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  1. You do realize, you can't force anyone to do something they don't want to do, especially sexual acts. Are you trying to become an abuser? If you truly love her and she isn't interested in trying out oral, then you need to accept that.

  2. I mean they’re right though. You don’t think you could get anyone else? Well then don’t fuck this relationship up by being jealous over her past. She’s not with anyone from her past she’s with you. She also is going out of her way to teach you about sex. I’m almost 30, I want to have fun in bed, not teach someone how to go down on me. She has willingly signed up to be your teacher, that is no small task.. You need to appreciate the fact that she is accepting you for who you are. Accept her for who she is. By your own accord this might be your only chance so why risk it?

  3. You are not unreasonably scared that your girlfriend will get pregnant you’re playing roulette with her getting pregnant.

    Not having a period whilst on birth control is not unusual and not linked to fertility. The ‘bleed week’ was brought in when the pill was designed in the 1960s to reassure women that everything was normal but actually serves no other purpose.

    There are alternative birth control methods and I recommend that you both research these.

  4. Sounds like she may be asexual or seven have SA trauma? Either way, seems like y’all are most likely incompatible unless you are ok with a partner that is not physically affectionate with you.

  5. First off he really shouldnt be comparing himself to other people and if his friends are making him feel small about this then maybe he needs new friends,

    Second if he wants more sexual experience then offer to experiment more in the bedroom, i dont mean full whips and chains (unless ur into that) but there always alot to learn about the human body and its various erogenous zones, more partners doesnt really equal more experience, and if hes worried about cheating maybe consider threesomes? or some other shared act (like maybe you pick his partners or something to that effect) so he still feels like its a couple thing rather than him being selfish or whatever,

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  7. Yes I’ve showed him what I like and how to do it and he keeps just doing what he wants and then will get upset with me and Im trying to do more or show him something

  8. Ok, but you shouldn't date someone you fundamentally aren't attracted to. If you think someone is bland as a person, you shouldn't date them.

  9. Yeah! You never know when you'll accidentally cheat on your spouse with a close family friend for 4 years. Could happen to anyone.


  10. That would go with cheating as well. It's her body so she can cheat. While his reaction is extreme, no SO should take on a public job without talking to the other.

  11. We really should stop normalising opposite gender friendships when you’re in a serious relationship.

    Your so should be the only man/woman in the centre of your attention. You can have your guy gang/girl gang for life outside relationship.

  12. Get her some roses or treat her to a special date. Don't get into the habit of buying gifts to apologize and stop talking to others females about your Gf it's rude and disrespectful to her. Good luck

  13. You need to buy yourself quality time together. Have babysitter on at least one free day a week even though in theory you don't need to. Use this to gain time to go out and have fun, if twins are so problematic you can't have sex at all go visit hotel (or some other place like that) on your dates and have sex there.

  14. There's nothing like a good old infidelity post to get reddit users to hop up on that pulpit and grasp at their pearls.

  15. Lol, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard (your soon to be ex (i hope)).

    My husband complains that the more Os I have, the more I want to have sex. 🙂

    Throw the whole boy away, and find a better man.

  16. You’re stupid my friend. A 29 year old guy on the same playing field as a 19 year old girl. You should contact your birth hospital and see if they can reprint your ticket with less years on it

  17. Just leave it alone. He probably couldn’t find a picture of himself alone that he liked and this was the best he could come up with. Stop reading into it so deeply.

  18. I have no real advice other than you need to write a book. Like seriously. You are a fantastic writer and storyteller and I know this is like an actual situation that you are struggling to deal with but it was told in such an entertaining way and yeah. I hope it all works out.

    He’s definitely wrong. Poop doesn’t need to “stew”. That’s just gross.

    Anyway, write a book.

  19. Sooo what's going thru his mind right now

    My girl thinks I got small D , her friend thinks I got a small D and god knows how many of her other friends know that I got a small D , both guys and girls.

    Yeah this is gonna shake him for a good while

    What can you do now , maybe tell him good things come in small parcels

  20. It sounds like she is purposely distancing to give you time and space to get professional help. Instead of dwelling on her hitting pause, take steps to address your well being. She is probably relieved you finally admitted your truth. Now instead of playing the “I won't share my feelings again” card, learn what else is in your hand.

  21. Never say that because you don’t know who that kid is going to be, he could be Einstein, or Bach. And he or she would need you and love you and will change your life.

  22. How is someone asking you to get nude manipulating you?

    All of a sudden she forgot she had a husband? God, people are so dense.

  23. Honestly OP, there comes a time when you have to admit defeat and you did. It was in your best interest. You cannot fix this woman, but you can do what needs to be done for yourself, which was removing yourself from the situation. You tried to work things out and she didn't want to. You're doing what's best for you, which a lot of people won't do because it can be nude. I think you did the right thing in blocking her. At this point, just stand your ground if she tries to get in contact with you again.

  24. It's all fake anyway. It's sad that you're boyfriend is so gullible. Tell him to have fun and he'll be by himself

  25. I don’t know, seems a bit controlling to me. When you’re out having fun, sometimes you stay out later than you anticipated. Why is it such a problem that he ended up staying out late even though he hasn’t originally planned to?

    Part of why people enjoy nights like this out with friends is being able to just be in the moment and see where the night takes you.

    Yeah, it would have been better if he had sent a quick note when he realized he would be out late, but he responded right away when you texted and was probably just having fun.

    Is this something that happens regularly? If so, that’s a different story. But if this is out of the ordinary, I don’t see why you’re this angry about it.

    If you’re sleeping anyway, why do you need continual updates about the exact time he will be home?

  26. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    He says that he just can’t see me the same. Apparently now that I became a mother his view of me completely changed. Is this some Madonna/W Complex phycology thing or what? Anyways, in all honesty, it’s been taking a serious toll on my mental health and I can’t even talk about it or share it with my friends or family (mother, sisters, cousins) because it’s genuinely humiliating, I also know it’s something they didn’t experience, and they’d probably tell me to “just leave him” which isn’t what I want, I love him, our wedding is scheduled to happen this year and settled for and our child is six months old—yeah we went through six months without having sex, as if having a child for the first time isn’t exhausting as it is, I also had to carry the weight of my relationship being in crisis and feeling absolutely terrible and undesirable, our sex life prior to me giving birth was the healthiest, it took a 180 degree turn in change afterwards, even during my pregnancy it wasn’t bad.

    I know this isn’t something usual, men don’t just lose interest in their partners after they give birth, obviously it’s some psychological thing for my fiancé here. And I know what you might be thinking, that perhaps it’s on me and I haven’t took care of myself after pregnancy and neglected my appearance, but that’s not the case at all. I got back to the weight I was at before giving birth very fast, I take care of myself and my how I look daily; hair done, nails done, dress nice. To add; everything else between us is the same, we have smooth conversations, he gives me compliments, kisses me, treats me well, just refuses to being intimate with me. It’s like he’s holding me on a pedestal and can’t acknowledge that I’m a sexual being anymore just because I became a mother.

    I’m looking for a way to solve the problem, it’s causing a dilemma in our relationship and I can’t imagine spending a life time sexually repressed. Counseling is a must, we’ve already talked about it and are going to go through it, I just can’t help but believe I need to do something else prior to that. And I’m honestly thinking that an open relationship where we’d both see other people for a while might drastically help us, it would for sure shatter the false illusion he has of me in his head. Any advice would be appreciated, and I’d also really like to know if there’s anyone out here who experienced something similar?

  27. Ok.

    Let's asssume she is honest and it is indeed an old video. Why is it in her recents now? Was she reminiscing? Was she sending it around? Was she just wanted to enjoy it? Also even if it is indeed old, you have every right to not want be with a woman that has that past. It's not wrong to have boundaries, to not want a promiscuous woman. Her past is her own, for you to not accept it, is your right. Her past is not wrong, but you not wanting to be a woman with that past, is also not wrong. It's just personal preferences. She lied, that means she just had a gangbang recently. Thus, she cheated, thus, it's for you to run from this walking red flag.

    Also, I don't believe her that this was an old video, unless, she dug up an old video, to send to those guys that were gangbanging her, or to some new guys to explain to her what she wants to do.

  28. I didn’t slap him. I did apologize for slapping the wall and will make sure I don’t do it again. Our fights are usually normal and talked calmly through this was an outlier.

  29. There's a term for what happened to you, it's called Rape by Fraud. Is in, you were raped because the person in question led you to believe they were someone else, and you would not have consented if you'd known who she actually was.

    The fact that she still tried to force you to have sex with her proves this was not just an accident/miscommunication. She raped you. I am so sorry this happened to you.

    If your girlfriend is truly a good person, then she should believe you and cut ties with that friend of hers. If she treats you like a cheater, or insists she should stay friends with a rapist, then she is not someone worth dating. If she isn't sure who to believe, then okay it is your word against hers, but you have told her in the past how uncomfortable her friend makes you. (And, as others have pointed out, see if you can get evidence of her admitting to what she did, whether through text or recording)

    What happened to you was horrible, and I hope you can heal from this event. This was in no way your fault. Just remember that.

  30. Well said. I also suffer from chronic depression. Making (and keeping) an appointment, getting out of bed, leaving the house, and even being sexually aroused are all incredibly difficult things to do when I’m depressed. I know people can react different ways when they’re depressed, but he can’t blame depression for cheating.

  31. I'm not absolving your wife of responsibility entirely, but it's clear that Amanda was the aggressor here and has been the one pushing boundaries from the beginning. I suspect she was also less drunk than your wife was, and I guarantee she's been planning this for a while.

  32. You sound unhinged lowkey. Please leave poor David alone. There really isn’t any way to convince him on getting back together when you’re in fact, the toxic one.

  33. Bonnie shouldn't have cheated. Personally, I don't agree with asking anyone to keep information from their spouse, and I make it clear to anyone telling me anything that I do not withhold information from my spouse, nor does she. We tell each other everything. Maybe you and Zoe don't have that trait between the two of you and that's perfectly fine. But then she shouldn't have told you. Adam is your friend. The right thing would be to tell him. It's not your fault that you know. Bonnie put herself in this situation, then brought your wife into it, who then brought you into it. If you don't tell Adam and he never finds out, will you still look at yourself as a friend in the same way? Surely you can't view Bonnie in the same way as your friends wife. If he finds out on his own, and also finds out that you knew all along, how do you think he'll feel about you? Please be the one person who finally actually does the right thing and tell him.

  34. .would you seriously consider a relationship with someone that doesn't respect you and fucked someone else while you were still together.find some self respect. u want get married 18 and also get divorced at 18. why not.

    man. dont be a fool. do your service. be a man. get an education. when you are done . find a woman.

    you may be old enough to die for your country but you still have a hell of a lot of growing up to do.

    date. have relationships but yeh most sensible people try and get some life experience under their belt before they get married. hence why people have children later in life now. its not the 1950s. people who are 18 are very different to people who are 21 who in turn are very different people when they are 25.

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