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  1. You are probably right but it has nothing to do with you or how attractive you are. Your boyfriend puts me in mind of the guy who buys a car he is nuts about but after a while looks at other models. He is bored with you and that is because you were his toy and not his lover, a sure sign of immaturity. Face reality, dump him and take some me-time. Go out, enjoy yourself and forget about him. A man (not a boy) who truly loves you and sees you as the the key to happiness is out there. You deserve to be loved, cherished and appreciated. Good luck 🙂

  2. She doesn't trust him because the story changed. At first he said he waited outside. Then he finally told her it was actually in the room but he just slept on a different bed… At this point the trust is broken because the husband broke boundaries and then lied. You have a kind of weird view of boundaries and trust. If my husband knows my boundaries and breaks them without thought of me he is breaking my trust.

  3. I think it means you need a new work bestie.

    She mocks you and gaslights you and most probably is jealous of your crush.

  4. I think your conversation over the phone is enough. I mean, all of us is going through something everyday. You also mentioned that she's still talking to the guy. So she has somebody to talk to. For me, rescind your Christmas invite and spend your Chrsitmas with someone you love/family.

  5. F that drama! She wants weed she can come to you. She is only doing it because she gets away with it. I mean I could understand if she has to work early or doesn’t sleep well unless alone or has crazy landlord type situation. But you have stayed over before and if she doesn’t work till 3 pm? So what changed? Sorry that’s not a situation I would do for someone who doesn’t respect you. 3 hours trips late /weather sucks. Nah!!Stop bringing the weed, be unavailable when she calls/texts. Find someone else who wants to see you and excited to spend time together. Good luck

  6. Well if you don’t feel like this relationship is headed places and you don’t want to leave then just follow your heart and stay where you are.

    If he thinks a life with you is worth the nude times like career adversity then he will stay. If he doesn’t stay well then that answers your question about if it was going to last or not.

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  8. Especially when it comes to sex, I really do not believe that you should just try and get over something you are not comfortable with. OP doesn't feel comfortable having sex when his kids are up, for very valid reasons, so sex shouldn't happen then. You have to be really careful about compromising with sex, otherwise you can easily end up with extreme discomfort, trauma, resentment, or just associating what should be an intimate and pleasurable act with negative feelings.

    If you and your partner are okay with compromising then you do you. But that's not a fair expectation to place on everyone else.

    Honestly imo if sex in the morning is off the table and sex with kids awake is off the table, then OP and his wife need to invest in a babysitter they can dump their kids with so they have time to themselves at an hour they are both willing to have sex. As it stands, they are otherwise going to be in dry spell until their kids are old enough to have their own lives and either not be around at night or simply not bother their parents. Though even then if OP is uncomfortable with their kids being awake they're going to continue to have issues until the kids move out.

  9. See, I would definitely not have a problem with this. When I got pregnant and gave birth in 2020; my relationship with my partner was rocky. (No cheating; not abusive; but mainly stress and dealing with becoming new parents) I didn’t know until my daughter was 4 months old, that my partners mother wanted him to get a dna test done on her when she was first born. When my partner told me that; I LAUGHED. I laughed so fucking nude. Told him, “okay, if you feel the need to get the test done; when the results come back we’re going to your moms and I’m gonna laugh in her face” I’ve never been unfaithful. Never fucked anyone else while in a relationship. And I wasn’t even worried. Just made me laugh that it took 4 months for my partner to admit that’s what his mother told him. He told me, “I know she’s mine – she is a perfect mix of me and you” now she’s going on 3 years old and she’s literally his fuckin twin lmao. But I was more than happy to accommodate to the test had he said he really wanted to do it. (His mother didn’t like me that’s why)

  10. She's introverted but yet streaming for thousands live! and meeting dudes who live on the other side of the country? Lol.

    Dump her and find someone better. She knows very well what she's doing.

  11. That depends on what your intention was. Were you intending to make him feel bad? Were you hoping your words would make him spend more time talking to you and apologizing further? If yes to either of these or anything similar then yes it’s manipulative.

  12. Oh sweetie. You are in an abusive relationship. Figure out your exit plan and choose yourself instead of this loser.

  13. You can always know what your GF says to your daughter. Your daughter may not always tell you. I agree that you should be worried. Your daughter may be worried that she is the cause of a fight between you & your GF. So she would be blaming herself.

  14. “I'm not a hurt/comfort fanfic, y'know?”

    Oh my god, that's exactly what this is, you nailed it! There's nothing wrong with it as a fantasy, but irl, this is really not healthy. No wonder this felt icky. There's also an element of inspiration porn here as well, as OP has repeatedly commented that his trauma has made him a real inspiration to her. She's gross in a few ways. Hopefully it's just because she's young and sheltered and will grow out of it. Sooner rather than later. I hope Samir can heal from his past and live! a healthy life.

  15. In NYC, a couple with this background would be expected to hire a nanny and pay 60-80K plus bennies. A little bit wealthier and it could hit 100K/bennies.

  16. The people who created him have told you that you shouldn’t be with him and that should be the BIGGEST red flag.

    If this is how he acts about you using a PlayStation, he cannot be trusted for you to stay safe amongst other situations.

  17. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  18. “Mom/Dad… From now on, you're getting one phone call once a week. Keep on calling me 40 times a day and you won't even get that.”

  19. Ok, if you both split up after you have the baby how are you going to support the baby and ensure it doesn't grow up in poverty? You mentioned school/college whatever.

    He might be ready to have a baby, but he's a lot older than you and in a different headspace. You haven't gotten there yet, you know you can't just half arse having a kid.

    If your kid is born disabled, can you afford childcare, medical expenses and are you mentally resiliant enough to carry on with your education? Because you can't expect him to give up his career in that situation.

    You need to plan for the worst when you have a baby. Because people have babies then realise that actually they ignored all the issues they had when it was just them.

  20. I’d wondering this too. A lot of art is nude and suggestive. Not a lot of art is outrightly sexual, like masturbation or actual acts. I think some clarification would be helpful.

  21. I dunno mate, I don't think you should be fighting this person but if someone insults your partner in front of all your friends and you don't at least confront them in some manner I'm not surprised she is angry. If she is advocating violence then that's a concern….but you've got to at least say something and then leave.

  22. Nah if he's gonna be like that I say revoke his sexy time privileges.

    Or petty me


  23. Yeah but even if you were a professional, it would still be unlikely that your work would be technically perfect. And perfection isn't required for something to be good anyway. Your boyfriend is a dick who's trying to 'neg' you.

  24. Thank you. If I can’t afford a spot, can I get a SRO? And can I apply to jobs before I get a new state id?

  25. He got his number because we all were in a group chat. The friend didn’t know he’s my bf. So I initiated a conversation about him, instead of directly asking if she talks to him. And she showed me stuff herself. I don’t wanna get out of the guilt or penalty of my actions by finding an opportunity. Both the things happened around the same time, like he was trying to get back at me.

    And nothing I said when I was blacked out was genuine, I was baffled when I heard it. Because I find my bf to be the most attractive person out there, and do love him with all my heart. And I don’t have a history of cheating.

    Despite all I’m taking his calls, where he’s doing nothing but yelling at me for an hour because him talking to my friend and lying about it is same as me talking to my male friends, which I’m transparent about. Because he is going through a stressful time and is taking it all on me.

    Also, I feel this might be relevant here. My bf isn’t someone who apologises right away for his mistakes. If I get mad at him, he’ll be mad at me and will argue. He usually comes back around after 4-5 days. He’s not perfect and neither am I, but I’m hoping to make things work.

    Hope it gives more context.

  26. I understand your point of view,I am just 18 and I don’t consider myself mature but I just tried my best and communicate all the time and I’m very hurt by how it ended.

  27. fairly soon after we met i found out about it. in the conversation about each others careers just getting to know each other. he has told me that he can tell i’m not interested in him because of this live! persona he has, he knows that it is just different for me to understand which is fair

  28. You may find you need to move out and go low contact if you ever want to have a decent relationship

  29. Explain that you are not comfortable spending that much on a car, nor can you guys afford it and that you'd only be willing to split the price of a car that you both agree on. If he doesn't listen it sounds like he doesn't respect your worries and boundaries.

  30. Be 'that's girl if you want to and enjoy Jake's company. You listed some positive qualities that appear to not be found in the other frat bros. .

    If you like Jake, date him. Don't let others tell you who you can/cannot date.

  31. Have you discussed any of this with the pregnant family member? Because that seems like the place to start, if it truly is that important for her to be at your wedding.

    You say your reception plans involve physical activities that aren't okay for a pregnant woman. A lot of what she may or may not be able to do is up to her. Unless you're planning something like horseback riding, biking, or mountain climbing or other extreme sports type things?

    Even if you do plan on having some sort of strenuous activity at your reception, is it something everyone has to participate in? Like do people have to climb a mountain to get to your reception or something? If it's an optional activity, ask her if she'd be okay with sitting out. If it's something all guests have to do to get to the venue or something like that, she may not feel comfortable doing it even when only a few months pregnant or with a baby.

    The upshot of all of this: You aren't going to know until you talk to her. Get off Reddit and go have a conversation with the pregnant person.

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