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Zack (tall) & Max (short), 20 y.o.


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Live Live Sex Chat rooms Zack (tall) & Max (short)

Zack (tall) & Max (short) live sex chat

Date: September 28, 2022

33 thoughts on “Zack (tall) & Max (short) the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. sounds like my ex i dated when i was 19& he was 27. except he was never my BF exclusively and i was the one more into it . i was being used it sucked he just took advantage of me being young & naive. you should get out before he baby traps you. your so young date someone closer to your age .

  2. My electronics and computers where bought on the business as it's saved me money on vat and we put it down as an expense and in return I don't take a wage that month

    That's not how that works. Company equipment is not in lieu of a wage. It's an expense – you get paid and the company pays for its equipment.

    You don't have any right to that equipment because it's the company's, but you should also have been paid as well as…

    Sounds like honestly you need to grow a bit of a spine pal. Get 101 on the phone and talk to them (sounds like you're in the UK). They're extremely helpful and will at least give you the resources to pursue the correct avenues if it isn's a police matter currently.

    If you want your stuff back I would prepare for small claims court. And you should definitely get your stuff back.

  3. The only reason older men go for younger women or girls is because a women their own age will call out on their bullshit and they can't handle it.

    A younger woman or girl usually will be flattered by the attention and think that the older dude is worldly and experienced.

    I mean I'm sure the beauty of youth is part of it, but having known my share of chicken hawks* and it's all the same bullshit insecurities.

    *Chicken hawks like them young and tender

  4. When I was 17 my boyfriend left me because of his mom's opinion as well. Fast forward 11 years later and we still have been having ridiculously long conversations and still fool around. His new girlfriend ( first girlfriend he has had since he left me 11 yrs ago) is currently going through the same thing with his mom and she now refuses to go around her. Needless to say I'm glad I didn't end up having to deal with his mom for the rest of my life. I'm still completely in love with him but I could never be with him seriously due to his mom's opinion of me. I could never marry into a family who hates me.

  5. At this point we can just agree to disagree. You decided to call me out because the OP doesn't sound remorseful, she sounds like she's looking for excuses, and then you parade out a bunch of points about how she's not technically excessively drinking. I'll reserve my empathy for her boyfriend, who at the end of the day has to deal with this woman.

    Physical abuse isn't ok just because it happened once and was “out of character”

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  7. She needs to apologize for wanting to unalive herself when she has two kids because a man doesn’t want to be with her

  8. My cousin is a therapist, some of my friends are therapists and I have been to several therapist. What she is doing is crossing lines. This makes you (and maybe him) uncomfortable. This doesn't appear to be a “just want to help thing” because she most likely would like to help everyone and extending sessions (especially that much), constant contact and hinting for divorce does not do that.

    Let's think rationally, if she extended her sessions like that to everyone she would have very few clients and very far apart sessions. She most likely doesn't, therefore, she is extending one but can't the others. Unless your husband was in dire need (I've heard in cases when a person is considering harming therefore or others) this is really not logical or ethical for her or her other patients.

  9. Thank you for your take. If it had been at all available at the time, therapy would have been my top choice after what I went through. Every opinion is valued, and doesn't have to be phrased aggressively such as you have. Thanks dude.

  10. Yeah, shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

    Unfortunately not much you can do here. You either open up the relationship so you can both enjoy the experience. Or you can tell him that it's not gonna happen and he'll probably will go behind your back. Or just divorce him and he can have all the experiences he wants.

    Bottom line is, he should've been committed to you from the moment he said 'I do'. Marriage isn't something he can turn on and off for other sexual experiences.

  11. Being safe is your top priority. Friends come and go all of the time. Lack of a social life temporarily may be lonely and a sad thought, but I promise you that staying with him will damage you so much more and for a very long time. You'll make friends again, but you need to be alive and safe.

    If he thinks this is ok to say to you now that you are dating and time has passed, what else will he think is ok? We already know he's a stalker and a potential ra**st.

    New doors are opening now in him and your relationship. I really don't want you to see what is in there. Please put your safety first.

  12. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a post on this sub containing a massive age gap and the younger person having problems with their obvious groomer older partner, I'd have enough for a mortgage.

  13. There's a new app that will take her photo and rework it so she's naked. Then post it on revenge sites like, without her permission of course. Or there's nothing to stop you from posting your picture on the cheaters website either. She posted your picture without permission so it seems that site doesn't care about it.

  14. You are dating someone who has all told you that he wants to get you pregnant and keep you prisoner. And you haven't left him yet?

  15. If telling your wife 'no' has such negative ramifications, you have bigger problems in your relationship than where the furniture should go.

  16. In my eyes (maybe not my heart, naked to truly know) he would have 1 chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s an addiction he needs to quit. 100%. Not scale back. and he will need professional help doing this. If he is resistant I would end it then and there. Don’t look back.

    You will both need therapy independently to get past this. Given your history I’m not even sure if it’s wise you try to make this work, but that’s above my pay grade.

  17. Simple solution that doesn't involve you, her, or her ex…ask her son directly what he wants and go with that. If he says he wants to keep his dad's last name, be ready to step up and defend his decision to her if she tries to protest. He's 8 which is more than old enough to know what he wants when it comes to his name.

  18. Its a big deal if he feels like it is. Personally I wouldn't stay in a relationship with a woman that was friends with her ex lovers. Nothing against those people, its just a door I'd prefer remain closed.

  19. 14 years difference…and you think that this is a recipe for a healthy relationship? Have you ever stopped to think why he cannot get a gf in his own age group?

    This “whatever it us5” was over before it even started. And solely because your age difference screams you are both at different stages in your life and that you cannot find middle ground so resort to this behaviour to get rid of your frustrations to make up for it.

    Sorry. Too far gone.

  20. god how naked would it have been to say hello, introduce yourself, and then say you had a headache and go lie down. how old are you?? that was rude.

  21. That was something that should have remained unsaid

    Would you have liked it if he’d said “I’m only with you because I was horny and you were easy” or like “I’m only with you because you were the first one to reply”


    I’m not sure how you turn this around

  22. Talk to your lawyer, start the divorce process, and then block him and inform him that all further communication will go through your lawyer.

    You will have a much better life once you got rid of that cheating asshole, and your kids will profit from that not only because they have one happy parents but also because they get the chance to see what a real relationship looks like.

  23. Buy a shot gun with some buck shot. Something that makes a very distinct noise when you cock it and the buck shot is less likely to go through wall injuring neighbors but will spray enough to not need to be a good shot.

    It go to the pound and ask for a protective behaving dog with a loud viscous bark.

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