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  1. Yeah I agree. My boyfriend is really the friendly type, and I don’t want to be a toxic girlfriend who stops him from being friends with girls.

    We’ve been together for 4 years and online together, and it’s really easy for me to see his notifs/ convos since he just leaves his tablet & 2nd phone at home.

    I’ve concluded that this is just a self-esteem/ jealousy issue on my part, and I would just stop snooping altogether ?

  2. You're not understanding me. You. Can. Communicate. Your. Point. And. Feelings. In. A. Kind. And. Respectful. Manner. And. That. Isn't. Mean. It's. Successful. And. Healthy. Communication. Being nice isn't people pleasing it's communicating like a mature adult. Being nice doesn't mean that feelings don't get hurt and arguments don't spark up. It means you're being nice about it.

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  4. Just be friendly, put on a smile, and don't bring up anything from the past. If she does, say something like “I'd rather not talk about that right now.”

    Don't freak out – following an event page does not necessarily mean she'll be there.

  5. Absolutely agree that it should have been dealt with properly then and wasn't. The only time she has admitted to needing help with her insecurities was when we broke up and she read a couple of articles online. Sadly, not much has changed. I thought for a while things had got better but I'm realising more and more that they never did; I just have got better at avoiding these conversations and have adjusted my behaviour to stop any situations where she might feel insecure arising.

  6. You can do both 😉 just remember the age difference will make a difference eventually, but who cares now. Lol

    He will bring the energy and you’ll bring the wisdom. ?

  7. Not be crude, but as soon as I saw my husband coming out of another woman's apartment, I'd want to smell him. Like smell him really good.

  8. I told him that he wasn't attracted to me and that he knew he wasn't before we met. And he only liked skinny gothic chicks. That I don't know why men have sex with women they aren't attracted to.

  9. Hog wash, I can tell if a girl is in to me and it do t take nicknames at work for me to figure that out. Behavior that isn’t done in front of you but he whined your back and in secret is not married behavior. She needs to kick rocks because how does one start to covet…. We learned this in silence of the lambs!

  10. Seriously dont be that sad person.

    He knows exactly how to play you. “Oh I feel so bad but I can’t resist you”. “Oh this must never happen again. But I’ve never felt this way before with anyone”.

    And you lap it up and before long you’ve wasted a year on this cheating cunt instead of finding someone free and loyal to build a life with.

    You’re his bit of fun when he’s bored in the office.

  11. You were drugged against your will and your bf is upset with YOU? He should be upset on your behalf. Things could have gone much, much worse and he's worked up over some drunken kisses?

    You can't make it better, because to make 'it' better you'd have to be able to make him a decent person.

    He's the one ending things on a sour note.

  12. I think you should cut your losses and part. Organise 50/50 custody, child support ect. If you are the breadwinner looking after them all and she can’t even hyphenate it, just leave. She doesn’t care about how you feel.

  13. I think its less about the amount of ketchup and more that its his side of the plate hence his ketchup, ahe could just pour out her own dollop of ketchup to have if she wants it that much

  14. No therap, that marriage is dead and op needs to walk away now. Don't put up with abuse and humiliation.

    Wife sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  15. Why would you want to make it work with someone who is a liar and a cheat? Find your dignity and a way out.

  16. So let me get this straight, you are talking marriage and kids, and he is talking threesomes.

    I dont think his and your values are aligned, not a good sign for long term prospects…

  17. Are you actually avoiding the world in an unhealthy way, or are you just getting after some nature because why the fuck not?

    If the latter, fuck everything you might read here. Healthy is healthy.

    If the former, work on it. No worries. Ok?

  18. I can understand being childfree, but are you really heartless enough to turn away his niece who is essentially an orphan? And whose only immediate option besides you two is a man who potentially raped her mother and doesn't care for her at all?

    Either you're a troll, or a genuinely awful person with no humanity to speak of. Regardless, I think yall should go your separate ways and allow this man to meet someone who will embrace that girl with open arms.

    He wants to give an orphan a loving home, which she needs. You can't be arsed to help because it inconveniences you. So go your separate ways

  19. Any relationship should begin with questions like. “So what are you into and what gets you off.” And build off of there. I feel like op never had these discussion either for not caring or consideration. You should be able to decipher one another after a while to better the process but it seems like he just is trying to go to pound town

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