equity in is a shit deal what a douche

  24. 'watching my show while pretending to not care about it'

    You already know that he is not yet ready/able to have a conversation about this. He may not even know himself quite yet. If he is enjoying them, let him enjoy them. You can 'win' if you force and force that deep talk and he is pressured in some kind of 'confession'. But you won't really have 'won' at all; you would have broken some kind of trust between the two of you. Let him have this OP.

  25. This is so scary I can’t imagine something bad happening to my girls I would lose my mind. But he is good with him do you think he might hurt them one day

  26. He is just as much a part of the abuse. Let’s not forget that. He is unemployed but won’t even walk the dog 5 minutes

  27. You seem like you’re working through a lot, and I think that’s great. It sounds like you’re trying your best. I think you should take some deep breaths, think about all the tough times and things you’ve worked on, and while you can reflect on your shortcomings, you should also tell yourself that you’re proud of yourself for trucking on and moving forward.

    Now that being said, I know you love this man. You have finally developed a deep connection with one man that you want to delve into, and you’re feeling ready to trust. You can see good in him, and you really feeling like giving your all. That is a huge win for you, I think, and shows changes in the trauma you’re working through. However, I think if you give yourself real, proper time to reflect and value yourself, you’ll come to realize that this man is not the path forward.

    I’m sure he’s great in a lot of ways. But I’m not focused on who’s “more wrong”. I don’t think you should try so hard to pursue a relationship that makes you feel like a “selfish, disgusting liar who deserves nothing”. I think you should feel loved, accepted, and supported. If you are absolutely attached to someone who you have such a tumultuous history with, who checks your phone, who doesn’t trust you, who doesn’t want to introduce you to his family and friends… I think it says something about how you’re still working on yourself. You really need to find someone who treats you better than that. You may love him, but I don’t think you should want to be with him. It doesn’t sound healthy, and it doesn’t sound good for your healing and growth.

  28. It is if you go to a fertility clinic and are one of the workers that has to tell someone their ability to be pregnant isn’t viable.

    Unfortunately, there’s a lot of variables like genetics, diet, etc. But it’s not great to tell someone that’s just turned 37 this type of sad news.

  29. Just block her number, any social media. If you are far away, I doubt this guy will travel to you to attack you.

    Just block her and move on.

  30. You don't seem mature enough to be having sex… A drunk tired dude wanted to cuddle and you somehow are making that a problem with sex in the relationship? He is allowed to not be in the mood without you having an existential crisis over it.

  31. Wow, she's good to you? Is she good to you while fucking other people while you do all the housework? Having multiple sex partners is fine as long as she gives you back rubs and tells you you're pretty?

    I promise that the care of this baby will fall on you so that she can continue having sex with other people.

  32. The cat won't leave you, the boyfriend might.

    Anyone who asks me to choose between them and my pets will find they get an answer they don't like.

    It is none of your boyfriend's business.

    If you were expecting him to foot the bill, take responsibility, or anything resembling part ownership of the pets, he would have a say. If you lived together, he'd have a say.

    That said, his say would be prior to getting the pet, and given that prior to you getting the newest cat, he told you he was good with it he'd be in no position to change his mind even then.

    You're young. If the relationship ends because you stick by your cats, then you'll find someone else (likely better), and you won't regret it. If you give away your pet, it's incredibly likely that you will.

  33. “Damn, now that you mention it, I think I will remember this interaction. After all, your cute little turtle head is the certainly the smallest I’ve seen!”

  34. I just want too contribute as the kid who’s dad had a very expensive, dangerous, time consuming hobby.

    I didnt get too see him, his hobby was far more important too him than i was. Too this day as a 27 year old i come home too visit mom and he is in his dedicated area/room working on his hobbies, he will say hello and wont speak too me or have a meaningful conversation again. If he converses with me its about his hobbies which i have no interest in and when i was young i tried too take interest then he yelled and screamed at me about how i was doing it wrong and how dangerous it was if i messed up. (I was 7 and im talking chemical burns and electrical shock)

    If this is the route you plan too go, managing kids and your large expensive hobby, please for the love of your kids sanity and grief dont. Do something more smaller and on a managable scale so you have most of the day dedicated too your wife and kid. I know it hurts too have too put this off, it doesnt mean its forever, your allowed too be sad about this, but ultimately forget about what the right answer is.

    What is more important too you honestly. Your kid and wife? Or your hobby?

  35. It is a red flag that the 2 of you haven't had this discussion long before now. Planning for a future together and what each of your goals are for the relationship to ensure you are both aligned on those goals. It certainly isn't just his fault nor is it just his responsibility.

    If the 2 of you aren't on the same page, time to break up now.

  36. This will be a good judge of character. Tell him you just started your period and wanted to warn him before your date. Tell him you feel fine, but wanted him to know. See how he reacts to this. Personally I don't think period sex is a big deal as long as you want to do it, but everyone has limits. What you want to look for is his attitude if he's not comfortable. Does he cancel the date? Mope? Go distant?

  37. This happens when you set unacceptable boundaries and are not open for discussion

    Or they leave.

    You are in a relationship. You cannot demand anything. If your expectations are not met you should leave or change your expectations

    Yes he should’ve been honest. But also you should have been the one who can accept honesty and work with it.

    What would have happened if he told you?

    Yeah so being honest was (and probably still is) a very unappealing option to him.

    I’m not saying he should’ve lied. I’m just trying to explain why it happened and what you could’ve done differently

  38. it just seems so hard since they’ve both been in my life for as long as i remember , how would i even drop them ?

  39. It's a classic derogatory comment against women specifically. Definitely gendered. It also carries the burden of how women have historically been dismissed as “crazy” and “hysterical”. And combining that with commentary of a woman's sexuality… Come on now. Yeah it's misogynistic.

    To be clear, she's definitely a covid denialist conspiracy theorist, and OP made the right choice to break up. AND the comment about crazy sex was misogynistic.

  40. And she doesn’t have to. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t change the past or absolve you of guilt. You made your choices and now you have to on-line with them.

  41. I cannot rent out a place on my own in London,

    Most youngsters your age live! in professional flatshares…..or they live a bit further out (zones 4/5/6) or even outside the M25.

    Any ideas?

    Have you ever discussed what would happen to your house and the dog if you broke up? If not….all you can do is sit down together now and start discussing things.

  42. Thank you for the advice. I just can't find the energy to talk about it right now, but I know it is inevitable.

  43. I wouldn’t let my animals go, I also wouldn’t be talking about moving in after such a short time. It seems like it won’t work, I wouldn’t waste any further time with him.

  44. Lol if someone told me they thought I should work at McKinsey id be like “I wish you would have told me you thought I had no soul up front”

  45. I never wanted to hear it from his mouth for some reason. I was afraid it would make me look at her differently.

  46. Reddit loses its shit over age gaps that are barely age gaps. So they'll lose their shit over this.

    Theyre both consenting adults so they can do what they want. You're also free to accept it or not accept it

  47. Op sorry your BF is a idiot!How would he like it if you made a similar comment about his penis!Bet he wouldn't like the comment. Also if he doesn't like the way it looks,he won't have to worry about it anymore .No access to it anymore!op rethink your relationship.

  48. Why not both? My son is close to both me and his step-mom. For his wedding, he did a mother/son dance with me, and then one with his step-mom. It was lovely, and I'm really glad we both got those memories. If your mom complains, ignore her or tell her to keep it to herself.

  49. That's a bit unfair. None of us know what came first and we can't tell from the post. I have been in extremely controlling relationships where, instead of standing up for myself and getting out – I have ended up telling really stupid lies to avoid the abuse that came from telling the truth. Not saying it's good but it happens. Once I had to lie about going to work (I said I hasn't)!

    Each of us has been in opposite situations. We don't know what this one is but I can't assume it's the same as mine anymore than you can.

    What IS clear is this marriage isn't working.

  50. First, I know that what I did was messed up. But I never stuck my dick in another woman. Emotional cheating at best, but even then I didn't carry on any kind of attachment to anyone. Second, I didn't expect to be told to leave my home after an argument. And finally, I'm doing what I can to try to make things right with her. I might be misunderstood on the internet, but people aren't perfect. I'm flawed. But that doesn't mean I don't love her and can't see my mistakes.

  51. I thinks prudent to mention your partner if dated before most likely got creampied multiple times ?

  52. I think he meant this to be something to put you at ease. Also, I think it's a sign of a very healthy relationship. Let me explain with two examples of my own.

    In college, I dated a woman who said she needed me. We lived together, and if we broke up, she wasn't sure she'd be able to afford rent and food ECT. She disagreed a lot with her parents, so she didn't want to have to move home with them. Our relationship dragged on an extra 3 or 4 months because I didn't want to inconvenience her.

    My current partner definitely does not need me. She just completed her doctorate in veterinary medicine near the top of her class. She just got a job offer for 6 figures and on top of all that, she is super confident and independent. I absolutely love all of this. Since she doesn't need to be with me, the reason she is with me is because she wants to be with me. Have you ever met a person who jumps from partner to partner? It's starts to feel like they aren't looking for someone or something specific, they're just trying to fill a vacancy. My partner isn't like that. She met me and decided she liked who I was and that is why we chose to pursue things, instead just because she wanted a boyfriend.

    So why I'm bringing this up is that I think your boyfriend told you what he did as a way of saying “no pressure.” He wants you to move in not because you felt pressured or like your relationship would suffer if you didn't move in; but instead because it is what YOU want to do. I don't think it is a reflection of his feelings for you. Hope this helps.

  53. I do believe in it but very hopeless romantic I’m all for you, you’re all for me. Very devoted to only each other, a lot of what’s become normalized in today’s society as like cheating whether that be going to strip clubs, clubs, ? or things seen as straying away from your partner. It’s not common for people to have the same views, so I guess I felt really happy to find someone who believed the same things as I did

  54. I’m confused as to whether you’re asking for relationship advice, or tips on how to rescue these cats from a potential hostage situation tbh

  55. So he's saying he “wishes” he could apologize to her, implying that he's somehow incapable of apologizing to his coworker. Umm… no, he's just telling you what you want to hear. He absolutely could apologize to her, all he would have to do is say to her “My treatment of you in the meeting was grossly out of line and unprofessional, it won't happen again”, he has no intention of doing it because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. He is an asshole and a creep, and he's apparently in an office full of assholes and creeps. Why exactly is he telling you he's only “wishing” he could apologize when it is fully within his means to do? Honestly, you think about that one when you keep saying he isn't a bad person. He fed you a line and you've fallen for it hook, line and sinker and are now defending the guy.

  56. Hard take here: she thought getting married was going to give her a purpose. But being married isn’t an achievement- it’s a relationship status. Being your Mrs. didn’t solve her self image problems, so now she’s throwing it out.

    That’s a terrible plan. She can go to school, get a job, join a gym, write a book, explore a hobby, and reinvent herself as a wife.

    Honestly, it sounds like she needs therapy. Did her vows mean nothing? Why can’t she take the initiative to be a better partner to you and pitch in with the hills and household?

  57. It is an addiction. They cannot stop it easily. So you can’t Just set boundaries for behavior around you

  58. You have done all you can. You told him how you feel, you told him what you would like, he is making an informed decision to continue as he is. He is actively choosing gaming over you.

    You have 2 choices:

    1) Stay and continue as you are. 2) Leave and find someone that actually values you and your time.

    The answer will be 2) eventually, because he isn't going to change.

  59. Seriously. I really think it’s an insecurity thing where they need to feel like they can hold something over you and trap you into staying because they know you could do way better in every regard.

    OP needs to dump this loser.

  60. I am definitely going back to therapy. I've been putting it off because I had my baby girl last year and with everything that was happening I literally had no time to breathe. But it's necessary and Dean has also been heavily promoting it lately.

    Talking about it with a therapist would calm me down and help me decide whether to read it or burn it as everyone else suggests.

  61. Haha, right I'm just self doubt myself always that I'll get rejected even tho that might not be true and that stops me from even saying hello but I'll try this time.

    Thanks, I'll try my best.

  62. Are you really sure you want to open up the relationship? Being attracted to other women whilst you’re in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you want an open relationship, there’s a big difference between fantasies and it being what you actually want.

    I’ve been in a non monogamous relationship once, it was slightly different as the relationship started with that being on the table. At the time I thought fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen. In retrospect what it really did for me is it prevented me from truly opening up to her, stopped me from allowing myself to love her, because I don’t think I could really embrace the idea of someone I love sharing their body, their secrets, their desires with someone else. I figured out I’m just not a non monogamous kind of guy. I’m selfish, I want them exclusively to myself.

    All I’m saying is just think about it, are you allowing this to happen because you love her and you fear losing her or are you doing this because you’re on the same page.

  63. Don't wait until he wakes up. Tell the hospital that you are not together and that the ex wife is next of kin.

  64. I'm fairly sure their behaviour could be classified as stalking so it should be possible to get this boundary legally enforced. Start with a cease and desist letter and if things don't improve report the harassment and get it stopped.

  65. Take him breaking up with you as a gift and go ahead and block his number as well. If your parents had to book you a room and a flight things are clearly not good at all. If you are hiding your relationship then you know in your heart this is over. It sounds like he wanted to sleep with someone else and if you find out after taking him back again he will use the Ross line of ‘we were on a break.’ This is real life and not a sitcom..make a choice to get yourself unstuck and make the choice to put yourself first and walk away from this drama and nonsense.

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