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Simone Smith


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Date: September 21, 2022

67 thoughts on “Simone Smith

  1. There was one conversation we had where we talked about how my ex reached out to me a few months ago. My gf knows about this and knows that we talked. I told her what we talked about (my ex is an addict who has gotten sober and reached out to apologize for all the things she said and did when she was in active addiction) but I didn’t go into detail with her about how it had made me feel. I talked to my friend about this. It was the worst breakup I’d ever been through and was generally a really difficult time in my life for many reasons. It picked at an old wound and dug up a lot of feelings that were really hot. In one of the texts I said “it took everything in me not to go back to her.” This took place in the very beginning of my current relationship and I made the choice to stay with my current gf instead of entertaining the idea of trying again with my ex. My gf told me that reading that made her feel like a second choice and like I would rather be with my ex. I said “but I chose YOU. I suppose I could have tried to pursue things with my ex, but I chose to hang up the phone. I chose you.” Still it really hurt her

  2. Info: did your husband see a lawyer about this?

    If your husband dies, is his brother-son entitled to a portion of his estate? That could have serious ramifications for your future and the future of your child.

    Also, do you know if his stepmother (and now baby mamma?) had IVF or if she was inseminated? Because if I were you I’d be pretty keen on seeing some paperwork right now that proves this was a medical procedure and not a handy dandy way to explain how my husband’s semen ended up inside his stepmother.

    Have you asked your FIL to confirm that he asked his son for sperm? At the moment, you’ve got the stepmother telling you in private and your own husband begrudgingly coming clean after being confronted.

    Another issue, if it was IVF, there will probably be extra embryos left over. Does your husband know his legal rights regarding those embryos? Can his stepmother chose to keep those embryos and have more kids? Your kid might end up having half a dozen half siblings from this. Do you have the kind of money needed to fight an embryo custody battle? Keep in mind, embryos can be kept cryopreserved for decades and still produce healthy children with valid legal claims to inheritances

  3. Look I’m no cat expert, but if your cat is going outside the litter box it’s time for a vet visit if you haven’t already just to make sure they’re OK. Your (ex)bf is delusional if he thinks he can “train” your cat better then you. If you really wanna try to make your cats behave better then normal ass cats, there’s videos on youtube that may help, like the kitten lady, jackson galaxy etc. I personally think if you two did break up based on your comments, you dodged a bullet in the long run. I know it’s hot because 5 years is a long time, but he not only fucked around on you but he also is incredibly selfish by asking you to give up your pet he helped name/sleeps with/posts on media.

  4. First of all, you’re an adult now. You’re too old for hickies .

    Secondly, you’re absolutely right that it’s none of moms business. I liked reading what you said to her and I love that your bf backed you up.

    Sometimes we have to just spell it out the way you did. It’s not your problem that she didn’t like it. I don’t know what the solution is other than sitting down with them both and having a chat about this so mom knows that neither of you will allow this behavior from her. (As a mom myself, I get why she feels the way she does about the hickies but I know enough to realize it’s not really my business).

    I don’t feel like you need to apologize. Just my .02.

  5. You are absolutely disgusting. The two of you deserve one another. Do the kitten a favor and re-home it to a loving family. Don't ever have kids or any other animals.

  6. Without any context this saying supposed to mean that he behind You, because he your boyfriend, and if you do stupid shit this is his full responsibility too, so probably, so maybe he just wanted to remind you this because something you did or something that happened.

  7. I let him know and he agreed with me and genuinely seems like he wants to respect my boundaries. he was very sweet about it and actually thanked me for speaking up and saying I wasn’t ready for it to be that intense of a relationship right now

  8. Play it cool until you get back home. Then you need to leave him. Whether or not you intended to go through his stuff, you found that he was being unfaithful – whether that be solely texting or physically cheating. Don’t put up with that behavior.

  9. Ok other commenters are going to do well, I hope, with the emotional aspect so I will concentrate on the practical. Are you and your grandmother ok? If so I would celebrate an innocent child, your half sister, with grandma. Reality is that this baby isn’t going anywhere… she’s a part of your life, and fair or not your actions are going to matter in HER life.

  10. Why would he ask for help from someone who thinks he isn't good enough. So your father could lord that over his head as well?

  11. Okay so you’re saying you can’t go without sex for up to twelve hours while your bf is at work. This isn’t a cheating thing and has nothing to do with him or the relationship. A poly relationship isn’t the answer. You either have a sec addiction or very deep attachment issues. Like, this is way beyond relationship stuff. It’s a compulsion.

  12. Ummmmm it sounds like she was abused by her father and is having a very common response where she doesn't tell anyone about the abuse because she doesn't want to destroy the family. You taking what is a common abuse response and thinking that she is still in an ongoing sexual relationship with her dad and even maybe likes it is such a fucked up incredibly twisted conclusion to reach?

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  14. Her reactions sound a bit extreme but pregnant women usually have pretty extreme reactions. Being 19 probably doesn’t make it any easier. Being a good partner to a pregnant person involves a lot of self-sacrifice. It’s just the nature of the situation.

  15. That something only you can decide. It sounds like this is a discussion to have with your bf before you get any more serious.

  16. I would STRONGLY suggest you stay with your parents, family or trusted friends. I know from experience that was they start hitting you, they din't stop.

  17. I would ask her, when emotions aren’t high, what kind of support she needs. I personally don’t see anything wrong with your disappointment “we will try again” reaction, but she obviously needs more from you. Does she need cuddles for a night? Does she need flowers? Does she need a night out? Just ask.

  18. That's why it takes time and a process to date.

    Dating is more than just liking someone. You should be also equally contemplating these issues.

  19. If this never changed – which it probably won't, she knows how much it means to you and has not put in any effort to try harder – would you get used to it? Or no?

  20. My love, know that I am coming from a place of empathy here:

    You need to leave.

    This man sees you as a vessel for his wants, not as an equal partner.

    He is blaming you for not wanting to go through a major medical event again and again, while he puts more pressure on you, until you have a child he can claim as his.

    None of this is healthy.

    He blamed you for your miscarriage. That is fucking abhorrent and beyond the pale.

    This man does not view you as his partner, as his lover or as his equal.

    If you were to have a child with him, is this the kind of relationship you want your child to see as acceptable?

    You cannot keep putting your body on the line, you cannot keep disregarding your own needs, you need to leave this man.

    I realise it may sound like I'm catastrophising but I'm not.

    We've seen this play out time and time again on this sub, in media, among friends and loved ones. His behaviour will not change. He focuses only on what he wants and not on what you need.

    This is not a solid foundation for any sort of relationship. Least of all one where you bring a child into it.

    I beg of you, my angel, to leave.

  21. I second this. She's heading toward an ultimatum: go veg or break up. Beat her to it: she stops pressuring you to change your lifestyle or she can find someone more aligned with her.

  22. That’s a lot of words without a lot of meaning.

    “You momma” jokes has to be funny, which they aren’t.

    They have to be funny but aren’t? Lost me there.

    But you give me the vibes that you can’t be trusted both outside and in the bedroom!

    I’ll I’ve said is perhaps the blanks you nutjobs here are filling in aren’t the entirety of the interaction and suggested talking to him outside of the bedroom about it. How does indicate any behavior of mine in the bedroom except if something doesn’t feel right we talk about it?

    Also, “out of the bedroom”? What, I’m a fucking bank robber now or something? Almost as big a reach as you are going for on this post.

    And that should be alarming, considering every comment you post gets downvoted,

    I should be concerned about the groupthink opinion of this sub? I am not and I consider the more downvotes I get here to mean I’m striking a nerve with irrational people of the internet. I’m good with it.

    so live! in denial or just tell the world you’re a creep and don’t care for your partner’s trust.

    You are just saying stuff, how does this make sense, either pretend everything is fine or tell everyone I’m an asshole? Quite the false binary you set up there.

    Concerning my partner, you said I’m untrustworthy and wear it on my sleeve, why would you think I have a partner? Is it because you know you are massively overstating your disagreement with me and clearly I’m a normal human capable of maintaining a relationship?

    If you want you can talk to her. Just flip through my comments here and you will find a link to her. I’m sure she’ll be happy to tell you all about me.

  23. Dont be a fool! She’s a straight up liar and you should have confronted her in person you gave her a chance to make up stories

  24. If you're honestly not trolling and are genuine with what you're saying then a couple things.

    You'll need an iPhone to check if there are any active airtags on you or in your car. They're super easy to hide to the point Apples getting some heat bc abusers are using them for tracking like you describe.

    I would also go into your phone and make sure location sharing is off, that no other phones are linked to your account (whether google or apple) and then verify all apps on your phone and that your hidden folder doesn't exist (or isn't active and locked with a password you don't know). If you've got the time a fresh reboot and wipe might help out from the jitters as well but make sure your data is backed up. Also make sure all passwords are fresh and new and ensure that anything you've allowed her access to has a new password.

    Finally get a cheap camera and use it at the house or thru the window to make sure she's not coming by at night when you're sleeping if your car is parked in a visible spot. If she was using an airtag then it's gotta get replaced or recharged at some point.

  25. Honestly

    It sounds like your mother in law is trying to do you a favour in breaking you guys up.

    You deserve better than being treated this way by a guy who's too old for you. You're 21. You have your whole life ahead of you.

    You deserve better, than to be beaten down and verbally abused because he thinks his needs supersede yours.

    YOU DESERVE BETTER. Full stop.

    Breakup Focus on rebuilding your self worth. Find a guy who'll not have to be pushed into standing up for you, because he won't put up with it from the get go. Raise those expectations to someone who is deserving of your love. Love yourself over anyone else.

  26. You are married to a cheater and you get everything that comes with it. If you rug sweep this cheating and pretend everything is OK you will be burned. DNA test the children. You didn’t know you were married to a cheater for 10 years until recently. Who is the guy? How long have they been communicating? Where does he live!? How did they meet? Do they meet in person. Have they been physical yet? Phone sex ? Pictures exchanged? Check the phone bill and see how many calls. Take her phone and get the texts recovered. Contact a lawyer as well and see what divorce looks like. Let her know you want a polygraph test. Blow up her nice little existence.

  27. You know, technically marriage makes husband and wife family. How disgusting! How could you sleep with a family member by marriage? It’s clearly incest by decree of marriage.

  28. Please stay out of this.

    If Jeff wants to talk to you, be there for him and offer advice. Or ask Jeff if everything is OK, and listen to what he tells you.

    From your post, it seems that Jeff is your friend, and that you aren't that close to his wife. Talking to Sally might backfire and cause her to be even more negative or passive-aggressive to Jeff. It may come off as Jeff's friends ganging up on her. And how do you know that Jeff isn't the one creating the problem?

    If you get involved when Jeff and Sally don't want you to, it's going to cause even more drama and could cost you Jeff's friendship.

  29. I have lots of self esteem issues due to dealing with a very traumatic past relationship and an ab*sive home life that i can working on daily to over come, but it is a slow process. He knows about my struggles and has helped me throughout the years, except for this.

    Look…yes, it would be nice for your bf to regularly come to the gym with you, however, you can't just use him as a crutch. Yes, it's tough when you have self-esteem issues, yes, it's tough when you have a traumatic past….but if this still has such a big impact on your day-to-day life…..maybe you need to consider having more professional support.

    Have you got friends you could go to the gym with weekly?

    . I am also worried about other women approaching him while hes there, as hes a tall attractive man.

    Are you also afraid your bf is being approached at work? At the bank? In the supermarket? Even if he does get approached, he will just say that he's not interested.

    I’ve held out on certain activities because of his own uncomfortableness with the opposite gender, so i feel i have a small right to ask him to withhold going unless its with me so that im comfortable.

    You shouldn't have done that….if he has trust issues, he needs to work on himself as well.

  30. Leave. I was on the opposite side but it was sex. We wouldn't be that intimate like most couples but would only come by really late for sex and we were in a 2 year long committed relationship. Trust me it seems hot to leave but just rip the band-aid off and block her. You will feel better. I surely do

  31. I want to say this as gently as possible, but your comments and post make it sound like this is a repeated pattern of behavior that happens frequently.

    You had already decided what you wanted to do, and it was really important to you, as part of your mental healing process….it just wasn't what he really wanted to do, so he tried to manipulate you into changing your mind.

    Obviously that's upsetting so you asked for space and now he's giving you gifts and in tears and all anxious because he worries you don't love him anymore?

    With all due respect, you don't sound like you're in a good mental place to have to deal with that level of anxiety and insecurity in a partner, let alone one who doesn't seem to care that much about your mental health.

    Asking if you still love him every time you're upset is a pretty big red flag imo, that level of insecurity denotes emotional immaturity…

    I have to be honest and tell you this doesn't sound like a healthy relationship

  32. And you believe his ridiculous explanation because why? I mean come on, who gets embarrassed about having to blow their nose. Is your boyfriend a five year old? That’s some top tier bullshit. He must have quite the silver tongue that he can convince you to believe his blatant lies.

  33. If that was his reaction to you asking this in private, imagine how he will react when you actually do something even remotely wrong?

  34. Please don't try to get him to do the things he used to do or be more like the person he was. He associates these things with rejection, despair and pain.

    Create new, positive memories. Invite him on fun, low cost dates, especially healthy and interesting activities (e.g. hiking, parks, art exhibits). Over time, he'll start to trust that this will be lasting.

  35. Okay, so this isn’t a general boundary, but it is for this particular situation. That makes sense.

    It sounds like you don’t trust him at all. I don’t mean that as a dig or to point out insecurity. I wouldn’t trust a partner doing that either.

  36. Thank you for pointing this out. For now I can still manage it but I'm worried to the future. It may or may become frequent knowing her. I'm also afraid if I become more impatient to her and will cause more fights and misunderstanding. I don't want to make her cry and feel pain.

    I plan to propose her next year but having doubts about this.

  37. Don't say shitty things like “do you even miss him” to her again. Some people by nature are more resilient and can move on easier than others.

  38. Needs context on different levels. There are multiple scenarios where this would or wouldn’t be cheating. Even okay or not okay, regardless of cheating.

  39. This isn't really something we can decide. There's really two things to consider; either you're fundamentally incompatible where there will logically never be a sustainable compromise, or you're currently incompatible but you could become compatible if you two can both again find sustainable compromise where you're both genuinely happy.

    Going out and having fun doesn't have to mean you “still act like you're single.” Independence is important and healthy in a relationship. So we'd need to understand what exactly that means for both of you. Is there a happy medium with your time with him vs. time outside of him? Is he fundamentally against having a partner who goes out? Those answers are important.

  40. If that’s all that youve found and there isn’t more , I’d talk to her and just let her know that this makes you a bit uncomfortable . Or let it be and just keep your eyes open for any other signs

  41. So you do want comfort not reality.

    A life partner is your primary investor. They know your weaknesses far better than anyone else, they should support you in the long odds as well, but they should definitely point them out.

  42. So I’m confused, you say he’s bad at sex, but good at oral (which still counts as a form of sex). You don’t orgasm when having piv with him but do while receiving oral? Majority of women orgasm from oral only not piv. You’ve been contradicting yourself in the post and comments.

    But all that aside, why did you get married if you don’t enjoy sex with him?

  43. Your boyfriend is a weak loser. Let him go and find a man.

    I have no advice other than this because he just leaves to try and control you. You’re paying for everything, and he’s not even a man

  44. U need to stop acting like a wus and tell her she’s not going anywhere with another guy. If this was happening in my relationship I’d without a doubt hesitate to break up with her. She’s disrespecting u and she’s Defiently cheating

  45. He resented you for getting a dog and now try to control you giving you an ultimatum. I don’t understand why you think it’s ok for him to try to control you just because you went back on your words. Your dog loves you more than your boyfriend ever will. Your boyfriend only cares about his own feelings not yours.

  46. She wouldn’t work in the future when we planned to have kids. Her career only requires her to work 3 days, 12 hrs a day. That’s the norm.

    I see what you’re saying. Do you think it would make a difference if I develop hobbies on my own as suppose to keep on depending on her for my happiness?

  47. Every summer when my daughter is here we end up having to leave the house because she gets so mean to her.”That should have been a divorce the FIRST TIME. WHat the hell is the matter with you?

  48. She doesn’t feel guilt upon lying and I have given her over 30 chances. She is extremely manipulative and deceptive and will do anything to keep her safety.. horrible situation and I did end it

  49. It's a hobby, mess with her when she's doing things she likes to do. Sounds like she's jealous of the attention she doesn't get when you're doing things that you like to do that don't involve her.

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