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  1. You’ve already posted this and I assume you must be a troll because this version makes you look worse?

  2. Then you should be working through it. Not plotting revenge on Reddit. Honestly, if you expose him, your not going to feel better and your going to obsess over what happens after and stalk him and his gf live!. Your acting a little shall I say unstable.

  3. I’m so sorry, OP. I had a somewhat similar story. Supported my boyfriend for years as he tried at a startup, later went to a regular 9-5 and was fired. Once he found a new job, he dropped me to the curb. He didn’t have a new fling but was on dating apps in 3 weeks looking for someone else.

    It’s hot when you put so much time, energy, and effort into someone thinking you’re in it for the long haul. It makes the nude days or the hot times worth it, knowing you have one another’s back. And after all of that, they end it and go on to live! a happy life, it’s so incredibly painful.

    I don’t really have advice but just letting you know it will get better. You will find happiness. And you will find someone you deserve. Because, as everyone above has already said, you deserve something SO MUCH MORE!

  4. Either she is genuinely asking (curiosity), or is not-so-subtly saying 'we need more photos of the three of us'.

    Get them to buy a cheapy tripod, so on family days out (or even days in) they can get some nice pictures as a family.

    It's definitely not something to be overthinking. Christmas is a great time for family photos. Start there.

  5. She is upset because you didn’t validate her feelings and showed her the mirror. If she apologizes and sees her fault then it’s a testimony for her good character. If she doesn’t do it you’re better off without her.

  6. Guilt is good. You have a lot to feel guilty about. I carry some guilt. I still think about it often. It helps you to be a better person. Go forward. Be a better human. Try to forgive yourself.

  7. What are you going to do?

    Be lonely and sad for a couple of months or put up with this behaviour for another year?

    Set your standards a lot higher my dear. There are so many better guys out there so why are you settling?

  8. When you were with the second person , if the first person came back around, would you have given them another chance or would you choose to stay with the second person u fell in love with ?

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  10. My husband is currently being influenced by my MIL. Getting rid of her could snap him out of it.

    It's nude to get myself and my kid to leave without him tracking us down. He actually wouldn't mind if I left but he wants our kid to stay

  11. Please keep in mind Reddit in general is militantly atheist, just brace yourself for unhelpful comments that use this time to make you feel horrible instead of helping.

    To Redditors: you have to meet people where they are, not demand they start from a position you'd like them to contort into. If she refuses to divorce, offer alternative paths instead of using your time to bully someone in a tough situation.

  12. It is not controlling if he is using YOUR CAR. Tell him that if he is using your car, you have a right to know where it is and when you’ll have it back.

    What happens when you need to go somewhere and he is out?

  13. Well, his answer would be enough for me to ask him to go. So disrespectful to you and your marriage this is a betray..

  14. It’s nude balancing when you live! apart, personally I hate watching people play games but maybe she likes it

    Is there anything she can bring/do while you’re playing? I on-line with my boyfriend so when he’s playing his games I’ll go on my phone or do a jigsaw next to him and I have plenty things at home to occupy myself

    Maybe you could get a game to play together

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  17. She's gone from being the best wife he could imagine, sharing the best years of his life with her where he was happy with how everything was… to having a mega hormone changing operation, constantly sleeping and sounding extremely depressed.

    I don't think this is about “give the lazy wife more ways to be lazy.” She's changed after her illness and surgery. It sounds very physical, in terms of hormone/chemical imbalances and as a result mentally also.

    I dont know about you, but I hate missing the day by sleeping. The only thing that drives me to sleep during the day is being ill or recovering to an extent that my body desperately needs it. If they have a chance to get back to where they could be, it's worth a shot.

  18. If you visit her every other day depending how much time all of it takes it is absolutely is enough to interfere in your marriage.

    How long is she extremely ill. If it's not last few days then you could absolutely visit her other day. No argument that she your mother could die any day ceases to be relevant the longer it lasts. If it is long lasting by now and you visit her every other day as I understand it than she is absolutely justified in her anger. In this case the only thing you can do right now is text her you will listen to her request, but you regret your actions and you understand your she and your child should be priority over your mother and they will be unquestionably from now on if she lets you.

    Now IF I somehow got the wrong impression about the layout of circumstances and she is completely unreasonable than absolutely stay in your home. Big IF here

  19. Do her paychecks reflect all of the extra hours she’s working? That can be a great indicator if she’s not really working that much.

    Odds are they are now using a different app to communicate.

    Good luck

  20. She's so immature. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. He rarely likes and comments on my sm posts. He isn't on sm much anyway. That doesn't mean he doesn't love me.

  21. Okay… I wasn't clear on that – it sounded like he may have. He gets a pass on that. (ish)

    Still… Linda? Why didn't she tell you?

    And bullets have left guns slower than he left you to fuck someone else… and no one told you? Not him? no Emily? not Linda?

    Nude pass and I'd inquire as to what else your “friends” aren't tell you.

  22. That what mature ppl who have lived life will do. Unfortunately she's still wet behind the ears. Here she is asking for advice, ppl are trying to help her and she's being naive and scarastic in on breath! Smh.


    Dating sucks so much. You are on the right track though and I’m so proud of you.

    Honestly, it took me so long to find my self-worth and dealt with lots of bs and heartbreak.

    You seem as if you know who you are, what you want and what you won’t deal with.

    This may be overstepping but I just want to share something:

    There may come a time where it seems like it’s taking you “forever” to find a mate. You may start thinking that you are “picky”. Please do not let those thoughts get into your head. Try your best to avoid getting with someone who doesn’t deserve you for the sake of being in a relationship. It will never be worth it and you are worth ssoooo much more. ❤️

  24. I assume it's not a close friend considering you didn't know? It probably wouldn't bother me then, but I doubt I would hang out with him again.. It's just something you're gonna have to get over if you want this to work.

  25. I also don’t want to give her an ultimatum. I don’t want to be forced into having kids but if that’s her final answer then I’ll have to say I walk which I feel is unfair,no?

  26. He gets head before sex. That's a win right there. Probably just unrealistic expectations of sex cause of porn, and thinks all of that is real.

  27. Who knows what he will say

    Maybe he would be better without knowing it or maybe he would have been better without knowing you

    Not for you to decide

  28. Communication works great when the person you're communicating with isn't a lying cheater. I agree he should say something but imo whatever she says back is of no value.

  29. So what, you’re just a baby oven here? It sounds like he doesn’t care at all about you except as an incubator for his progeny.

    This disgusts me. I’ve been through IVF, and it’s nude. It’s YOUR body and you can do what YOU want with it. The fact that the problem is his is probably making him feel some kind of way, but he needs to discuss that, not try and guilt trip you into doing something that terrifies you.

    My DMs are open if you’d like to talk about the IVF process by the way.

  30. This happened with myself and my husband on a major birthday of mine. He's typically not great but he really screwed up on this particular day.

    We ended up talking and he just didn't realize it meant so much to me. Has not happened since.

    Talk to him. It doesn't have to be the end of the world. Just say, especially given you are just returning to a routine that you really would like to feel appreciated on special days.

    There may be something at his work, even if he is self-employed, that is more pressing right now too.

  31. I just did a training this summer about neurodivergence from a late identified autistic speech language pathologist. She brought up the studies about people detecting neurodivergence. There was a piece about how teenagers accurately identified other students as being “ odd “ or “ different “ despite the neurodivergent students receiving years of social skill help. It’s why it’s important that neurotyoical people learn communication styles of neurodivergent people so both can work together. Studies like that are helping us to change our practices in speech – language therapy so that we can truly support people with their individual needs ( if they have them and choose to ask for services ).

  32. So you never wanted to be a nanny and a maid, but you were basically that.

    Why wasn't he buying the kids' clothes or helping with homework?

    Sounds like he said he liked your habits because he was having a nude time figuring out how to run a household alone? You also said in the comments he needs you financially.

  33. Why do I feel like they’re trying to rub their wedding in your face? The babysitter was an amazing compromise. I don’t understand why they’re saying it has to be you! It’s like they both want YOU to “witness their love” or some creepy shit!

  34. NTA and hiring the babysitter was a great solution. It seems like they want you at their wedding more than the kids, which is weird. Also is your ex incapable of providing supervision to his own children?

  35. Leave it alone. You know how he feels and you should respect it. And yes have some dignity and don’t go chasing after someone who doesnt want you. Will feel much better to find someone who does!

  36. This is how you see things. Many people attribute sex as being the most intimate part of relationship, and he thought he gets to do it with you, and only him. You could tell him many times over, you love your husband, it wouldn't do much.

    I guess you could tell him, you do not love him, and would leave him, if your husband asked you to any day of the week. Maybe it could get through to him.

  37. You are absolutely right but OP doesn’t need to stick around for it nor should she. She will always be judged by him for this and he will find fault in the future for other things he finds sinful. They just aren’t compatible on many levels.

  38. Honey you’re being naive. This man gets off on thinking you’re less “powerful” than him in this situation. He assumed you’re more submissive than you are.

    The minute he finds out you’re not a virgin, his true self will show. He sounds like a frat boy hyped up to deflower a college freshman and the entire thing just gives off super ick vibes. I know there is a part of you that is concerned about his behavior, but I’m not understanding why you’re trying to convince yourself everything is all hunky-dory and normal? Like girl he’s just a boy. Nothing extra special. His obsession with your hymen should absolutely negatively impact your perception of him.

  39. You‘re literally disgusting for telling a TEEN to hook up with a grown man. My stomach twisted when I read your comment. He is her TEACHER and therefore plays a role in her development to an adult (and yes legally she is an adult but with 19 you barely are an adult in my opinion), which makes this even more sickening.

    Do you want your future daughter to fuck her dusty 60 yo teachers at 18? I highly doubt that.

  40. Super sus! And she needs to be understanding of your feelings. I wouldn’t want my partner to do that so I wouldn’t do that either, it’s that simple.

  41. Honey, he handed you his red flags, just end it!! He will not change his manipulation and making you feel bad.

    We are telling you to take off the rose-tinted glasses and see the red flags we see!

  42. If they continue taking cheap shots at him I can understand if he doesn't want to hang out with them. If they continue disrespecting him after you have talked to them I would seriously consider if you should keep the friendship.

    The other solution would be as someone else suggested. Keep your boyfriend and your friends completely separate. No info going one way or the other about them.

  43. yup! that is good advise + hire a weekend babysitter even if you are not goin out as it will help with the “being a parent” feelings – That is the positive reaction.

    start caring for yourself – look & smell good & have some wine & friends over/go out for a few hours for spa, mani & pedi, facial, shopping etc. I bet he will react to these.

    Negative reaction – only clean after yours & the kids stuff, laundry, plates etc – leave his there around & about for him to handle it himself LOL

  44. I think I agree with your wife that kids should come first, you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t get along with your kids, and if they haven’t tried blending the family in 4 years how will it change in the future?

    You’re not wrong in saying therapy will help them, but my question is why haven’t they been to therapy in 4 years? (Here’s a hint: because they don’t want to. Especially the father who can just act avoidant toward the kids and not have to deal with it)

    I just believe in marriage and that things should be worked out

    In my humble opinion that’s a dangerous way of thinking. You make marriages sound like a bit of a burden than a partner. Should things be worked out at the expense of my kids? Even if the partner haven’t made an effort to be accepting and cordial? What if there are other issues like difference of opinion or something more serious? Yes something can be worked out, but certainly not everything. Your kids fall under the latter

  45. “Why would I want to initiate sex with someone who talks to me the way you do”

    And then break up. There are plenty of women who treat their partners like humans instead of like sex toys.

  46. I want to have kids. She doesn’t want to have kids

    Sorry to tell you but that is an incompatibility that can not be resolved.

    This is not really a marriage. I suggest that you get individual counseling to help you make the difficult decisions.

  47. No she hasn’t! You are still together so she is definitely enabled by you and she absolutely gets her way because you take your daughter out of the house when your wife throws a fit, which is EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS! Your daughter doesn’t actually get to spend “family time” in your house when you remove her from the house because of your wife. Honestly you are the only family she has in your house. In about 1-2 years your daughter is going to stop visiting and your wife will rejoice. Your BS about being a coward for divorcing and your sons missing out is sooo delusional you need therapy (just you). You can’t see that your sons don’t need a marriage to be your kids. They are going to treat your daughter like shit and you are going to sit on your throne of lies that it’s better for your 3 kids and toss the 1. You are a coward now.

  48. Omg so relieved. Did/doing all those things and have told my bf to ask them about dinner so they don’t feel pressured. Thank you! I’m just nervous af.

  49. You take your essentials and you leave. Do you work? Can you support yourself? If yes, then take your essentials, find a shared living situation you can afford, and get out. If not, then go home. Your parents don't have to “understand”, just say, “the relationship didn't work out” – they will let you live! there until you get back on your feet, that is enough.

    You do not need to be abused to have “justification” to break up. You can break up for any reason you want.

  50. I mean the fact that the guy was there, didn't say otherwise and even complimented him is probably proof enough.

  51. So, basically you’ve overcommitted yourself and work a 40 hour a week job that you don’t need to work… and then complain that you’re too busy and that it’s your husband’s fault? The solution here is to stop working your 40 hour a week job and channel that energy into being a stay at home mom. I know you want to work because you want your own income, but you need to think about what’s best for your kids… a mom who is stressed the fuck out, is way too busy, and has a small income? Or a mom who is relaxed, has time for her kids, and doesn’t have her own income? The solution here is clear, you’re just being stubborn.

  52. Your bestie is acting like you slept with her BF. Are you sure she doesn’t have a crush on him?

  53. Ultimatums to get married are a bad idea, because if you do get married, you'll never know if it's because they actually wanted to marry you or if it's because they were given an ultimatum. If he wanted to marry her, he would have proposed. Money is not object for him, so that's not a reason. He just doesn't want to get married at all or to OP.

  54. Agreed. Either I wouldn't believe him or I would and break up. It's really disrespectful towatds his GF. Also his friends aren't assholes atleast.

  55. How do you not know what to do? Dump his freeloading inconsiderate ass and send him back to mommy.

  56. If my father raped anyone—much less a child, repeatedly—i would never speak to him again. if i found out he raped my sister, it’s possible i would do something that would get me a very long prison sentence. i can’t fathom staying with someone who would defend a child rapist. if you want children of your own, it’s delusional to pretend that your children would NEVER be alone with their grandparents considering how close your boyfriend is to his family. maybe wouldn’t happen on your watch, sure, but if you ever separate from your boyfriend then say goodbye to being able to watch your kids like a hawk.

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