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Date: September 26, 2022

5 thoughts on “YourSunshinee live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Thanks. That pretty much echoes what I'm thinking. I only just found out about this today. I just want to make sure I'm considering all my options.

  2. Some develop later, some never do. A 16 yr old brain is capable of objective reasoning, perhaps they have to work header but capable none the less.The brain is so very plastic. I’ve known a few 16 yr olds that made better decisions than many 40 yr olds ( perhaps not many but a few). In most cases ( the 16 yr olds) they had to take on a lot of responsibilities ( and not entirely by choice) very young. I’ve known 40-50 yr olds with the emotional age of 13 ( of normal IQ , just childish, and never were forced to accept responsibility for anything or anyone except themselves).

  3. You’re either extremely monogamous or you are not. Which is it? If you’re still sure you are, you should end it now. This will continue to come up.

  4. She is an adult and ultimately responsible for herself. You can’t be held hostage in a relationship because the other person might struggle. It may end up being the best thing for her.

  5. Why would he want 50/50 if he’s considerebly better off then her and wants to keep his money?

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