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  1. That’s Jane’s problem. I admire the man for keeping his word in an agreement he made PRIOR to having met Jane.

  2. I don’t wanna assume she’s cheating, buuuuut my dark side is v angy about that “ice cream with guy bff” situation…If that were my husband/wife I’d be furious

  3. Personally, I think you should really be thinking very hot about what it means that your boyfriend won’t call out this behavior. When it comes to things that are objectively wrong, not saying anything but continuing to have a relation with the person essentially constitutes support of their position. The sexual violence aspect is particularly concerning to me. The friend sounds like the type that would not care one iota what you want, but there’s a chance your boyfriend could get through to him since he’s older and a man.

    Bottom line, we’re all responsible for helping to create the world we want to on-line in. What is your boyfriend doing to that end?

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