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Date: September 26, 2022

3 thoughts on “Yummyass4worship live webcams for YOU!

  1. this is interesting. my boyfriend and i have had a few big talks about that. i personally see porn on almost the same level as cheating and he was masturbating so often that we were having sex maybe once or twice a week. so i said no more porn and no more jerking off (unless i say no to sex or we’re not gonna see eachother that day) many men will disagree with me but idc, fuck u. i don’t blame you though, i think it’s okay to slip up once or twice but now you really need to think “is this worth losing my girlfriend over ?” just be honest with her. tell her you’re gonna try harder, you’re gonna be more conscious, you take her seriously and you care enough to stop this. that’s all u can do

  2. Your bf is a mamas boy if he listens to what she says wrt his sex life.

    Tbh I bet nobody will ever be good enough for her and she will find things “wrong” with every girl he dates.

    Your shyness is the “fault” that she’s found to manipulate him away from you. It’s pathetic, but sadly he can’t see that.

    She wants to keep him to herself and doesn’t want anyone to take him away.

    He’s not mature enough to be dating if he can’t live his life at 24 without doing what mummy says, so don’t hold your hopes up.

    Even if he defies her now she’ll reel him in again and again with some blackmail bullshit about how you’ve poisoned him against her and he will keep flip-flopping between dating you and breaking up.

    Might be best if you move on and leave him to her.

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