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  1. Sounds like your bestie is jealous of your GF …. perhaps… because she wants to be your GF ?

    Even if she doesn’t, she is being very disrespectful to your GF.

    You don’t need to block her, just slowly start to cut down on communication. She will get the hint

  2. His theory is that the coworker came over after I dropped my son off at school and we skipped work to be together at our house. His “proof” is my messy appearance when I got home and an image from our doorbell camera that shows a similar make and model to his car. It glitches and we don’t have footage of the occupant of it. It definitely wasn’t my coworker’s car though, because we were at work together.

    I let him look through my phone, including my texts between me and the coworker. We actually texted each other during the time in question “hey, where are you? I’m in x location in the building. Ok, meet me at 9:00 at y location to meet with other coworker.” This still wasn’t sufficient for him. He’s not acting rationally.

  3. There are probably better subreddits to seek advice on personal growth and learning how to say what you feel in the moment.

    From a relationship perspective, properly receiving love, attention and affection is just as important as knowing how to give it. You have to be clear about what you want in order to give your partner peace of mind.

    Its okay to be selfish. You're supposed to look out for yourself, first and foremost. You are valuable and your needs and wants are important. Ultimately adjusting to that mindset takes time and practice – there's no special trick to it.

  4. Assuming you don't have any major financial red flags, her attitude tells you she is not ready to live! together. If she isn't willing to come to the table as an equal partner (metaphorically, not talking about expense division), then she isn't ready for the next step in your relationship. Tell her to find her own place then and you go for a cheaper place you can afford. Try again next year when everyone is a bit more mature.

  5. This, exactly. Poor guy has no idea what he's getting himself into. I would never just expect a man to be responsible for buying me stuff.

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