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Olia the very hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam


Olia, 19 y.o.


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Olia on-line sex chat

Date: September 25, 2022

5 thoughts on “Olia the very hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I don't even know what to say honestly it's just such an insensitive thing to tell a pregnant woman. Tell him if he wants and extra stitch he needs to get penis enlargement surgery.

  2. Sorry but that's gross the only way to get rid of them is to shave both of your heads. Then clean all your sheets, vacuum, get rid of the vacuum cleaner bag wash and dry with high heat everything under the sun that lice can get into if you have a stuffed animals on the bed bag everything up and throw them in your garage for about 3 months, the lice will die eventually. Our whole house got them at one point myself, my husband and both the kids. A friend of theirs went on vacation with us, didn't bring her hairbrush, silly me we all use the same brush so we all got the friends lice. She got it from another person that borrowed their baseball helmet. It was awful took me about 6 weeks to get it out of the kids hair, a month get it out of my husband's, and it took them 8 weeks to give it out of mine cuz I have a lot longer hair and my husband cut half my hair off just to make it easier. We tried home remedies we use the stuff in the store, I easily spent $800 on products trying to get rid of these things. I was so happy when they were gone. Every day I would go in their rooms once we started treatment and wash their pillar case is everyday or at least run them through the dryer for a while but kill anything that might be on them. I bagged up every stuffed animal in each of their rooms. I vacuumed daily we went through so many vacuum cleaner bags it wasn't funny because I was being thorough and didn't want any of these suckers in the house. I got the back off a little bit once I got it out of their hair and it was just meat I was at the point where I was about to shave my head but finally got rid of them. But every night for weeks I would go through their hair strand by Strand and pull the nits out. It's extremely labor intensive and you really have to be determined to get rid of them. It sounds like she's not. He can easily not catch them from the kids. They don't jump they crawl she somehow putting her head near their clothes or near their head for a period of time long enough for a woman that blouse the crawl out of the one kid's hair into her own. They're not like fleas. They love clean hair. Needs to get rid of them and then start putting lots of hairspray in their hair cuz they don't like that kind of stuff or moose any kind of hair product that makes them think her hair is dirty. But if you can talk her into shaving her head do it and then you threw a thorough clean of her place and your place and shave your own head and they should be gone.

  3. Considering you already help her with bills and whatnot, and it was her choice to move out, I don’t see why she feels entitled to even more help than she’s already getting from you. Inviting her to Disney world probably would have been a bad idea too since she moved out to get away from your new family.

  4. I would block her. She's not a true friend. And even worse, she destroyed your husbands self esteem and confidence. I cant imagine being told over and over that you're unattractive and your spouse is going to cheat or leave. Ugh I feel horrible for him.

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