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RIDE DILDO [Multi Goal]

Date: October 14, 2022

70 thoughts on “ZarahFosterx online webcams for YOU!

  1. It's natural for people to have different preferences when it comes to physical appearance, and there is nothing wrong with finding your boyfriend's new body shape attractive. It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings and desires. If your boyfriend is self-conscious about his weight gain, it might be helpful to remind him that everyone's bodies are different and that what matters most is how he feels about himself. You could also try to find ways to support him in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising together or eating healthy meals. It's ultimately up to him to decide how he wants to handle the weight gain, but expressing your support and understanding can go a long way in helping him feel more comfortable and confident in his own skin.

  2. There is a difference about people accepting bffs' former flings as their spouses. They have been around each other and seen them, are aware of the situation, yet fall in love slowly and carried on. Not been blindsided by that fact and pretentious idealists trying to condition them into accepting.

    Human ideologies don't always confront with their nature.

    Op, tell him . It wasn't your fault but it's unfortunate and it's a gamble if you tell him.

    If he stays, your one singular task apart from many is to make sure that you give your bf no reason to feel unsafe around you specially with the BFF.

    Eg. Not even a side glance smirk. Can you do that?

  3. Was it her birthstone? The engagement ring I got for my ex-wife was a wide gold band with her birthstone and 4 much smaller diamonds around them. Most gems aren't as rare as people think and they make diamonds now. The main stone was her and the 4 others were me and our pets at the time. He could be trying to be sentimental or just colorblind?

  4. I'm so happy that this turned out to be a nice question. Unfortunately if she's determined to buy it she might mistakenly think you're being mean or trying to be sensible. I think it's time for a heavy hint “maybe you should wait til Christmas day..” tjar might be too heavy a hint but even if she realises thats her gift from you it will be a lovely present she'll be happy to open on Christmas day. I hope you guys have a lovely day

  5. Yes, innocent, and this is how you test waters. You stay innocent as you see if there is any interest. If there is none, you technically didn’t do anything wrong.

  6. Her reaction doesn’t make sense. Maybe she has trust issues? If that’s the case maybe ease her mind and tell her you will call her every night?

  7. Yeah don’t think op really cares about whether she cheated or not right now and more so wants to figure out if he’s responsible for a baby or not. His reaction to op telling him that doesn’t do anything in the realm of obligation to the child or having to pay child support. That is gonna require a dna test.

    OP, it might be worth talking to a lawyer and getting a court ordered paternity test. Since you are not married, you are not presumed as the father. DO NOT SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE BEFORE A DNA TEST IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS. Get the test whether it is court ordered or not. If it’s yours well sorry man. Try to be a good dad. If it isn’t, then you have zero obligation to the child or this nut job woman. Whether you personally feel obligated or not is up to you but it’s not like you were negligent and careless about unprotected sex.

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  9. She sounds terrible. You can’t “fix” a terrible person or make things work. It’s good you’re free and it’s your chance to move onto a normal, nice person and a healthy, happy dating situation.

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  11. Usually when someone says “LEAVE ME TF ALONE!!!” They are going through type of stress in their head (and not necessarily that has to do with you). The stressor can be money, work, maybe another personally situation, maybe there is another woman..?

  12. Yes, you emotionally cheated. Now you are broken up as you should be. Hanging out with this new guy or getting with the new guy now would not be cheating. But your ex has a right to feel betrayed. Cut off the ex because that ship has sailed and is not good for either of you anymore.

  13. Sounds a lot like what happened in the movie Love actually.

    If he doesn't have any relatives he'd gift it to, I'd just take the evidence, safe it, and next time you see him, ask “and how did she like the jewelry you got her”?

  14. You are completely right, this will become a good learning point in my life. I hope that I never end up in a situation like this in the future. I really appreciate it, thank you

  15. Yeah. I normally never move that fast and she said she doesn’t but I’m not sure I believe that. Since she was the one who initiated everything. Our meeting wasn’t awkward to be fair. It went really well. Since then it’s felt awkward as hell.

  16. You guys are having a miscommunication of love languages.

    You take pride in buying meals for her because it’s your way of saying you care about her and that you appreciate her.

    You’re projecting this onto this subway issue because you’re probably feeling neglected outside of this situation and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You should probably sit down with her for an open conversation about needs and desires and what you both can do to make each other feel more appreciated.

    Because like you said, the cost of the subway is a drop in a bucket. So why do you care so much? Because it’s not the money, you feel slighted because buying food is a love language for you. But it doesn’t sound like it is for her. So her intentions behind asking you to pay isn’t a statement on her appreciation for you or her desire for you.

    You should reflect on this and your relationship and figured out what you are missing and craving form her that this subway thing got you so worked you and then you two should talk

  17. What kind of sterilization isn't elective? That's really confusing.

    And your parents wouldn't have to know. Get a friend to let you crash with them for a few days.

  18. No 😭 I sleep with my phone near my pillow all the time and this has never happened, until I changed my passcode. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt this time and will definitely bring it up in therapy bc I really don’t know what to think

  19. Playing devil’s advocate, ‘I will suck you off’ is the new slang, I hear it all the time, men saying it to men, women to women, men to women, women to men. It never means anything. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t at a minimum need a conversation about boundaries, and need to ask for some assurances, i.e ask to see the messages and tell her not to delete any messages, even if she thinks they’ll upset you. And general rule of thumb you need to get her to understand “if you think a message is going to upset me, take the initiative and show me so I know it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s less the messages that concern me and more your secretiveness about them.”

  20. The messenger always gets shot. Unless mom is a total idiot then she will get to the bottom of it when he says ask dad why I’ve lost all respect or whatever he chooses to say.

  21. promise I’m not a shitty fiancé lol. I was bored and I get anxious whenever he flies so I was entertaining/distracting myself. But also, def check out the YouTube clips of nathan for you. He’s pretty awesome

  22. She's making you dump her dude

    Break down the actions and behaviour, no sensible person will put up with what you are doing currently.

    I've dated women in their 40's too cowardly and attention addicted to be honest and acted the same way. It may be an age thing at 19 but it often is just the person's character

    Just end things, It's already over, she just doesn't have the maturity to be honest with you

    Now i'm older i don't even challenge someone that is allowing people to sneak into their DM's or allow people that are trying to break up our relationship to stick around, I just leave them to it and never look back as its never about the other guy.

    They are just forbidden fruit that needs to be grabbed and bitten via the choice your gf takes in keeping them around

  23. So I don’t 100% agree with this. People can get out of relationships for a lot of reasons; however, the problem is she isn’t honest with you about her communication with him.

    She can have an amicable relationship with an ex but she needs to be open and honest and set appropriate boundaries with you.

  24. I know what you mean. There are plenty of cases like that. But it is a prophecy that hasn't been fulfilled, so I figure she should have calmed down by now.

    To clarify: I work from home and she is currently unemployed. We have a lot of free time and we always do stuff together in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

    Inbetween, I work and study. When that's mostly done, I take a moment for gaming, typically at the evening.

    Yes… just waiting and hoping for it won't change anything, but I don't know what else I can tell her.

  25. If you don’t want to be friends with him, don’t. It doesn’t sound like he’s reaching out to you anyway, so maybe it’s not something you’ll ever have to decide.

  26. Seriously! She is being manipulative and controlling. OP, end this relationship. Granted you should check with your partner, if it’s a serious relationship, on when you plan to a guys/girls trips with friends or if you plan to go out with friends. Mainly to make there aren’t conflicts with scheduling, especially if you have kids, not necessarily for “permission”. For her to make threats and guilt is so inappropriate. She’s trying to test you, and somewhat isolate you. If you keep turning down activities with friends, because of her, at some point they may stop asking. This making your friend “group” just her.

  27. By saying I was impressed by her professionally? By that logic, a male manager could only hire women if they had unimpressive CVs, otherwise he'd only be doing it because he wanted to have sex with them.

  28. If memory serves, there is a rule that prohibits therapists from dating former patients for 2 years (I switched from psych to sociology, but the APA ethics guide is on-line). After that, it's tricky because completely prohibiting therapist and former patient relationships technically deprives the patient of autonomy.

    But you learn, going through, school/job experience/life that it is considered unethical because of the power differential. It's not so much the therapist knowing the patient's deep dark secrets, though that's a huge part of it, but the fact that the therapist has years of studying psychology and human behavior so it's like they have an upper hand. You know what I mean?

    It can work, and it probably has worked for some couples. The fact is that therapists are fallible humans too, who make choices that have unintended consequences even though they are taught best practices. Do no harm applies to all medical professionals – both psych and physical docs – and that power differential has proven to cause harm before. Best not to take that chance.

  29. I don't know how our relationship with Amy will turn out

    There should be NO relationship with Amy going forward.

    You are a complete asshole here. You put a random woman before your wife, your toddler.

    You need a lot of therapy to work on your childhood trauma, otherwise, you are going to pass that to your son by blowing up your marriage. Also, maybe do not be friends with people that are toxic, like Amy, she clearly has not worked through her childhood issues and thinks that coming on to you in your home with your wife and kid there is totally fine.

  30. Keep it casual. “Hey babe, because I value our relationship and I value you I felt it was important to be honest. Ten years ago your new employer and I had a one time sexual encounter. Ive not seen him since and it's not an issue. I just felt it was reasonable and responsible to be honest. I love you, now go bring home the bacon.”

  31. I actually had no idea either till today and im still processing that someone took the time to make that.

    Its wierd man like next step is her asking you dress up as Dabi and shir

  32. There’s only one thing to do in this situation and that is leave with zero exceptions. You have to require your own brain into coming to terms with the fact that you cannot trust this person ever again. You already don’t.

    It sucks that you loved him and it has to end like this, but hopefully it was fun while it lasted. Your priority should be loving yourself by not putting up with such an immature person.

    If you’re married, get an attorney and make a clean break. The best thing you can do for yourself and your future is get rid of this guy for good. No takebacka, no second, third, fourth, last chances. That’s it. Cut it off.

    The only satisfaction you get is that you know he was expecting you to be weak, but instead you’re a strong woman that means NO MORE when she says no more. He will be devastated…and you let him. He isn’t your problem. He wants to threaten to kill himself, tell him to be your guest.

    I’ve been through this and it’s been over ten years now. From the day I walked away, I never ever ever went back on my word. Years later we have been able to be friendly acquaintances. And I can confidently say that it is satisfying to know that if I wanted him back even now, I could get him…but it makes me smile and I keep going about my day and wish the best to his new partner who has to deal with him.

  33. Having sex for money is relevant.

    Having sex on film is relevant.

    Having sex with multiple people is relevant

  34. Smh. What I meant by that is that she will no longer believe any compliments. He didn't even backtrack and day he didn't mean it. He only apologized that she found out.

  35. You’re being absolutely unreasonable. It takes time to figure these things out.

    You don’t have to stay with him, but this is a shitty reason to end a relationship.

  36. We’re still young, I’m thinking that if she comes back instead of fixing what we have I would like to try and figure something new out for us

  37. It’s immature to not understand different people have different comfort levels and that people can view respect in relationships differently. Plenty of people find entertaining exes or suitors disrespectful and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  38. Huh. So everyone who has ever been in a relationship that ended thinks and behaves in exactly the same way with no exceptions when it comes to interacting with past partners. Makes sense, that’s definitely super logical and way less ridiculous than making that claim about only half the earth’s population.

    Or…maybe your own limited experience isn’t automatically a universal and fundamental truth about human nature just because you say it is. Just a thought.

  39. I think its very good that you are recognizant of your responsibility to your child.

    I do think the infidelity will eventually ruin your marriage. However, you need to let your wife know that your daughter is going to be in your custody. At least let her emotionally plan for it. She will probably stay with you and do her best.

    Go for it. Whats done is done and its water under the bridge. You cant fix the infidelity. Its scar and pain will be permanent.. but you need to be an active dad, and she will have to determine how she wants to proceed, on her own.

    Meanwhile, Im glad you are taking responsibility for all of it.

  40. I mean, it should be that way. Murder is wrong, some people are murderers but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Family is important, is it not important to everyone ? Sure. But it should be, looking after each other is in our DNA

  41. Personally I’m not miss sunshine when I get off of my 12 hour, 5am-6pm, shifts either. I wouldn’t be particularly happy that we had guests over without a heads up as well. Could you have been more polite? Sure. But I don’t blame you for wanting to just toss off your clothes and go lay down rather than play host to a guest.

  42. You dump her. Why on earth you're wasting your life on someone who views you as a stop gap is beyond me.

  43. Well said, it does really affect me specially, because I think I got some depression after having the baby too. Thank you for your input!

  44. That line caught my attention too. Even though my husband and I on-line separately and the topic of divorce has come up (not as casually perhaps as OP's experience), we still love each other. And it's communicated.

  45. Pack his stuff and send him back to his mommy. You can talk to him all you want but it will not get better.

  46. I feel bad to say it but she doesn’t seem into being married anymore. Or with you for that matter. She probably has wild oats that need to be sown

  47. Ok, but can he lean back on you? It’s obvious that he values independence and control because he feels unsafe relying on people due to his volatile childhood.

  48. So the answer is “no, I don't”. The child was so sick she was in bed sleeping. And you wanted him to wake her up just because you wanted to see him… then!

  49. He doesn't actually share a room with his sister. He shares a room with his wife and has been married this whole time.

  50. Ask her why she's trying to make you jealous. Plenty of people are in touch with exes. But they don't rub it in their current partner's face unless they're hoping for an argument.

  51. What is your cultural background? Country of origin, religious background, family customs, etc.

    The advice I would give someone with a fundamentalist Muslim background is not the same as I would give someone with a liberal American perspective.

  52. The word reaching springs to mind. People are paid in generic porn videos, they're not doing it for free. If they're not being paid well enough, then, again, that isn't OPs fault.

  53. That’s racism. And I am surprised he keeps going to a place that shit talk his gf. I know that my bf wouldn’t allow this ever and he is also from an hispanic culture. Why would he still give money to people mistreating you?

  54. That is a crazy level of family time. Absolutely no way I would continue this. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life this way?

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