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  1. Decide of you want a figurative conjoined partner or not.

    Either deal with it and throw everyone else by the wayside or stop standing for it. You've discussed this with him, and he isn't changing. Perhaps there's a deeper issue here wherein he's worried about your safety, worried you'll cheat, worried you like your friends and family better, etc., or maybe he's just an asshole who 'needs' you to fulfill his needs (your needs be damned).

    You can't help him (if professional help would be of any help) if he doesn't want help.

    Relationships = good. A warden at home = not good.

  2. I'm not particularly into PDA. That night she was sitting down and I was standing in front of her and she was pulling me into her while kissing my neck. That's fine and it was nice flattering, but when everyone started to look at us and feel uncomfortable that's when I asked her to stop.

    I was honestly surprised she got so upset when I said “Okay, I get it” because I've also gotten touchy with her in public before and she reprimands me the same. I thought she would understand.

  3. To me it feels like you're the safety net so he's not alone in event he makes pass at his female friend and she rejects him.

    Does his friend know you two are in relationship? Because this behavior feels like he's trying to hide it in front of her. Maybe he told her that you two are just roommates or friends depending on if you two are living together or not.

    It's up to you to evaluate the future of this relationship but his behavior is questionable at best.

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