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, 22 y.o.


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Date: September 23, 2022

3 thoughts on “the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Pet loss can hit harder or as hot. It's like losing a family member. There are studies on this.

    Your gf is young but that's no excuse to call you names and not care about what's important to you. And that's my kindest read on her behavior-otherwise yes it's frankly worrying that she is so lacking in empathy. I'd say nude pass here. At minimum you're incomplete but honestly if you get out now you're dodging a bullet

  2. Put yourself in the head space of 5 years time.

    Will you have cut them off?

    Will you have happy memories of the wedding


    Will you have happy memories of the graduation?

    If you are still in contact they will bring this up at every occassion

    So the problem is do you want to online in the shadow of your brother and with disappointing family for years? That is a hard path to follow for many, so I understand your choices are not as easy as just go or not go. The problem is what you can live with, are you ready to cut them off?

    They never checked with you their dates and yet your “loving” brother went and agreed to do their wedding on the one day after many years of work for you. Have a think about that. What does that say to you?

    I know there are many more layers to this than just one decision, small changes are easy to make, large ones are harder.

    What will bring you the better feeling years to come? A photo of you at the wedding or a photo of you at the graduation?

  3. Given how you defaulted with, “I'm fine with breaking up,” when she asked should tell you right there. If you're not willing to fight for it, then I'd let it go.

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