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LoriJani Public Chat Channel

Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “LoriJani live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I think hiring the baby sitter in secret and having the kids hide it is the bigger reason people suspect the cheating.

  2. When he volunteers it. If he’s paying his bills and living responsibly it doesn’t really matter very much.

  3. It still shouldn't take that long unless you need to have dinner at upscale restaurants which I doubt. He has to get some things in order.

  4. You make some good points. It’s definitely something I should consider but I’ve always disliked therapists and the last time I went they ignored me the entire session and instead opted to tell my parents to discipline me more. Left a sour taste in my mouth but I suppose past is past and I should man up and stop dragging her down with me as a result. Thanks

  5. You know what. That's fair gg. I have accepted it honestly. It just doesn't immediately take away the pain tho you know? Sorry I snapped on you like that.

  6. What should you do?

    Date someone local I real life because long distance is pointless.

    Date someone who is grown up enough to understand that when you’re at work, you’re there to do a job. Your boss won’t expect you to be on the phone for the whole shift.

    Basically don’t date a student with no sense of reality.

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