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9 thoughts on “tiffanyhouston

  1. Don’t look like it to me. Your hell bent on saving your friendship while emotionally cheating on your bf in the process. Like I said he he deserves better let him go so he can go find a women who has her life together and knows what she wants in someone so he doesn’t get strung along by the next “Hot guy” you gain attraction for

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  4. Yes! I went on a men hiatus after my dating history included a serial cheater, a raging alcoholic, and a guy who I thought was cool until he got me away from my family and isolated. I went “holy crap, what do I need to change this”

    Not that what happened to me was my fault. No. But patterns are patterns and I need to teach myself to look for early warning signs and set better boundaries. Now I’m engaged to a wonderful man.

    You have to cut your losses. I am sorry about the dog. My last shitty ex had a dog I loved with all my heart, and letting go hurt, but it’ll get better.

  5. OP,

    You jumped into a relationship with someone who was in a relationship with someone else while you also were in a relationship with someone else. WHEW.

    No he had left her twice promising you he was there for you, then went back twice. This shows he is stringing you along and when you want out he leaves her for a short time then goes back when all is “good” with you.

    I am not even going to get into the fact that YOU AND HIM CHEATED on your SO's.

    This relationship is tarnished from the very beginning and it wont last before you or him cheats on the other. I will sit back with the popcorn.

  6. Very inappropriate, good god this is gross.

    A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind.

    Your stepdad would fuck you if given a no-consequence chance to.

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