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Date: September 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “VICTORIA

  1. “Force” her dads trying to be happy and found a woman who helps. OP won’t even be a decent human to her. Whatever Reddit. I have real life relationships and even if I don’t like them I’m fucking nice. I hate coworkers I hate, and we have wonderful small talk and we know about each others lives. My step brother, whom I didn’t grow up with, and met after he was married with two kids, is a fucking loner to the family and I reach out. He reaches out. His wife is the cuntiest bitch I have ever met and with her oldest being suicidal? I offer to come across the country and help take care of the you get two so they have more time to focus on him. Because I’m a nice person, who cares about my moms happiness and that comes with her step grandson coming before my stupid feelings about my loner stepbrother’s cunty wife’s attitude. My other step brother? A psych ward patience by day, a heroine addict by night. What do I do? I take in his old dog because she was going to die on a diet of whatever left overs he had, no water, and 8 flights of stairs. No I didn’t just send her to the pound to be murdered. Wanna know why? I’m a good fucking person. My ex? Everyone who has ever rubbed me the wrong way? I treat them like their human. Albeit, I don’t send them Xmas cards or say happy birthday, but if they needed a ride and we’re stuck somewhere with no money, I’d pick them up. Cause I’m a nice fucking person.

    Fuck you and you’re “cut people out and treat people like shit because you aren’t forced to be in their life” snowflake ass bitch.

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