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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I came out as bisexual originally, but I feel as though there is a bad stigma around bi people (this whole comment section literally proves it), and I also don’t really like labels. I like men, I like women, I like non-binary people, i like everyone. That’s why I just say I’m queer

  2. hey he dosent kink-shame you!i dont Belize that this gets him turned on, he is just angry at you. his dream is to humiliate you because he despises you. he masked his disdain so he he could throw it in your face for standing in the way of the life he “deserves” you with your blind love take everything as if it's your fault and adjust to him and his needs, how degradering it is. he doesn't love you he despises you. if it doesn't work out with the kid he Will be comming back to your safe space. he'll crawl back, change his mind for a while. fall back into his abusive ways until he finds something better! take advice leave him find someone to love who deserves your love. He is a unlovable sociopath

  3. I think most people can reasonably predict that your husband will feel betrayed, hurt, sad, angry, confused, gullible, humiliated, devastated that the child he thought was his son, is not, grief stricken, hopeless, resentful. All of these and more. Not a single one of which will be a positive emotion.

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  6. But how can I leave her when she cannot enjoy her own company for 10 minutes and when she has no friends and makes no effort to find friends? I'm scared this will ruin her. Like I said, she's not an individual, she relies on me for everything. How can I be sure ending the relationship will not literally break her and drive her to complete depression? I have major depression and I don't wish it on my worst enemy. I don't want to ruin her life, but staying is ruining me and my life..

  7. A whole lot of people discuss opening the relationship, get talked into it against their better judgment, and spend years in misery and resentment. OP got what she wanted (some strange), and BF did the right thing ending it nude rather than trying to negotiate an excruciating detente he wanted no part of.

  8. even then, it’s not like it’s unheard of for people in their late 20s to be single. i on-line in the south and literally half of my friends are single.

  9. What do you expect from her? She thought this is exactly what would happen should she tell you how she feels. You being angry she didn't tell you while doing exactly what she wanted to avoid is ironic.

    With that said if you are sexually incompatible, it can't be helped. However you should find yourself therapist. You aren't worse for having under average penis length. Is this what you think relationships breaks down to? Sex? Attraction and being wanted is not just about how much you can do with your penis (otherwise your gf would not be with you, but with her longer penises exes).

  10. I’m in the states and the mother went back to her country to give birth so this is international.

  11. This post is just heartbreaking. You never loved your wife. When she was thin and happy you fall in love with her. But when she is down, you kicked her. You kicked her when she was down and you abandoned her when she needed you most. HER HAIR WAS MATTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is like a huge huge huge red flag that she desperately needed love and support.

    This whole thing made me sad.

  12. It reads like the parents and sister are mad that this guy DIDN’T abuse OP. It’s fucked up.

    That’s probably why sis accused OP of sleeping with him. Because then sure, sis cheated with OP’s boyfriend… but if OP did it now, she’d be a homewrecker.

    In some families with a favorite, they get mad when the rest of the world doesn’t fawn over the golden child and crap on the scapegoat.

  13. Nothing he said was unusual.

    If you want to push an feminist ideology at the expense of a relationship then that is your choice. Most guys don’t want a serious relationship with a girl that behaves this way but they would still sleep with you.

    He’s upset because that removes you from being someone he can be serious about.

  14. I would be reconsidering the whole relationship. The first thing I would do is go to my next appointment (by myself if you aren't already) and tell the ob/birth team now that in no way will he be included or wanted in the birth plan or the room. Then I'd do just what he did and sit him down.

    “I am growing an entire human. OUR child and all you can think of is how “to make me nude like when we met”. First of all that's unrealistic. People change. Second it's hurtful as hell. You are supposed to be my partner, my support and all you do is tear me down. What's worse is that you claim it's a joke. If it's a joke explain to me how it's funny, because I just don't get it. Tell me exactly, how it's funny to hurt me? Since this is how you treat me, you will not be there when the baby is born. I will be at my most and if you aren't going to support me, I don't want you there.”

  15. Men do not need to be turned on to get an erection. Yes, there is often a connection, but not always. Some men, at some stages of life, just get nude for any reason or no reason at all. Being undressed and having any physical sensation anywhere near his genitals is more than enough to do the trick, sometimes. A good comparison might be erect nipples, some women's nipples get all firmed up for no sexual reason, and some men think it indicates that they are turned on. It's just your body reacting to something.

  16. Choosing your friend of 6 years over someone you've been with for 5 months, and who is making unreasonable demands, is exactly what you should be doing.

    Her philosophy is “if you have me then why do you need a female friend.”

    This is incredibly toxic and so immature. You're not going to be able to reason with someone that has this kind of mindset. Do you want to spend your whole relationship explaining yourself and dealing with her insecurity?

    She's entitled to her feelings but she's not entitled to making you get rid of your friends because of them. You can respect her feelings by walking away from her. If this is something she can't get past then end the relationship and find someone that isn't a toxic mess.

  17. Advice don’t smoke in her house, always take the more difficult route if it’s someone’s boundary. I lived in a high rise and it didn’t take me 40 minute commute to the front entrance. (But if you say so) if you’re not busy, then take the 40 minutes until you quit if you do.

    If she’s broken up with you she’s broken up, you can’t convince her to stay if that’s what she wants.

    Find a person who lives in a house or doesn’t mind smoking.

  18. Wait..he moved across the country. Where is his son? Does he feel his son ruined his life too?! This is really important because if he left his son, across the country with his mother, it really doesn't seem that he cares too much about his kids.

    Your husband is checked out. Please don't give up your sweet baby because he decided he can't be a father. If he wants to leave, let him. I know it hurts, but what kind of man is he?

  19. Fair enough, but you intentionally didn't reach out to play games. I could logically understand you not reaching out if you were upset about something. But you literally held out to goad him. On the other end, he's no better, so I'm definitely not ignoring that fact.

    Arguments aren't issues. Arguments happen because of issues. So what are the issues?

  20. Even if he wasn't cheating, which I really think he is, that still isn't an appropriate way to speak to you. That should be enough ground for you to go. You know what you know.

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