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Yesika Saenz, 26 y.o.


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Yesika Saenz live! sex chat

Date: September 24, 2022

4 thoughts on “Yesika Saenz the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Your wife is in deep with her family. Unbelievable that she doesn’t see that her Father is the problem. She has been programmed to be Daddy’s little girl all her life. Tough habit to break.

    “Even if I’m wrong I’m right” that’s a person that has to be right at all times. She may have some of FIL’s traits in wanting to be in charge and obeyed.

    You definitely need more sessions at the therapist office. Good Luck OP.

  2. He will have to sort it out and decide if he wants to be with someone who isolates him from friends and forces him to drop old friendships or not.

    Sometimes it helps if the partner gets to know you better. But if she is insecure and has trust issues, that's a her problem she will need to solve, and he will have to talk to her about it.

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  4. They’re going to Arizona without you?? did she invite you or just assumed u didn’t want to go cuz wtf . She sounds like she likes him. I would break up with her

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